State Sen. Hawkins Calls Graves “JOBS Bill” a Sham

Hawkins Press Release via email:


CUMMING, Ga. – Republican candidate for Congress State Sen. Lee Hawkins said Friday that a bill being promoted as a “jobs” bill by State Rep. Tom Graves is a sham and, urged legislators to replace it with Hawkins’ own jobs bill.

“Graves’ so-called jobs bill is a sham,” said Hawkins.  “His legislation contains fine print that would only allow it to take effect if there is a budget surplus in the state of Georgia.  But he knows full well that today we have more than a billion dollar deficit, and we are years away from having a budget surplus. It won’t create a single job. It’s just another fake gimmick that politicians have used for years to trick voters.”

“Georgians demand real tax cuts and a genuine plan to create jobs. They want genuine conservative leadership and genuine tax cuts.”

“This legislation is like so much of what comes from Washington politicians from both parties. It’s time for real conservative tax cuts, not more fake legislation designed to get people elected to office. ”

“We need tax cuts, this year, to spur job creation, not years from now,” said Hawkins. Hawkins has led and is supporting an alternative jobs bill of tax cuts that would take immediate effect in fiscal year 2010 and would spur immediate creation of jobs. Hawkins bill, which is starting in the State House as HB 1204, will help employers begin creating jobs immediately. Hawkins will be the Senate sponsor.

Hawkins, a candidate for Georgia’s Ninth district congressional seat, further stated that last year he had supported the 2009 Senate version of the JOBS bill. “It was very different from what later passed the House, but neither 2009 version contained the $500 million surplus requirement.”


    • Howard,

      Why do you hate intellectual honesty so much?

      The reason the “Jobs” bill is a sham is simple. It requires there to be a half-billion dollar surplus to trigger the tax cuts.

      True or not?

      The legislation Hawkins supports and will lead on the Senate side, HB 1204, would be triggered *this* year. Not years from now when Georgia returns to a budget surplus.

        • Wrong, steel.

          First, it’s capital gains. With an a. But I digress.

          The tax credits Graves proposed would be given to an employer only after an employee has worked there for 24 months — two years. And if an employee were hired this year, it couldn’t be listed as a tax credit by the employer until March 2013, when the tax return would be filed.

          In other words…three years from now.

          Some incentive.

          Net gain: zero jobs. Hawkins contends that there’s not one employer in the state who will hire an employee based on a minor tax credit that they won’t get back for nearly three years. It’s irrelevant.

          Don’t you think the legislation should be changed to create a tax credit in this calendar year? That’s what Hawkins supports. Real tax cuts, not Washington-style games.

      • tocallaghan says:

        We are a balanced budget state. We have to cut the budget or have a surplus to do tax cuts. Eventually though tax cuts will create more government revenue.

    • Jim Bob says:

      I would be curious to know, of the 64 comments on this topic, how many actually live in the 9th Congressional District???


      • GOPGeorgia says:

        I counted about 1/3 of the posters in this thread live in the Ninth. There maybe more, but I also counted about 1/3 who don’t live in the Ninth.

  1. Nathan says:

    If we cannot afford a tax cut like I’ve heard some folks say, wouldn’t a provision postponing this until a surplus year be fiscally responsible?

    I will read Sen. Hawkins’ bill to see what it contains and re-read the JOBS Act to see if that provision is in there.

    • Part-Time Atlanta says:

      I think Deal already has that trademarked. In the future you’ll need to use lowercase letters.

  2. GeorgiaValues says:

    1. Last week criticized Tom’s bill for being “negative”.

    2. Now he criticizes it for structuring it within the confines of the constitutionally required balanced budget.

    3. Typical Hawkins’ tactic – watch what Graves does, try and copy it. This is pathetic.

    • HowardRoark says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Hawkin’s supporters (lobbyist, cough cough) get on here last week and blast the bill as too costly. Now they blast it because it keeps with a balanced budget. Can’t have it both ways, gentlemen.

      ““Georgians demand real tax cuts and a genuine plan to create jobs.” By all means, Lee. Put a bill up or shut up.

      I have zero interest in this race, but I can see right through this nonsense.

    • Tommy_a2b says:

      GeorgiaValues (most, why don’t you argue the points put forth in the press release? Oh wait I know why, because you can’t.

      • GeorgiaValues says:


        Graves bill – backed by Speaker Ralston, Job Creation Committee in the House, NFIB, Americans for Prosperity, and pre-candidate Lee Hawkins – is not a sham, despite this claim by candidate Hawkins.

