Mike Pence Comes to Georgia

Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana will be hosting a joint fundraiser with Georgia’s Sixth and Ninth Congressional District Republican Parties. Received via email:

For a few weeks I have dropped hints that there is news coming out of the Ninth.  I am not referring to the joint 9th-11th picnic to be held in Gordon county on April 17th; 24 candidates speaking with a straw poll.  More info on this event can be found at www.goppicnic.eventbrite.com .

What I am talking about is that I am pleased to announce that Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana will be doing a joint fundraiser with the Ninth and the Sixth at the Cobb County Galleria on June the 2nd.  Some of the metro-counties have commanded an out of state speaker, but I don’t recall a District doing that in recent years.  I hope you will attend.  The host committee and further details will be announced in a few weeks.  To learn more about Congressman Pence, go to www.mikepence.com .


Doug Grammer aka GOPGeorgia

Chairman, Ninth District of GOP Georgia


  1. Mike Pence is another jewel of a human being. I just wish he had run for the U.S. Senate. He would have romped to a victory. Pence worked closely with the Indiana Family Institute then landed a morning talk radio gig in the early 90’s. His level temperment and excellent communication skills made his ratings sore and develop a loyal following. I loved his morning show.

    He’s one of the few sane folks in Washington.

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