McBerry Responds to Attacks

Dear Friends,

Our Campaign in the governor’s race has now moved to the place for which we have been striving together this past twelve months… some of our opponents in this race and the enemies of liberty which abound are threatened by the phenomenal growth we are experiencing. Those who purport themselves to be the frontrunners of this race know very well that we threaten to swamp the Republican primary on July 20th with our supporters from across the state who want a constitutionalist as the Republican nominee and who will not settle for another moderate in the November general election against Roy Barnes and the Democrats.

Our opponents began this race by trying to ignore our Campaign… but our numbers swell every day and our detractors stand speechless, unable to ignore how we are growing so quickly all over the state. Next, our opponents attempted to ridicule our Campaign, even snickering and making sarcastic remarks at GOP events and candidate forums, about our strong stand upon such essential Founding Principles as the Tenth Amendment, state sovereignty, and nullification… but still the people of Georgia, and even our elected officials, are flocking to our position. Now, finally, our opponents have entered the phase of combat in which they acknowledge that we are positioned to be one of the two candidates left standing for the runoff after the Republican primary. They have resorted to the only thing remaining to them which is to try to stop the tidal wave of support that we are enjoying all over the state… personal attacks.

In recent weeks, I have been personally accused of, but not limited to, the following list of absurdities: that I attempted to have an affair with my former campaign manager, Jenny Hodges, when she was fired for spending unacceptable amounts of time at the Capitol in lobbying efforts during our campaign; that I somehow “stole” sole custody of my son years ago from his mother, even though she tested positive for meth use in a court-ordered screening after she had been living outside our home for nearly a year; that I have had some sort of sexual or sexually improper relationship with underaged girls; that I am no longer allowed to teach in the state of Georgia, despite the fact that I retain my teaching certificate to this very day; and now that I am somehow unpatriotic because, as a Georgian who cherishes the constitutional Republic given to us by our Founding Fathers and wishes to see it restored, I choose to salute the Georgia flag and the original Betsy Ross American flag instead of the current federal flag which represents the present unconstitutional leviathan in Washington.

To all of these charges, insinuations, ambiguities, and accusations, I state unequivocally that they are at best, false gossip, and at worst, outright lies.

None of the above are true, whatsoever. The campaign staff of at least one of our opponents in this race, already well-known across the state for his unethical behaviour, is working to spread these inuendos and accusations. Both I and my team of volunteers in this race have much more important work to be about than to deal with the likes of these false charges. In fact, what my opponents wish more than anything is that they could deflate our Campaign in the eyes of the people who are now so excited about our strong stand for the Constitution and then exhaust our energies dealing with these issues rather than continuing to fan the flames of freedom across this state. Make no bones about it… this Campaign will not be derailed, it will not be stopped, and it will not be slowed down by the likes of the ridiculous accusations mentioned above — OR ANY OTHERS WHICH ARISE — between now and the day of our victory in November.

And to the thousands of supporters across the state who already support me in this race, please listen to me carefully… we have only begun to see the start of these such attacks between now and November. They will NOT be going away. They will ONLY increase. Do NOT expect anything different. If you do not have the stomach for the attacks that will be waged against me personally or against this Campaign, I bid you a gracious farewell and a sincere “thanks” for all that you have already done; go find something else to do between now and November. But you can tell our enemies that Ray McBerry is not going anywhere; and the Cause of liberty which now is beginning to glow like embers across this state because of the efforts of our Campaign is about to burst forth into a raging forest fire, as men and women of Georgia take a stand like has never been witnessed in our lifetime. Tell them that Ray McBerry is already committed to the battle and will not withdraw.

It is no accident or coincidence that these attacks have come upon the only constitutionalist in the governor’s race; it is the same attack that our enemies always use, because it is the only one that they have. None of their ideas can compete with our message.

If anyone has need of answer to these or any other accusations during the remaining course of this Campaign, feel free to forward them this email in its entirety. There will be no further time nor energy spent on these matters. There is a battle — indeed, a war — to be won to restore our constitutional Republic; and I will not waste our time which is fleeting already. Who will join me for such a time as this?