        Lee Hawkins is not a genuine conservative leader, he is a recent convert to the GOP, he has accomplished next to nothing in his short time in the Senate, and we have never seen him demonstrate leadership on anything.

        Graves bill is common sense legislation that promotes job creation while recognizing the need for a balanced budget, which is constitutionally required last I checked.

        As I said, just another example of Hawkins copying whatever Tom does….sign up for a GPS drawing, I support Lee because emails, I have a JOBs Bill too!!! 🙂

        • Tommy_a2b says:

          OK now we can discuss.

          Yes it is backed by Speaker Ralston, Job Creation Committee in the House, NFIB, Americans for Prosperity. Are they aware that the bill requires the $500,000,000.00 surplus before it could even begin to start? By the way did you see all those zeros? The state is saying we may be as much as $2,000,000,000.00 in the whole this year. So we would have to find $2,500,000,000.00 for us to even think about the rest of the “Jobs Bill.” Now does anyone have any extra money so we can donate it to the state?

          Now about, “Lee Hawkins is not a genuine conservative leader, he is a recent convert to the GOP, he has accomplished next to nothing in his short time in the Senate.” Lee has a proven conservative track record that can stand against Tom’s record. Lee has been a Legislator as long as Tom. Lee carries real rank and leadership. Casey Cagle personally stated that Lee is the type of leader the district need. A leader who has run a REAL business. What is it again that Tom does? The white book says he is in the “green industry?”

          About this, “Graves bill is common sense legislation that promotes job creation while recognizing the need for a balanced budget.” If it is so common sense why will I be dead of old age before it could be enacted?? Enough said!

          Lastly, no Lee is not copying Tom’s Bill. Lee is walking the walk not just talking the talk unlike others.

          Your turn.

          • Jason Pye says:

            Ok, my turn.


            Today the Georgia State Senate voted for a true stimulus package with the passage of the Jobs, Opportunity, and Business Success Act of 2009 (JOBS Act). Sen. Lee Hawkins (R-Gainesville) supported the bill.

            “What we are proposing is harnessing the greatness of Georgia…the intellectual capital, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the true grit of Georgians,” said Hawkins. “This bill will get Georgia’s economy flourishing in a fast, efficient, and stable manner. Not a quick fix like the Federal stimulus package.”

            House Bill 481 and 482 comprise the JOBS Act with HB 481 providing a new business filing fee holiday, a $500 credit towards the unemployment insurance tax for each eligible employee hired, a $2,400 income tax credit for each eligible employee hired, and the elimination of the sales tax deposit. HB 482 would eliminate the state inventory tax on all Georgia businesses.

            The original House version of HB 481 included the gradual elimination of the corporate income tax, but was removed as the legislation passed through the House. The Senate committee substitute that was passed earlier this week placed that measure back into the legislation. Hawkins also praised the Act as the most pro-business legislation the General Assembly has ever considered and believes its focus on protecting the small business will be the key to bringing Georgia through the current recession.

            • Jason,

              Your post above of the Hawkins endorsement of the 2009 jobs act was — from *2009*. A year ago.

              You know…back when there was no requirement to have a half-billion dollar surplus in the budget in order to implement it.


              • steelfist says:

                Mark let’s be honest here. The $500 million trigger is for the capital gains tax cut to take affect in order to build up the rainy day fund, not for the implementation of the whole JOBS bill. That is a fiscally responsible way to govern.

                • What calendar year would this take place in, steel?

                  When do you project that the state will be rolling in dough again to have a giant reserve?

                  Steel, we’re cutting billions of dollars out of the budget this year and will have to do so again next year.

                  So when would the 500 million surplus occur?

                  Some are predicting 2015.


              • Jason Pye says:

                Deficits don’t seem to stop your client (have you disclosed that here?) from running to Dawsonville to love on Joe Biden for bringing $33 million in pork that will compete with private sector companies.

                • Jason,

                  Good point on restating the disclosure. Newer folks might not know that.

                  I’ve worked for Lee Hawkins for four years, starting with his Senate campaign in ’06. It’s pretty widely known, including the pundit-famous 100+ posting fights on the Hawkins v Musselwhite election that year.

          • steelfist says:

            Lee has been a Legislator as long as Tom.
            Graves was elected in 2002. = 4 Terms.
            Hawkins was elected in 2006. = 2 Terms.
            Fuzzy math Tommy.

          • GeorgiaValues says:

            1. Saying he has been a proven conservative leader over and over again does not make it so. Say it till your blue in the face…it doesn’t make up for an unimpressive record.

