Deal Resigns

Deal just resigned from the House of Representatives. Effective immediately at 11:45pm.


    • AubieTurtle says:

      I’ll be shocked if someone, probably one of his opponents for governor, doesn’t get their hands on whatever the investigation discovered and leak it.

    • Mountain Republican says:

      When Handel resigns, it is a wonderful move. When Deal resigns, it is to run from an ethics complaint. It is a shame that Handel supporters have nothing to offer voters except political attacks on the candidates that can actually beat Barnes.

      • Doug Deal says:

        The thing is, he actually is running from an ethics complaint. If not, why not join me in calling for him to request a final report to be released ASAP? What is he afraid of?

        Just because Handel has been ethical in her dealings with the public trust and your candidate has not, is no reason to slander her.

        If you want to talk about hypocrisy, how about Deal criticizing her for resigning, but when the heat from a Congressional ethics probe got too hot for him, he tucked tail and headed home. Suddenly resigning was all the rage.

        Deal needs to go back to whatever he did before he started sucking on the taxpayer’s teat over 20 years ago.

        I will grant you on thing, that at least he is not a child molester, like some other candidates seem to be.

  1. GVilleMan says:

    Out with the old and in with the new, I hope that this heathcare fiasco has only cemented the importance of true conservative leadership. My support is fully behind Bill Stephens for the 9th district seat. After listening to him in Union County and elsewhere, my confidence in his abilities is growing continuously.

    Stephens For Congress

    • macho says:

      I didn’t realize Bill Stephens was still in the race. You are one of the few that have seen him speak.

      • GVilleMan says:

        Bill is not only still in the race, he is gaining quite a bit of momentum. If you get the oppurtunity to hear him speak, I think you will be impressed.

  2. ConcernedGeorgian says:

    Why do you people focus on the negative and always tear down and destruct? Nasty politics is one reason many people are turned off by politics. At the end of the day (or summer after the run-off), we are all still republicans and must defeat King Roy!

    I commend Deal for his honorable service to our state and wish him well in the governorโ€™s race.

    • Game Fan says:

      “Why do you people focus on the negative and always tear down and destruct?”

      Because the good stuff is already covered in the campaign rhetoric?

    • Doug Deal says:

      It is because corrupt politicians like Deal would rather bring the party down in the state by running for governor as a testiment to his ego than do what is right.

      You need to learn to criticize more than just Democrats.

      • Mozart says:

        It is likely that nearly everyone who achieves a major-level elected position (Congress, Governor, SOS and other constitutional offices) are “corrupt” in some way, Doug. You may not have ever read about it, but there is so much that goes on behind closed doors and on the telephone that it is difficult to bring to the light of day in terms of back-room deals that no one can be taken at 100% face value.

          • Mozart says:

            That’s a fair enough observation, Icarus, but the reality is that the more time I spend observing politics, the more I see the corruption being practiced by a lot of people in it.

            Since Deal has only been accused of a “sweetheart deal” by the newspapers and pundits like you, I just get to the point of shrugging at it because we used to have this concept of “innocent until proven guilty or admitted to being guilty.”

            I’m not sure all of the facts are known about Deal’s case. So, I shrug.

    • macho says:

      Agreed. People want to focus on Deal’s and Ox’s ethics all the time. These are men of high intellect that could be making a lot more in the private sector than government. Why do we always tear these men down when they try to supplement their paltry government salaries.

      Ox and Deal have proven their smarts by their covert ability to make extra side money and get free vacations. Only men of this intellect will be able to bring King Roy down. Stay united GOP!

  3. ByteMe says:

    See how effective it was of him to stick around for the health care vote? As usual, he made a huge difference.

  4. Mountain Republican says:

    No matter how much the haters on Peach Pundit slam Deal, he has established a strong record in Congress and will make a great Governor. People in the real world are paying attention, and they are beginning to understand that Deal is the best chance that conservatives have to beat Roy Barnes.

      • AnyoneElse2010 says:

        You are exactly right. I defy anyone to find any substantial legislation that Nathan Deal has his finger prints on. He has no legacy in congress and will go into the pile of forgotten US Reps.

        • Henry Waxman says:

          He was the chief author and House negotiator for the healthcare provisions in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, which was scored to save $99 billion. He was the chairman of the Subcommittee on Health, a subcommittee that produced over 25 public laws during the 109th Congress.

          But that’s all equal to naming post offices, right?

      • macho says:

        Certainly not a strong record of accomplishment. Perhaps a strong record of out-of-control spending under Bill Clinton and George Bush?

        • Henry Waxman says:

          I’m not the greatest legal researcher in the world, but from what I have found, Rep. Deal seems to have voted against most non-defense appropriations bills during his career.

  5. Capt. Jack Sparrow says:

    This just in…

    ‘Moments ago, Nathan Deal announced he is staying in Congress for the all-important Salvage Yard No-Bid Contract Bill vote!!!

    “This will help Nathan and me make more money, ” said Goober. Gomer Pyle was unavailable for comment.

    After that critical vote, Deal with then re-re-resign to focus on his impersonation of Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign.