If you wish to truly make an impact for the Cause of liberty for our beloved state, and for America, get involved in the Campaign of the only constitutionalist and States’ Rights Republican in the Georgia governor’s race today… and then take out your checkbook or your debit card and make a financial contribution that matches your commitment to the Cause.

I now return to the important task before us…

And remain your servant in the Cause,

Ray McBerry

Georgia Governor 2010


  1. Jeff says:

    Notice that he STILL dodges questions about his traitorous activities with the League of the South, which calls for an “independent Southern republic”.

      • Jeff says:

        Whether you or anyone else likes it, BHO and all the rest of those you fear/hate were duly elected per the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitutions of the various states they are from. They were elected by either a plurality or a majority (depending on the State) of the People of their districts, meaning that some plurality or majority of the citizens felt that the people in question best represented their own beliefs.

        Our process of Republican Democracy works, at least in that regard.

    • analogkid says:

      Agreed, although I’m a little disappointed he didn’t specify which Georgia flag he salutes. Until he issues a correction, I’m going to assume it’s the Barnes flag of 2001-2003.

    • macho says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. I study politics fairly closely and hadn’t heard any of that stuff on McBerry.

    • MightyPencil says:

      Sounds like a guilty conscience. Who airs laundry that even the insiders haven’t heard about? He skips a debate on the issues to write a lengthy letter about gossip? And, aren’t the reasons for an employee’s termination protected by law? And, as Governor, would he put on his war paint and scream “prepare for battle” every time the House and Senate disagree with him on an issue?


  2. ummm-duh says:

    “Our opponents…acknowledge that we are positioned to be one of the two candidates left standing for the runoff after the Republican primary”

    “the tidal wave of support that we are enjoying”


  3. Doug Deal says:

    Simply delusional. No wonder he wants war with the United States, he has no concept or appreciation of reality.

    The same 50 or so people that follow him around in their normally NASCAR bound RV’s can’t be multiplied by the number of speaking engagements to estimate support. There is a definite reason why he has hit that 1-3% glass ceiling.

  4. Progressive Dem says:

    Wow, mentioning meth was a deft touch.

    Whoever decided writing this letter was a good idea, you might fire them, now before they take aim at your other foot.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      It was probably Ray who wrote the letter. Regardless, he signed it. Do you think he should fire himself?

  5. AnyoneElse2010 says:

    I know us “politically astute” individuals think this letter is stupid but Ray’s supporters eat this stuff up. They live off of the US vs THE WORLD mentallity. While it may not garner him much support from the outside world I think it will rally his troops in the campaign.

  6. GOPGeorgia says:

    “and now that I am somehow unpatriotic because, as a Georgian who cherishes the constitutional Republic given to us by our Founding Fathers and wishes to see it restored, I choose to salute the Georgia flag and the original Betsy Ross American flag instead of the current federal flag which represents the present unconstitutional leviathan in Washington.”

    So he’s not denying that he won’t pledge to our current flag and he is denying that makes him unpatriotic? That’s the only one of these rumors that I have heard, and it seems like he’s saying it’s true.

    • trainsplz says:

      That wording is really, really unusual. But yeah, that’s how I read it, too. Weirdly, it sounds like a chain email about Obama.

  7. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Who was publicly talking about his pledging to the flag? Great job of making yourself look even kookier, Mr. McBerry.

    As chairman of the Georgia League of the South, I suppose McBerry stands behind one of their top campaigns: Bringing back the real (1956) state flag.
    Let it go, people, that flag isn’t old enough to be about “heritage.”

    Also, I assume McBerry stands behind this statement: “The League of the South believes that the answer to these problems is a free and independent Southern republic.