            2. Graves has served twice as long as Hawkins. So sorry, they have not both been in the legislature for the same time. Maybe if you say this over and over again, you can think it true, just like the conservative leader approach.

            3. Where exactly is Rep. Stephens (not Lee Hawkins’) bill? Is it going to pass? Nope.

            4. As I said earlier, why not amend Tom’s bill if Lee has such brilliant modifications? We’re awful late in the session to be launching his copy-cat bill…but again, this has nothing to do with JOBs and everything to do with Lee’s fading congressional campaign. Fading you might not like, but last week Bill Stephens beat Lee in the Union County straw poll.

            4th place candidate – clearly in trouble, trying to copy the front runner.

  3. Game Fan says:

    In an ideal conservative world, there would be ZERO job bills, corporate subsidies, bailouts, stimulus packages, “reform bills”, ect…
    No special treatment for the Wal-Marts, the Home Depots, large developers, ect… The Real Estate market and everything else would exist on a level playing field. Here’s what the level playing field looks like to the garden variety corporatist.

    • Tommy_a2b says:

      Why because he disagrees with “your guy?” So you are against creating jobs now? I am just trying to understand your logic (if any.)

    • Tommy_a2b says:

      No he explains that in the release Icarus. Some of these guys I expect to just spout nonsense but not from you. Read the last 2 sentences.

      Hawkins, a candidate for Georgia’s Ninth district congressional seat, further stated that last year he had supported the 2009 Senate version of the JOBS bill. “It was very different from what later passed the House, but neither 2009 version contained the $500 million surplus requirement.”

      • GeorgiaValues says:

        …and I’m sure Hawkins has run this change by the Governor, who would have to sign this bill – should it ever get to his desk.

        Furthermore, if this one provision was of concern to your guy, why not try to amend the bill? Wouldn’t that be easier to accomplish than the purely politically driven me too, me too approach?

      • steelfist says:

        Difference between JOBS Bill 2009 and 2010:

        1. Repeal of the Inventory Tax became law in 2009

        2. Added was the Angel Investor Provision to bring new capitol to the state so entrepreneurs have access to capitol to start a new business and create jobs.

        3. Gradual phase out of the the Sales Tax Deposit on Small Business became a separate bill (HB 1024).

        4. “Net New Hire” tax credit so business would only get the credit if it was a “Net New Hire”

        5. The trigger on the Capital Gains tax cut – a concern of the Gov office and a fiscally responsible provision.

        Hardly anything major, if not strong improvements to the legislation that Lee already called the “most pro-business legislation the General Assembly has ever considered.”

        Lee Hawkins – I was for the JOBS Bill before I was against it.
        John Kerry – I actually did voted for the $87 billion before I was against it.

        What a moron. Good work Tommy and Roundtree.

          • steelfist says:

            But providing a simple $700 tax credit will generate enough new revenue to get the state our of the $2,000,000,000.00 whole?

            Does Lee support the recent $15 billion job bill that the President just signed into law? That provided a simple tax credit to hire unemployed workers?

            • Bobby Butterworth says:

              Tommy_a2b: Funny you keep using WHOLE instead of HOLE. There are so many HOLES in your argument that you might want to reconsider digging your HOLE any deeper.

              “The state is saying we may be as much as $2,000,000,000.00 in the whole this year.”

              “All of which cant be done while state is in financial whole.”

              Trying to stay away from personal attacks… it is more so the flawed logic of the criticism is what needs to be addressed. It seems this issue could be resolved if Senator Hawkins would offer an amendment to this house bill that will then allow his ideas to be considered and maybe enhance the bill? That would make sense to me. Lets make this bill as good as it can possibly be!

        • Just answer the question.

          Does Graves’ jobs bill require a half-billion dollar surplus to implement, or does it not?

          That’s the part Hawkins opposes because it invalidates any other aspects. It’s a jobs bill that would create zero jobs and couldn’t trigger — unless we have a giant budget surplus.

          True or false?

          • steelfist says:

            It does not. If you read the bill it says there must be a $500 million in the Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund before the 50% Capital Gains tax cut takes effect only.


            • Tommy_a2b says:

              OK I’m back. Question 1, Do we have $500,000,000.00 in the Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund?

              Question 2, can you tell me how the Jobs Bill created Jobs NOW? So I can help you with your answer, it doesn’t. In the Bill nobody gets either tax reduction or relief or government out of their business or anything to make business better for at least a few years. I’m not going to give you details because you do not understand the bill. But try and read it and eventually you will figure it out.

              Another way you know the bill is flawed is just on the volume of words in the bill. The thing is really long which is probably done so that people do not try and understand it fully. Just a suggestion from me.