  6. Those of us on the Democratic side are enjoying the weapons-grade stupid that’s going on in the Republican Primary race. Pass the popcorn, please and start practicing saying “Governor Barnes” again.

    • polisavvy says:

      Haven’t we all ridden the Barnes horse, been thrown from it, and decided not to ride again? I believe so — that’s why he wasn’t re-elected!

        • Gary Cooper says:

          You really believe the “flaggers” and those opposed to the Northern Arc were the sole reasons why Barnes lost re-election? If Roy believes that, then he will go down once more.

          The “flaggers” quit being Democrats after Zell Miller failed to change the flag and the Northern Arc folks had not been Democrats in well over a decade by the time 2002 came around. Barnes lost that election because of several forces brewing against him all at once – the most notable being the educators – and the fact that the voting demographics of rural Georgia were changing.

          If I were a Barnes supporter, I wouldn’t be making those plans to attend the inauguration ball just yet. But let me say the GOP shouldn’t be either.

          • ByteMe says:

            Of course not. Nor do I believe the GOP talking point that he was a terrible governor. Did he try to over-reach in a few places to make changes? Yep. But after 8-years of Gov. Do-Nothing, I’ll take over-reaching in a few areas to improve this state.

          • Mozart says:

            I think that Northern Arc idea is one that should have been implemented. It would have cleared a lot of gridlock off of the northern crescent of 285.

            • Agreed. I’d love to have a complete outer loop. I hate having to drive from Alpharetta to Powder Springs if it’s rush hour. I have a choice of either 92, 120, or 400/285. They all back up and it takes an hour or two to make the trip. Same for if I’m trying to go to Greenville (SC) for the day… I either take 20 across from Cumming or take 400/285 to 85. I’d love to have a quicker route.

  7. ZazaPachulia says:

    I heard Deal was resigning so that he could spend more time searching for the elusive “real” Obama birth certificate.

    If Deal or Ox wins the primary runoff, you’re going to have another four years of Barnes. There will be people who will vote for Republicans in every other race besides the one at the top of the ticket. Wait and see.

    • DMZDave says:

      Unlike Deal and Oxendine, Karen has never voted for a Democrat or ever called herself a Democrat. It is time for Georgia to elect our first lifelong Republican.

      Deal and the Ox both listened to Ronald Reagan for 8 years but were unmoved and didn’t become Republicans. Both switched for expedience rather than principle. It worked out well for them too but I want a governor who listened to Reagan and didn’t take four years or more to get it.

  8. Progressive Dem says:

    And speaking of elected officials that can’t get anything done…the Governor’s transportation bill didn’t get out of the Rules Committee. Rumor is it’s dead and we’re back to last year’s version of TSPLOST. The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight does it again.

  9. ByteMe says:

    So what happens if the reconciliation bill gets changed in the Senate — as the Republicans are trying to do — and needs to be re-voted on in the House? Will Deal unresign again?

  10. Henry Waxman says:

    The reconciliation bill only makes relatively minor changes. Since H.R. 3590 will be signed into law today, a good argument could be made that the changes in H.R. 4872, the Reconciliation bill would actually make current law (including policies from H.R. 3590) slightly better from a conservative perspective.

    Also, H.R. 4872 passed the House by a vote of 220-211 (a Democrats who voted against H.R. 3590, voted for H.R. 4872), so I highly doubt an extra Republican would make a difference.

    Of course, having a conservative Republican who understands this bill in Atlanta next year would make a huge difference for the people of Georgia who are worried about the unconstitutional (my opinion) individual and employer mandate to purchase Washington bureaucrat approved health insurance plan or face a punitive tax.

    • ByteMe says:

      a good argument could be made that the changes in H.R. 4872, the Reconciliation bill would actually make current law (including policies from H.R. 3590) slightly better from a conservative perspective.

      Unfortunately, real conservatives aren’t allowed to make that argument without going against the current narrative and risking ex-communication.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      WSJ disagrees with you:

      “Though it’s hard to believe, the original Senate bill is marginally less harmful than the ‘fixed’ version, not least because the middle-class insurance subsidies are less costly and it would avert the giant new payroll tax. That’s the White House increase in the Medicare portion of the payroll tax to 3.8% that Democrats cooked up at the last minute and would apply to the investment income of taxpayers making more than $200,000.

      “If the reconciliation bill goes down, Big Labor and its Democratic clients would be forced to swallow a larger excise tax on high-cost insurance plans, and it would also forestall the private student-loan takeover that Democrats included as a sweetener. In other words, they’d be forced to eat the sausage they themselves made as they have abused Congressional procedure to push ObamaCare into law.”

      • ByteMe says:

        Gee, the FOX News-based WSJ Editorial Board doesn’t like it. Woah, there’s news. Imagine my shock.

      • benevolus says:

        I guess I would ask… Since the reconciliation bill was only created for the purpose of getting enough votes for the Senate bill, why do you hate democracy?

        Defeat the reconciliation bill! I dare you! We will take the original Senate bill and be happy. Those Senior voters are going to be upset that you opposed closing that donut hole though.

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