Strategic Vision polls Georgia

[Shortly after this post, David Johnson, President and CEO of Strategic Vision, e-mailed me the crosstabs. According the the press release, which I did not receive, crosstabs are available upon request.]

Strategic Vision is out with its first poll on the Georgia gubernatorial race since September, and since the controversy surrounding the polling firms’ methods came to light.

You can view the full poll here. The margin of error is 3.5%. No crosstabs are available for the poll, which was one of the criticisms of the firm. The race for Insurance Commissioner was also polled.

GOP Primary for Governor
– Oxendine: 29.8%
– Handel: 17.0%
– Deal: 12.8%
– Johnson: 8.5%
– Scott: 2.1%
– McBerry: 1.9%
– Chapman: 0.4%
– Undecided: 27.4%

Here is a look at overall polling in the GOP primary (click to enlarge):

Democratic Primary for Governor
– Barnes: 43.9%
– Baker: 21.8%
– Poythress: 2.4%
– Porter: 2.1%
– Camon: 1.2%
– Undecided: 28.5%

Here is a look at overall polling in the Dem primary (click to enlarge):


  1. macho says:

    I thought this was interesting from the Insurance Race.

    A. Seth Harp 4.3%
    B. Ralph Hudgens 10.6%
    C. Tom Knox 2.3%
    D. Harold Logsdon 0.2%
    E. John Mamlakis 1.9%
    F. Stephen Northington 2.1%
    G. Gerry Purcell 2.3%
    H. Maria Sheffield 6.4%
    I. Undecided 69.8%

    I noticed the last poll posted had Knox at double digits which was baffling to me, since he’s a virtual unknown State Rep. Hudgens and Harp make a little more sense, since their Senate districts are 3 times larger. Hudgens also had his toe in the water for a bit during the Norwood Congressional race. IMHO, I don’t see any reason why Hudgens should be so far ahead. Makes me wonder how random it all is.

    • macho says:

      Sheffield also makes sense. She’s the only chick in a down ballot race with a lot of dudes. Just like the Appeals Court races, it’s a huge point of difference, in a race where it’s difficult to separate yourself from the pack. My pick is Sheffeild and Hudgens for the runoff.

    • Booray says:

      See below – this is a cooked poll. Strategic Vision is Hudgens’ polling company, been paid pretty good money by him already.

    • benevolus says:

      Are Senate districts not roughly equal in number of citizens? I can’t find anything in the Ga. Constitution or the Ga. code to verify that but I have always assumed it.

      • macho says:

        Yes, Senate districts are all about the same size and approximately 3 times larger than a State Rep. District.

  2. Mayonnaise says:

    Oxendine wins primary and gets destroyed in run-off.

    Handel’s April disclosure will tell it all.

    Deal spinning his wheels.

    Johnson is financially poised to make a run for 2nd place come April.

    Scott will have to dip into his own cash soon. Has a bright future but it’s time to call it a day.

    McBerry’s numbers show you what you get with the Tea Party less republicans.

    Chapman …. why?

    Undecided … Can’t make up their mind between Johnson and Handel.

    • macho says:

      Johnson has been shrewd when it comes to stashing his cash, but does he have enough, in a sort of tortoise manner, to catch up?

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Land lines again? 800 respondents?

    I guess you can see what you want to see in these numbers. I still see nothing, and that’s not what I want to see πŸ™

      • Mozart says:

        “Betting” on a political campaign is a misdemeanor. I’ll just bet some stupid politician wrote THAT law…

        • Romegaguy says:

          Careful on betting on political races here on Peach Pundit. Some of us are still waiting for steak dinners for Ralph Reed’s great and glorious defeat by Casey Cagle. Isnt that right Debbie?

  4. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    I am in agreement with LoyaltyIsMyHonor.

    Hasn’t this poling source been hired by one of these candidates in the past?

    You call possible voters? Then don’t you get possible result ?

  5. ChiefofStaff65 says:


    I think your going to be a little surprised to the tune of a couple million bucks for Rep. Scott and former Senator Johnson.

    Link to this post come April 1.

  6. Technocrat says:

    The question is who will the Deal and Johnson supporters swing to after the Primary. Since it is widely assumed that Handel people caused/hassened/publicized the downfall of Deal.
    Who will promise the best jobs after November. Now Barnes could fudge the whole mess up by backstopping on the promise front.

    All depends on how many and the severity of the Spring Storms this year in Georgia, who takes the Republican ticket.

  7. fishtail says:

    I am from coastal Georgisa and have several friends that are tight with Eric Johnson. They say he will post good numbers for this fund-raising period and will be even with OX. OX still can’t accept money while the legislature is in session, and they look like they will end up going well into April. Don’t have a clue about Handel and Deal. So perhaps Johnson will be the only candidate with enough of a clean background and sufficient funds to get his message out.