    We envision the States peacefully and lawfully exercising their Right of self-determination and withdrawing from the present union dominated by an aggressive, centralized federal government; only then can a true constitutional republic, founded upon the
    Bible and the original constitution, once again exist in America. We are not so naïve as to believe that the Northern states, nor their West Coast counterparts, have a desire to ever return to the Bible or the Constitution, if they ever did before; and, therefore, we know that the likelihood of reversing the current course of Washington is non-existent.”
    You can read it here:

    It looks like he believes we should form a new confederacy and leave the rest of the country behind. That is suicidal, and ignores the fact that there are people who love liberty in every state, not just in the south. Of course, his supporters say, “he doesn’t want to secede, or if he does, he thinks it is a last resort.” To which I say, the League of the South has been around since the 90’s. You can’t convince me that he hasn’t wanted to remake the CSA for a long time.

  8. B Balz says:

    I spoke to a couple of his campaign reps yesterday, and could not help feeling they were wondering why I REALLY came up to them.

    It was weird, but I confirmed Mr. McBerry was in Chattanooga. Guess 10th Amendment trumps Ga Gov. debate.

    Perhaps Mr. McBerry will attempt to gain attention the old fashioned way; like riding a bicycle while sitting on the handlebars, backwards…

  9. StephenLocustGrove says:

    I do not wonder why you(bbalz) came up to me at all. Ray has been scheduled to appear in Chattanooga for almost a year now. So no Ray did not skip out on the debate . I mean forum

  10. Doug Deal says:

    Re-reading this, the key statement is found here:

    … and then take out your checkbook or your debit card and make a financial contribution that matches your commitment to the Cause.

    Like the Lottery, or like Al Sharpton, McBerry is a tax on stupid people, using their limited money for his own ends.

  11. Any other time I’ve seen the Cause capitalized like that it was in reference to the War Between the States. It would appear that Mr. McBerry is either lost in time or believes his candidacy rises to that mark.

    I do not believe that other campaigns are seriously concerned about him at this point because he is not a threat. The only place I have heard or read any of the charges he mentions are in the above press release. The only reason I can see for bringing up those things is so people will talk about them.

    If Mr. McBerry sees over three percent in the GOP primary then I will be shocked. If he see over two percent then I will be surprised. The question is not “Will he make the run-off?”, the question is, “Why is Ray McBerry running?”

    • B Balz says:

      Simple, Ken. ‘Cause a lot of folks are legitimately mad as heck about how the US is being managed. Folks that gravitate toward Mr. McBerry’s message may be that ‘Old South’s gonna rise again’ demographic, but there is more than one grain of truth in the man’s rhetoric.

      • Hi B Balz,

        I agree. I’ve even stated on here that McBerry has said some things that needed to be said. If he had done so in a reasonable manner (e.g. without approvingly referencing the threat to hang of federal officials), then he would have a lot more credibility and command more respect.

        I believe in lowest common denominator (LCD) government asa I believe our nation’s founders did. There are a lot of reasons that this is a much more efficient form of government and so I believe the 10th Amendment is still important, still relevant and still the law of the land.

        Having presented my opinions, I need to go one step farther. Mr. McBerry does not seem to want to win. Instead of broadening his base, he continues to throw red meat to his current base which alienates potential supporters. As someone wrote on here before, “His support is a mile deep and an inch wide.” So, why is he running?

        • benevolus says:

          It doesn’t really make any sense to refer to what the nations founders believed. That would be like saying “what the Georgia legislature believes”. There were a lot of guys who were “founders” and they had serious disagreements among themselves on many things. If you wanted to pick out one or two Founders and support their position, then that would be a sustainable argument.

          • benevolus,

            Your point overall is a good one. The founders were not monolithic, but there was a general consensus among them about many things. That overall vision became the US Constitution (not the ship; the document).

            There are always outliers such as Hamilton who wanted a monarchy and then when he couldn’t get that fought for the strongest form of centralized government he could – and unless he was a liar that was still more decentralized than this one. Of course the Anti-Federalists would have been happy with a loose confederation or at least something much weaker. Perhaps in some ways they were correct. Patrick Henry, George Mason and Samuel Adams were no one’s fools.

      • benevolus says:

        Yeah but “mad as heck” does not equal “supports Ray McBerry”. You can be mad as heck and support other candidates (Democrats, for example!).
        Does anybody really “convert” to becoming a racist secessionist? Aren’t you kind of born into that?