              Lee’s bill makes government smaller the day it is passed bottom line. The Jobs Bill does NOT, bottom line. If you can prove otherwise I’m all ears.

            • Steel, get real.

              That is only one component. The legislation also creates tax credits for employers, but doesn’t allow the employers to claim the credit for nearly THREE years.

              You’ve admitted now that the capital gains tax cut couldn’t be actually implemented until there was a half billion dollar reserve fund. That’s one reason why this bill doesn’t go far enough.

              Now please proceed to admit that the tax credits can’t be claimed by the employer until the employee has been in the job for 24 months — on tax returns filed in 2013, three years from now.

              Hawkins says he wants tax cuts in 2010.

              Why don’t you?

      • steelfist says:

        “$500 million surplus requirement.” – To liberal Lee building up a rainy day is fiscally irresponsible.

    • Tommy_a2b says:

      If you are saying I’m the CM you are wrong I’m not the CM. I am Tommy always have been. I have to do some real work now. Someone has to pay taxes. I will get back to this later. It has been fun beating you guy single handedly. Ciao

      • steelfist says:

        No, I am saying whoever is now calling the shots over there are completely clueless.

        By the way, quitters never win.

  4. bobspolitics says:

    This is just a political posture by Hawkins. He is trying to set himself apart from Graves and ends looking more like a RHINO in the process. Lee now has a tough road in front of him.

    • Bobspolitics–

      It’s a simple question.

      If it’s a jobs bill that cannot legally be implemented, how many jobs will be created?

      And if jobs can’t be created, why would you be upset that Lee opposes it, and instead supports a jobs bill that cuts taxes and can be implemented in 2010?

    • Ah, the old whine about political posturing when there is dissent.

      The political posturing here is when politicians of either party run around claiming that they are ‘creating jobs right now’ when, in fact, their legislation puts off the tax credits for years.

      And it’s Rino. At least get your name calling right if you can’t read the legislation. …It makes you appear like you might not know what you’re talking about…

  5. GOPGeorgia says:

    I wonder if the bills could be merged to pull the best parts of both of them? I haven’t read either bill, just the descriptions on here.

    “There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

    Ronald Reagan

  6. John Konop says:

    Tax cuts without proper spending cuts is not fiscally conservative it is irresponsible. Unless you can show how you pay for the cuts, it will only create more job loses via out of control debt. I wonder when some of you will finally figure this out?

    We have pensions, SS and Medicare problems at every level of government that has no way of paying the bill. We need real adults talking about real solutions. Not grandstanding for political purposes using gut level talking point for political reasons.

  7. Three Jack says:

    tax cuts force spending cuts konop. it’s happening right before your eyes here in ga. tax revenues have declined due to cuts and a down economy partly caused by an out of control bloatocracy.

    your answer is to increase fees. to paraphrase you, ‘fee increases without proper spending cuts is not fiscally conservative’.

    while rome is burning, our legislators are worried about pickup truck drivers wearing seat belts, laid off and other unemployed workers smoking pot, texting while driving and an assortment of other bs proposals…all of which increase the cost, size and scope of government. you fit right in konop, maybe you should run again.

    • John Konop says:

      A fee increase based on the cost of the service is called being responsible. And in many cases the fess are a personal choice. In fact I would even add extra fees to expedite licenses, passports…..Once again that would be a choice.

      The something for nothing attitude by people like you on both sides is why we are in this mess. It is time to act like an adult!

      No one would argue other than you how clear I have been very consistently against the latest local war on drugs legislation, which will do nothing more than help terrorist, drug dealers, gangs and private prisons at the expense of tax payers.

      As far as seat belts we all pay for accidents with so many people without health insurance. A guy hit my car without insurance last year. This guy took away my rights. I was able to recover part of the money and not time I lost via the court system. Unless you can afford the consequences of your actions you are not taking personal responsibility. I do try to teach my kids that lesson.

  8. Sen. Hawkins opposes the Graves legislation because:

    #1. The capital gains tax cut would only be allowed IF the state has a half billion dollar surplus in the reserve. The state currently is cutting billions in spending and will likely do so for years to come.

    #2. The legislation says that employers who hire new employees would get a tax credit for doing so AFTER the employee has worked there for *two years*.

    In other words, if an employer hires someone in 2010, when will they see their refund?

    In 2013. Yes, that’s right. 2013.

    What employer in the state will hire anyone with a promised tax credit that they won’t see for more three years?

    Lee Hawkins says that’s a sham, and that the American people are fed up with these sort of gimmicks.

