Balfour not quite done yet with politics?

As Jason Pye broke last night, State Senator Don Balfour declared yesterday he was out of the race for the House of Representatives and was done with the Georgia Senate.

This afternoon, there is now some softening of his position as it relates to the Georgia Senate. Sorta. It seems that someone can’t make up his mind if he is truly done with elected office.

Balfour said he would decide by the upcoming qualifying period in the coming weeks if he would try to continue his 18-year tenure in the Georgia Senate, where he now heads the powerful Rules Committee.

The political fight over the past few weeks, since U.S. Rep. John Linder’s surprise announcement he would retire from office, has been brutal, and Balfour said the stress of trying to be a leader in the state’s grueling process to cut billions from the budget has been too much.

“It got very frustrating,” he said, pointing to a quick political response over higher education funding when he said budget cuts may drive a tuition increase. “In the past two weeks, I haven’t been sleeping well. … I’ve lost a lot of weight. … I just don’t have a peace about it.”

After so many years in public office, it’s certainly curious that only now is he finding himself unable to handle the rigors of his position. Curious.

Whatever his decision, it’s going to be quite a ride and I recommend that we all follow this recommenation*.

*Everyone except Ben Harbin, that is.


  1. William Ray says:

    Don Balfour has served Gwinnett County well during his 18 years in the Georgia Senate. Personally, I hope that there are many more years to come. From his time building the GOP as local party Chairman, to his years as a loyal member of the minority party, to his years as Chairman of the Rules Committee, Sen. Balfour has been a leader and a hard worker. Should he retire as this point, Gwinnett County will lose a powerful voice in Atlanta.

  2. Diana says:

    Reminds me of my buddy Brett Favre. Gosh I hate the off-season. How many more months until football starts?

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