        • B Balz says:

          @benevolous That’s my point, his demographic supports him and that’s about +/- <1% of the vote. That's where it will end.

          I predict other States will grow weary and jealous that Georgia seems to have the most colorful candidates. We will have competition. Perhaps we should support Georgia's lead on this and show the man some love.

  12. B Balz says:

    This is a catchy tune from the TN League of the South:

    On March 13th, Mr. McBerry had a pre-existing commitment with the 2010 Annual League of the South convention in Chattanooga.

    That’s fine, but his rep did not say that, and that was my point.

    Stephen, unless that is a pseudonym, we never met. I felt I was being played when I asked about Mr. McBerry’s whereabouts, as I found out today.

    No matter. Mr. McBerry’s message, without the League of the South spin, does resonate,. Further, it adds to my desire to get folks fired up about where this Country is headed.

    • Red Phillips says:

      “On March 13th, Mr. McBerry had a pre-existing commitment with the 2010 Annual League of the South convention in Chattanooga.”

      The 2009 Annual League of the South Convention in Chattanooga was in Oct of 09. The 2010 Annual League of the South Convention will be this Oct. There was no annual convention on March 13 unless it was the TN state convention.

      • B Balz says:

        2010 Annual Conference Tennessee League of the South
        Saturday, 13 March


  13. macho says:

    Perhaps I’m giving Ray too much credit, but I wonder if his strategy running for governor is similar to Al Sharpton running for President. Realistically, he has to know he has no chance, so what is the point? I guess self-promotion and / or a powerbase from the disenchanted, disaffected and disowned.

  14. StephenLocustGrove says:

    JEFF…. Did you really mean our founders were TRAITORS? You are never a TRAITOR if you respect and fight for the Constitution, Freedom, and Liberty

    • apacheangel says:

      Our Founders were traitors. Do you think, had they failed in their endeavor, England would have allowed them to continue on with their lives unharmed? Two words: Nathan Hale.

  15. Jeff says:


    You are a TRAITOR when you betray your Country to try to create a new one, as Ray McBerry has had as his goal for several years.

    Ray McBerry isn’t fighting for the Constitution. He is fighting for its DESTRUCTION, and you are too blind to see it.

    • c_murrayiii says:

      “You are a TRAITOR when you betray your Country to try to create a new one”

      Well, I guess Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, etc. were traitors then.

      Not to say I think Ray McBerry and the “Lost Cause” folks aren’t traitors, its just that I think your definition of a traitor needs a little more refinement than the the quote above. Sometimes there are good reasons to fight your own country/government.

      • Jeff says:

        Of COURSE Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and the rest of the Founding Fathers were traitors! (to the British Empire)

        Unlike McBerry and his acolytes, at least they had the intellect to know it and the stones to admit it though.

    • apacheangel says:

      “You are a TRAITOR when you betray your Country to try to create a new one”

      What a priceless quote from you, Jeff. It is so nice to see you finally admit how much you hate this country. If ever you want a lesson on the constitution, this country’s founding, or anything to do with American History, look me up, because you are clearly ignorant on those subjects.

    • Red Phillips says:

      Jeff, you are an embarrassment to libertarianism both large and small L. I’m a paleoconservative who doesn’t claim to be a libertarian, but I understand more about libertarian philosophy than you do. Libertarians support secession and political dissolution. In fact, your party’s platform used to contain a plank supporting INDIVIDUAL political secession.

      The Constitution allows for secession. That secession was allowed was a consensus view of the Founders (although not all liked the idea), and this understanding is one of the things that allowed it to be ratified. Three states, including two northern states, expressly reserved the right to secede in their ratification documents. Can you name which three without resorting to Wikipedia?

      • Doug Deal says:

        Article VI pretty much disagrees with you. You cannot both give an oath to support the US Constitution and call for its abolition simultaneously (which is what secession is, within your territory.)

        His positions are untenable and ridiculous. It is a shame that someone as apparently bright as you has bought onto this charlatan.

