Shafer Backs Cox

State Sen. David Shafer threw his support to State Representative Clay Cox‘s 7th District Congressional campaign today.

Quoting from a release issued by the Cox campaign:

“Clay Cox is a good friend and he will make an outstanding Congressman,” Shafer said.  “When I decided three weeks ago not to enter this race myself, I encouraged Clay to run.  I am counting on him to fight for our conservative principles and help bring fiscal sanity to Washington.”

Shafer was expected to endorse Cox but was reportedly waiting until after the legislative session.  His endorsement should help Cox consolidate in the wake of Balfour’s sudden departure from the race. Shafer has also said he will support Rep. David Casas to succeed Balfour in the Senate.


  1. ChiefofStaff65 says:

    One has to wonder if the rumors being said, coupled with a fellow state Senator endorsing another state Senators opponent and the quickness with which the endorsement came have any correlation?

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