Echols on Ethics, Scott’s Not Buying It

Austin Scott, Jeff Chapman, Tim Echols (representing Oxendine), and Ray McBerry appeared at a debate Thursday night. Many issues were discussed but the most interesting

Early in the debate, Tim Echols started talking about ethics:

“The Democrats, this year, are going after us on this issue [ethics]. And you can go to the Democratic state Headquarters just around the corner and they’re probably over there talking about it right now.”

Echols looked at Austin Scott (seated directly to his left) as he hammered away at Republican legislators for their ethics problems underneath the Gold Dome.

Austin delivered a great rebuttal:

“Tim I hate to tell you, but it’s not just the Democrats who talk about Mr. Oxendine and ethics. There’s some of us in our party talking about it as well.”

We’ve given the Oxendine campaign the background information on his ethics and various other quirks. But, seeing that they aren’t allowed to read Peach Pundit, my guess is they will continue in their delusion.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    Good response by Austin. Many people are concerned about Mr Oxendine’s ethics, as well as Mr. Deal’s, in the GOP.

    The shocking news to me is that anyone would invite McBerry to another event like this, or that anyone would agree to appear on stage with him.

  2. polisavvy says:

    I thought Representative Scott’s response was absolutely perfect. The GOP in Georgia has to have some questions regarding the ethics of several of the gubernatorial candidates. I know, I certainly do. As far as ethics go, it’s perfect for Scott to elaborate on this topic — he IS a very ethical and decent man.

  3. BuckheadConservative says:

    Austin Scott is the most effective candidate on the stump in that race. Whether or not he makes the runoff, he’s been good for that race and good for our party.

  4. galiberal says:

    I wonder who was behind the camera taking that shot.

    Never fear, we are going to slam OX Monday morning at 9am with a political AD of our own.

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