      • Jeff says:


        Secession is the ultimate political act of hopelessness and/ or insanity. The ONLY time it works in a peaceful situation is when the country you are separating from is absolutely broke (see most former Soviet republics there), and even then this isn’t a guarantee (Chechnya).

        When you seceed, you are saying you have given up hope that your parent country can or will change. (hopeless) Or you’re saying you think they won’t mind if you leave, taking their territory and money with you. (insane)

        I’ve been called an optimist/idealist before, and it is a label I’ll cop to. America is one dream I will NEVER give up on.

        America has a lot of problems – VERY few deny this. But I cannot emphasize enough that secession and war are NOT actual answers to these problems. They are solutions for COWARDS!

        No, the answers to our problems lay in our Constitution: our duly elected Representatives (in the general sense here, including all elected officials) and our Courts.

        How do you solve the problems America faces? One voter and one lawyer at a time.

        • Red Phillips says:

          “Secession is the ultimate political act of hopelessness and/ or insanity.”

          That is a seperate issue. The issue at hand is it is constitutionally allowable? And whether it is or isn’t (a question of legality), is it “treasonous?” An issue I believe you raised first. That a professed Libertarian would utter such nonsense is beyond me. So Lee, for example, should have fought against family and friends in his native Virginia in deference to a distant political entity? And by not doing so he was a “traitor?” Had he run his wife, parents and kids through with a sword in the name of preserving a political union he would have been a shining example of patriotism I guess? If you believe that, you are a monster.

  16. Game Fan says:

    Is anybody actually STUPID enough to think that the Peach State is really going to take it’s ball and go home and leave the Union (for a second time)???? Jeeeez. Some of you people just absolutely cannot escape from this “politicians-as-leaders” mind prison. OMG! As for moi, “small L Libertarian” that I am, I don’t intend to berate any candidate or individual state or country which is fighting for self-determination. Good news. Secession ain’t gonna happen. And no matter what McBerry says he’s head and shoulders above the current crop of stupid.

  17. Game Fan says:

    Full Disclosure:
    I’m a non-secessionist. But again, this stuff doesn’t just happen in a vacuum, people. Vermont under Bush. And now Texas is talking up the secession idea. Like Ron Paul says, it’s important to examine the causes and the “blowback” concept. The “control” crowd never sees their own role in the fiasco.

  18. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    I was actually at a meeting where someone asked Mr. McBerry whether he said the pledge to the flag (because this person noticed that he didn’t say it with everyone else.) The answer he gave was something like this…”My religion says I don’t pledge to anything manmade…” (Okay, my commentary here…I don’t have a problem with that, if someone feels that you don’t pledge to any flag. If someone feels that strongly about it, great. Too bad for McBerry he didn’t just stop there. He kept rambling, and that is was raised red flags…) “I will pledge the the Georgia flag, though.”

    What? I won’t pledge to anything manmade, but I will to the Georgia flag? This is what caused me to do some research and find the “independent Southern republic” information. The Betsy Ross thing he didn’t say at the meeting I was at, so he must have said that somewhere else. In any case, it is weird.

  19. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Does he really think the only answer to our national woes is to form an “independent southern republic”?

    Will he take an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution?

    Is he crazy? Okay, just kidding about that last one…

    • apacheangel says:

      Out of curiosity, do you immediately equate independence with secession? It sounds like everyone is making that assumption, drawing that conclusion, but that is not necessarily the case.

      • griftdrift says:

        Straight from the League of The South website.

        “We are not revolutionaries; therefore, we do not seek the overthrow of the US government. Rather, we seek, by peaceful and well-established legal and constitutional means, to separate ourselves from it. Recourse to the right of separation, or secession, is the very antithesis of armed revolution. Without it, men are not free. The right of secession is never more necessary than when it is denied. ”

        I’d say that’s pretty clear.

        • Doug Deal says:

          By that, they mean they really don’t support secession, unless you do, then they certainly do.

          And be sure to make the check out to The League of the South.

  20. John Konop says:

    I disagree with policy at times with Jenny Hodges, but I do like her and thought it was a real cheap shot. That comment served no purpose other than taking swipe at someone.