  8. ChiefofStaff65 says:


    Wait, there is a Handle and a Handel in the race?! Here we go again, much like Kathy Cox and Cathy Cox….

    Here is your sign good sir

  9. ChiefofStaff65 says:

    They misspell SOFNBC? Seems 6 letters would be easy. Well, then again, this is Georgia. Apologies to you good sir.

  10. Booray says:

    Strategic Vision is Hudgen’s polling company. This is a cooked poll. See below for the following excerpt from Hudgen’s disclosure in December:

    Strategic Vision, LLC
    2451 Cumberland Parkway Suite 3607
    Atlanta, GA 30339 10/30/2009
    Expenditure polling $0.00 $3,500.00

  11. Jane says:

    At the 2002 Winter Olympics in the final, Australian Steven Bradbury was far behind in 5th place, but all the other finalists collided and fell while turning the last corner. Eric Johnson may pull a Bradbury. Ox, and Deal have ethical questions and Karen Handel has questions about her moderation on selected issues. As the front runners stumble, Eric Johnson may just be the guy to win.

      • SFrazier says:

        When she ran Fulton county she established a pro abortion record before she ran statewide for SOS and was suddenly pro life. Why do you think she did not get the GRTL endorsement?
        When running for Fulton county chair she supported same sex partners. When she ran for SOS, you guessed it, she switched. Would the real Karen Handel please step forward.

        • macho says:

          What pro-abortion issues did she deal with on the Fulton County Commission. Maybe a funding issue?

          What does abortion have to do with SOS for that matter. I remember Bill Stevens tried to turn the SOS race into an abortion debate, which I felt hurt Bill. First, I don’t think Bill was really anymore conservative than Karen, and second, it was a sort of Oxonion strategy in pandering on issues that have nothing to do with the office you’re running for.

        • Ermm… pro abortion? I think you mean pro choice? I can understand a candidate saying they want women to be able to choose for themselves. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one advocating for abortion as the solution to every pregnancy out there – a position that someone that is pro abortion would take.

          • ByteMe says:

            In the alternative universe, there’s pro birth and pro abortion with no possible middle ground.

            • SFrazier says:

              Yes sir, you are either pro life or pro choice which =pro abortion. There is no middle ground in a Georgia GOP Gubernatorial primary. Karen had a pro abortion record before she ran staewide. And yes, for SOS no one paid attention, but the Governors race is a different story. Once people start paying attention, she is going down in flames. Heck, Thubert Baker has a better pro life record than she does…

              • ByteMe says:

                See? Told you, David. We keep getting these missives from the alternative universe! I told you there were real.

                • Yeah, I knew whackos like SFrazier were out there… I just rarely run into them thank goodness. If only our society was a bit more intelligent. Sometimes I think the movie Idiocracy was right on the money.

                  • AlanR says:

                    Our society is smart enough to know that SFrazier doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If his claims were anywhere near true, he’d has something a little more concrete. I guess I have to go watch Idiocracy now. Hope its good.

  12. Technocrat says:

    $3500 doesn’t buy a poll as the phoning and analysis [800 completes with 1 open ended question] costs $8,000> $10,000 minimum …………even with minimum wage phoners.

    The trick is to get all candidates to pay to have their name included.

    • Booray says:

      The point of the $3,500 is that Strategic Vision had a conflict of interest in the Insurance Commissioner poll since Hudgens was a client they they did not disclose it up front. That’s the kind of stuff that got them in trouble before.

      I also highly doubt that the other candidates did as poorly as they indicate. Makes no sense whatsoever.

      • macho says:

        I could see Ralph, and perhaps Seth, doing little better than the rest of the filed, due to having Senate districts. I can also see Sheffield doing well due to her being a woman.

  13. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    This is what I was implying above. That Strategic Vision is basically ran by special interest. I saw a lot of criticism of them on AJC last year and on the net.

  14. Progressive Dem says:

    It seems Oxendine survived the gun mishap with only minor erosion. His candidacy may have more staying power than the party regulars care to admit. His continued strength in the polls will keep the money coming in. Undecided went down while Handel and Johnson edged up. It’s a tough year to raise money, but money is a more important metric for Handel and Johnson than winter polls. Deal is swimming upstream. This is may be the worst year to run with Washington experience. It practically disqualifies him.

  15. Technocrat says:

    “It seems Oxendine survived the gun mishap with only minor erosion.’

    Are you kidding that day was worth 150,000 extra votes, I could not have planned it better.
    How many parents have tried to teach their children the fine art of killing the defenseless – with not so spectacular results especially the first few times.

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