It’s official: You should relax

Look, while we appreciate all y’all sending us press pieces on Friday afternoon, and others of you complaining about the comments chaos earlier in the day… It’s time for you to decompress for the weekend.

Here’s a shot, almost live, from Tanalach Media World Headquarters:

From left to right, that’s a Rising Moon, Big Green Egg getting ready for some burgers, the boys jumping on the trampoline, and Radio Paradise on the deck speakers. Oh, and it’s 70° and gorgeous.

I humbly suggest if you’re uptight about Georgia Politics at this point in time, you should start with the beer and improvise the rest.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Amen Clayton and Icarus.

    ‘Finding Nemo’ was the choice of daughter #3 (it was her turn to pick a movie), and now it’s March Madness time. Tech and OK State are doing battle in the Midwest Regional.

    Go Jackets!

  2. Buzz,

    good choice. hard to beat a Nemo night. 😉

    Pirates of the Caribbean movie here (#1 of course), on the sofa at home for movie night with the kids.

  3. Miss T says:

    Mmmm. The weekend. No movies. But we do have an Air Show here in the Greater Valley of Muscogee County.Yessssss.

    And of course, basketball. Goooooo Jackets!

  4. polisavvy says:

    I hope everyone gets out and enjoys this beautiful day. A few drinks, some music, a good book (“Courage and Consequence”), water features going, and the sun — it doesn’t get any better than this, does it? Hopefully, now that Spring is officially here; hopefully, it will stay that way! Enjoy everyone!! 🙂

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