  21. StephenLocustGrove says:

    NorthGAGIRL… He will salute the orginal Betsy Ross Flag, but he will NOT pledge any of them. Some of these post are being taken out of context so please go to the website to make sure you read his issues.

  22. StephenLocustGrove says:

    Jeff… I have one ??? for you? How many votes did you get when you ran for City Council?

    • Jeff says:


      We’ve already been over this multiple times on FB. It has NOTHING to do with the allegations at hand. You are simply resorting to ad hominem attacks because you can’t refute the points I’ve made about McBerry.

  23. StephenLocustGrove says:

    All I’m saying is if you are as smart as you want people to think..why did you only receive 20 votes in your City Council race. Ray McBerry is the ONLY candidate running for Governor that can fix the problems with our great state. All I’m going to say is go to his website and look at the issue page.

    • Medic8310 says:

      I could get more votes for Governor than McBerry will get. I’m willing to prove it in 2014 if the Ox is elected this year.

      I’m just saying!!

  24. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:


    I was in the room when he said he would pledge to the Georgia flag (but not the U.S. flag) and I have read the Georgia League of the South website. He is the chairman of the GLOS. He wants to resurrect the Confederacy. If you are okay with that, then he is the candidate for you.

    I’m sorry, he has a lot of good things to say and appears to be a nice guy, but the longer you listen to him talk, the stranger the things are that come out of his mouth.

    I have absolutely no idea who I am going to vote for, as I am dissatisfied with my choices, but I can say that someone who is on record as our only option being an independent southern republic is not going to be my choice.

    By the way, why do you assume I have not read his website? I’ve been to several events now where he has spoken and have looked at both his official and his GLOS website. I feel that I am well informed on who this guy is.

  25. StephenLocustGrove says:

    NORTHGAGIRL.. I was not trying to call you out. I just wanted to make sure you have been to his website and actually read his information. A lot of ppl on here have not, but they are the first ones to shoot off at the mouth.

  26. ChiefofStaff65 says:


    If you are as smart as you want people to think then why did someone your supporting only receive 1% in every poll there has been?

    Here sir, is your sign. Wear it proud.

  27. apacheangel says:

    I would just like to point out that this e-mail from Ray McBerry, like the e-mail sent out about Jenny Hodges being fired, was sent to Ray McBerry’s supporters to keep them informed. Some people who are not necessarily his supporters are on the e-mail list, but the purpose of the e-mail was to let them know what was going on before they heard through the grapevine the rumors that were beginning to circulate. You can say he shouldn’t have addressed them all you want, but this was not a press release. Keep that in mind.

    • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

      If he doesn’t know that what he puts in print and sends in an email could end up in the press, then he does not have enough common sense to be governor.

  28. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:


    There were at least 60 people there when he said what he did, so it is accepted that he said he would pledge to the the Georgia flag. Maybe he misspoke, but it is what he said.

    I just wonder if you share his convictions about arresting federal agents (another thing he said at the meeting) and on the flag, as well as the Southern Republic. There are people who love liberty in the entire country, not just in the South.

    But, like I said before, if you want to resurrect the Confederacy, then he is for you.

  29. StephenLocustGrove says:

    He has not been a career politician like most of the other candidates. Name recognition is very powerful.

      • Success is in the eye of the beholder. I would say most politicians these days are failures… not successful. They’re successfully taking away our liberties. Successfully growing government. Successfully racking up debt that our children and grandchildren will be forced to pay. All of these though to me are utter failures. They’ve failed to allow Sunday alcohol sales. Failed to remove the state’s monopoly on gambling to allow private companies to open casinos, horse tracks, etc. They’ve failed to legalize gay marriage. They’ve failed on the drug war front and failed to legalize or decriminalize marijuana. They’ve failed our children with the excuse they call an education system. They’ve succeeded in taking more of your money and mine to build more boat ramps and other pet projects while furloughing teachers.

        These days I would say there are very few “successful” politicians.

        • B Balz says:

          Or the elected are extremely successful in representing the interests of their Constituents.