    Lee’s jobs proposal would allow for tax credits on your 2010 tax return for employees hired any time during 2010.

    He believes we need tax credits to create jobs now. Not years from now. His proposal is a genuine tax cut, and genuine leadership is what people are demanding.

    • Jason Pye says:

      Aren’t “tax credits” just direct spending any way and wouldn’t that have a direct impact on spending during a budget crisis?

      That was one of my only concerns about the JOBS Act. The corporate income tax cut and capital gains cuts were great, but they were gutted, which was disappointing.

    • steelfist says:

      It’s a shame Lee has decided to play politics with putting Georgians back to work. The bill isn’t a sham when NFIB, Chambers of Commerce, FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, Georgia Retail Association all support the JOBS Act.

      Originally, Hawkins only took issue with the $500 million capital gains cut trigger in his release. After it was proved that Hawkins didn’t know what he was talking regarding the trigger mechanism, his campaign now offers more false information about tax credits.

      Read the bill. There are 6 provisions to the JOBS Act of 2010.
      • Creation of the “Year for Georgia Entrepreneurs”: Allowing Georgians the opportunity to start a new business with no state fees could remove the only hurdle many entrepreneurs need to begin.
      • “Angel Investor” Tax Credit: An income tax credit of up to 50% of an investment made in small or start up Georgia businesses with 20 or fewer employees. The income tax credits would be available after 2 years of investment. The total “Angel Investor” tax credit pool would be limited to $10 Million per year (adjusted for inflation).
      • Quarterly Credit Towards Unemployment Insurance Tax: For each eligible employee hired who is receiving State Unemployment benefits, a company will receive a quarterly credit towards their unemployment tax.
      • $2,400 Tax Credit for the Hiring of the Most Difficult to Employ: Any Georgia company which hires a person who is difficult to employ and is currently receiving unemployment benefits and has been unemployed for at least four weeks, shall receive a tax credit of $2,400 after 24 months of consecutive employment.
      • Elimination of the Net Worth Tax: The net worth or intangible tax is a hold over from a 1930’s law that taxes wealth accumulation. The Tax Foundation advocates the elimination of this tax as we are only 1 of a handful of states that still retain it.
      • A Triggered 50 Percent Reduction of the Capital Gains Tax for all Georgia Taxpayers: Georgia currently has the 15th highest Capital Gains tax in the country and the 2nd highest in the Southeast, with two of our neighboring states at 0%.

      All six provisions are implemented at different times to encourage business creation and job growth.

      It is fiscally responsible to make sure the revenue shortfall reserve has money in the fund before the 50% Capital Gains tax cut takes effect.

      The tax credit referred to in point #2 only applies GA companies that hire a person who is difficult to employ and currently receiving unemployment benefits and retains that worker for 2 years. Again, it is a conservative approach to make sure someone doesn’t go back on the unemployment rolls, costing the state more money. By the way, that provision was included in the 2009 JOBS Act and Sen. Hawkins didn’t have a problem with it then.

      The only thing that has changed from 2009 to 2010 is that Lee is challenging Tom for Congress. Instead of working together again and advancing a conservative approach to job creation, Lee let politics get in the way for his own personal ambition, which will only hurt Georgians that are looking for work.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    Hawkins is playing politics with good legislation. Hawkins opposes the JOBS bill he is running against Tom Graves. Please don’t try to insult everyone’s intelligence..

    With today’s launch, FreedomWorks PAC added three races to this growing list of “Top Targets” by endorsing Jonathan Paton (R) for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District, Tom Graves (R) for Georgia’s 9th Congressional District, and David Castillo (R) for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District, as Champions of Freedom. These three now join an impressive slate that includes: Marco Rubio (R) for Senate in Florida, Rand Paul (R) for Senate in Kentucky, Pat Toomey (R) for Senate in Pennsylvania, Mike Lee (R) for Senate in Utah, and Allen West (R) for Congress in Florida’s 22nd District.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    The bottom line is look at the conservative tax payer groups that endorsed the JOBS Act.

    People need to realize that tea party activists are conservatives first. They are not going to vote for someone just because he is running as a Republican…Those days are long gone..

  11. provisional says:

    All the e-mails I receive from the Graves campaign are positive, most recently they are all of the well respected conservative groups endorsements of Tom and his grassroot successes. But I guess since Lee has NO news to report from his campaign about his endorsements or successes, he has chosen to do what all desperate campaigns do and go negative. It is a shame, but I was told that this was the way the people involved in Lee’s camapign usually operate their campaigns, I was just hoping that Lee would be better than most, and not let them. Oh well!

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