          When you live in a deeply conservative, religious southern State such as this, you must recognize your expectations are not in the mainstream.

            • Yep. But then you get down to the question of what should be considered local for what issues? Should Atlanta be prevented from buying alcohol in Publix on Sunday just because certain religious areas outside of the Atlanta metropolitan area say so? Same for any of the other religious based issues?

              Regarding gay marriage… I found this funny…


              • ByteMe says:

                GREAT picture.

                As for what’s “local”, that appears to be up to the plantation owners under the Gold Dome.

  30. ChiefofStaff65 says:

    Not to be callous to your well-thought out arguments, but REALLY?!

    It is Ray Mcberry……..That should say enough.

    But, for those that it does not say enough for, please do as Stephen suggests and check out McBerry on the issues. If this discussion does not do enough for you to figure out the guy is 2 screws loose of a working ferris wheel than I question the very manner with which you function in this life and would be so quick to lump you in with those funny people with Ak-47s on the texas-=mexico border or the ones I see on occasion in downtown Atlanta that sing about their “Pants on the Ground.”

    Seriously people, let’s talk real issues, like the JOBS bill, credible candidates that have actually, you know, um, been elected to an office, somewhere, anywhere that people breathe air, instead of talking about a guy who would not be elected PTA President in your local neighborhood.

  31. StephenLocustGrove says:

    NORTHGAGIRL… You are right. I do support putting ANYONE in jail that takes AWAY firearms from law abiding citizens. Just to make sure I understand…Are you ok with ANYONE taking away your firearms when you are a law abiding citizen?

  32. StephenLocustGrove says:

    griftdrift..have you ever heard of Katrina? The Fed Gov’t was taking away law abiding citizens firearms.

  33. griftdrift says:

    Somehow I knew that’s what you were talking about.

    First, it was never clear that they were “taking away law abiding citizens firearms”. The police claimed they only took guns that were stolen or abandoned.

    Having said that, it was settled 3 years ago, so we may never know the true story.

    Doubt that will change your mind as once the endorphins hit the paranoia centers of the brain it’s hard to let that high go.

  34. StephenLocustGrove says:

    I have a family member that is a US Marshall and it is TRUE that FEMA was taking guns from LAW abiding citizens.

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      I have a friend’s cousin’s uncle’s mother’s half-brother who told me it was not true. I hope this clears up any confusion.

  35. Red Phillips says:

    The level of intellectual discourse on threads relating to Ray McBerry is appalling. “Ewww …. look what he said. It is soooo… “kooky”” is not an argument unless you are four years old. For example, whether secession is allowed by the Constitution is an issue that can be discussed rationally by level headed people. (Although few on the anti-side seem willing to step up to the plate with a coherent and rational historical discussion of the matter.) Whether, if it is allowed, it is a wise course of action at this time is another. But screeching “Oh my! Candidate X uttered the s word.” is NOT an argument. It betrays either the unwillingness or inability to make an actual argument. Grow up. Either make the historical case for your position or go back to the playground where your type of discourse belongs.

      • AnyoneElse2010 says:

        The problem that you have with any type of intellectual discussion on this board is that when you prove them wrong they just shut up and never respond to that topic. Good case reference Dr. Jay.

        • Doug Deal says:

          Yes, and you and McBerry’s noted ability to read the minds of those long dead years before you two drew your first breaths definitely trumps the learned judgement of the Supreme Court.

          Of course you guys just ignore that whole Article III part of the Constitution, in which the Court is given such power to decide such things as opposed to fringe kooks taking advantage of the gullibility of people who do not know any better.

            • Doug Deal says:

              Why is Texas v White not part of the “Historical” record.

              Or do you mean that in the way that the space aliens from Galaxy Quest meant “Historical Documents”? Maybe they got one of McBerry’s broadcasts by mistake.

              • Red Phillips says:

                Doug, Texas vs. White was in 1869. If one wishes to determine the original intent of the Founders, which is more germane, an 1869 court case or the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention and the State Ratifying Conventions?

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      I am glad that Andrew Jackson would not be our President if Ray McBerry wins. Just the thought of secession during his presidency brought South Carolina and the nation close to war. Ray should read the history books and find out how that turned out John C. Calhoun.

    • John Konop says:


      Do you really want to debate secession from the United Sates? Have you really thought out all the issues ie currency, military, federal buildings,banks, airlines, is the Governor now President of Georgia…..?

      • Red Phillips says:

        I said whether it is a wise course of action at this time is a separate issue. But whether it is constitutionally allowable I most certainly want to debate. The tactic of point and shudder “Ewww… someone uttered the s word” settles nothing. Pile up the evidence for (for lack of a better term) a “loose compact” on one side vs. the evidence for a “tight compact” on the other and see which position is best supported. Conservatives support original intent, do they not? Well let’s explore what their consensus intent was. The unwillingness of anti-secession forces to do so in a straight forward way suggests to me that at least some of them know how an honest assessment of the historical evidence would turn out. Others are either ignorant or have never looked into it in depth.

    • benevolus says:

      You are absolutely right. “Intellectual discourse” and “Ray McBerry” are not compatible subjects.

  36. Red Phillips says:

    For the record, Ray McBerry is a personal friend of mine. I whole heartedly support his campaign. I will be voting for him in the primary. I suspect there are very few issues we disagree on. But that said, when I received this e-mail I immediately thought it was ill advised. I actually thought “This is bound to end up on Peach Pundit.” I agree with griftdrift maybe for the first time ever, “First rule of politics – don’t deny things that people probably don’t even know.” But Ray is not a career politician, and his campaign is not being managed by campaign professionals. (No offense to anyone intended. I’m sure they would all readily admit that.) I am sure rumors and innuendoes were getting back to Ray, and he reacted.

    Ray was never going to be the choice of cookie cutter conservative party people, but he is hitting a note with a certain type of conservative activist. He along with local boy Austin Scott had the largest contingent at the recent Debate in the Mid-State, and he clearly had the loudest applause lines. This kind of thing surely bothers the don’t rock the boat crowd, and I have no doubt that rumors were being spread by his adversaries. Does anyone not realize that politics is a dirty business and a contact sport?

    • John Konop says:

      This article claims he was responding to his X wife not anything to do with x-employees and or other politicians. That is why it was unfair to attack Jenny.

      TPM….Some of the rumors to which McBerry was responding appear to come from an email entitled “Ray McBerry The Monster,” which was sent out recently by a woman claiming to be McBerry’s ex-wife, and was obtained by TPMmuckraker.
      In the email the woman writes:
      I have read what Ray has said about me, and how I left one day, out of the blue when our son was one year old, because I simply wished to no longer have the obligation of wife and mother. Let me first say, this is not true. I loved Ray McBerry with every bone in my body, and believed he felt the same way. I could have wished for no greater day than when I gave birth to his son. But not long after my son was born everything fell apart. A woman from our church came to me and expressed concern about Ray’s actions while in the presence of a young girl in our church. I had already seen this, and begged daily for him to reassure me that this was nothing. He told me I was being foolish and should not speak this way to him. Shortly after, the girls parents took Ray to court for disorderly conduct around a minor. At this time he was teaching at an alternative high school. Because his father was the Assistant DA, all charges were dropped. But, not before he was ordered to resign from his teaching position, and never to pursue the career again.

      Ray promised that if I ever got my life back together that he would let me be a part of my sons life and this was a lie. Above anything else I am a Georgian, and I do not wish that a man such as this lead my state.

      Neither McBerry nor the woman responded immediately to a request for comment….

  37. reaganrev4 says:

    “I somehow “stole” sole custody of my son years ago from his mother, even though she tested positive for meth use in a court-ordered screening after she had been living outside our home for nearly a year”
    Did he seriously just say that as a point to help his case?

  38. drjay says:

    i guess his being interesting makes this news b/c the ajc political insider guy is reporting this in tandem w/ a minor candidate on the dem side being in the same boat, but noone i guess cares b/c the other guy isn’t quite as touched?

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