McBerry Responds to Attacks

March 14, 2010 8:22 am

by Tyler · 181 comments

Dear Friends,

Our Campaign in the governor’s race has now moved to the place for which we have been striving together this past twelve months… some of our opponents in this race and the enemies of liberty which abound are threatened by the phenomenal growth we are experiencing. Those who purport themselves to be the frontrunners of this race know very well that we threaten to swamp the Republican primary on July 20th with our supporters from across the state who want a constitutionalist as the Republican nominee and who will not settle for another moderate in the November general election against Roy Barnes and the Democrats.

Our opponents began this race by trying to ignore our Campaign… but our numbers swell every day and our detractors stand speechless, unable to ignore how we are growing so quickly all over the state. Next, our opponents attempted to ridicule our Campaign, even snickering and making sarcastic remarks at GOP events and candidate forums, about our strong stand upon such essential Founding Principles as the Tenth Amendment, state sovereignty, and nullification… but still the people of Georgia, and even our elected officials, are flocking to our position. Now, finally, our opponents have entered the phase of combat in which they acknowledge that we are positioned to be one of the two candidates left standing for the runoff after the Republican primary. They have resorted to the only thing remaining to them which is to try to stop the tidal wave of support that we are enjoying all over the state… personal attacks.

In recent weeks, I have been personally accused of, but not limited to, the following list of absurdities: that I attempted to have an affair with my former campaign manager, Jenny Hodges, when she was fired for spending unacceptable amounts of time at the Capitol in lobbying efforts during our campaign; that I somehow “stole” sole custody of my son years ago from his mother, even though she tested positive for meth use in a court-ordered screening after she had been living outside our home for nearly a year; that I have had some sort of sexual or sexually improper relationship with underaged girls; that I am no longer allowed to teach in the state of Georgia, despite the fact that I retain my teaching certificate to this very day; and now that I am somehow unpatriotic because, as a Georgian who cherishes the constitutional Republic given to us by our Founding Fathers and wishes to see it restored, I choose to salute the Georgia flag and the original Betsy Ross American flag instead of the current federal flag which represents the present unconstitutional leviathan in Washington.

To all of these charges, insinuations, ambiguities, and accusations, I state unequivocally that they are at best, false gossip, and at worst, outright lies.

None of the above are true, whatsoever. The campaign staff of at least one of our opponents in this race, already well-known across the state for his unethical behaviour, is working to spread these inuendos and accusations. Both I and my team of volunteers in this race have much more important work to be about than to deal with the likes of these false charges. In fact, what my opponents wish more than anything is that they could deflate our Campaign in the eyes of the people who are now so excited about our strong stand for the Constitution and then exhaust our energies dealing with these issues rather than continuing to fan the flames of freedom across this state. Make no bones about it… this Campaign will not be derailed, it will not be stopped, and it will not be slowed down by the likes of the ridiculous accusations mentioned above — OR ANY OTHERS WHICH ARISE — between now and the day of our victory in November.

And to the thousands of supporters across the state who already support me in this race, please listen to me carefully… we have only begun to see the start of these such attacks between now and November. They will NOT be going away. They will ONLY increase. Do NOT expect anything different. If you do not have the stomach for the attacks that will be waged against me personally or against this Campaign, I bid you a gracious farewell and a sincere “thanks” for all that you have already done; go find something else to do between now and November. But you can tell our enemies that Ray McBerry is not going anywhere; and the Cause of liberty which now is beginning to glow like embers across this state because of the efforts of our Campaign is about to burst forth into a raging forest fire, as men and women of Georgia take a stand like has never been witnessed in our lifetime. Tell them that Ray McBerry is already committed to the battle and will not withdraw.

It is no accident or coincidence that these attacks have come upon the only constitutionalist in the governor’s race; it is the same attack that our enemies always use, because it is the only one that they have. None of their ideas can compete with our message.

If anyone has need of answer to these or any other accusations during the remaining course of this Campaign, feel free to forward them this email in its entirety. There will be no further time nor energy spent on these matters. There is a battle — indeed, a war — to be won to restore our constitutional Republic; and I will not waste our time which is fleeting already. Who will join me for such a time as this?

If you wish to truly make an impact for the Cause of liberty for our beloved state, and for America, get involved in the Campaign of the only constitutionalist and States’ Rights Republican in the Georgia governor’s race today… and then take out your checkbook or your debit card and make a financial contribution that matches your commitment to the Cause.

I now return to the important task before us…

And remain your servant in the Cause,

Ray McBerry

Georgia Governor 2010

benevolus March 18, 2010 at 11:11 am

If only he had some slaves to molest he could leave the children alone.

drjay March 18, 2010 at 11:40 am

i guess his being interesting makes this news b/c the ajc political insider guy is reporting this in tandem w/ a minor candidate on the dem side being in the same boat, but noone i guess cares b/c the other guy isn’t quite as touched?

Romegaguy March 19, 2010 at 8:28 am

BOTH are minor candidates

drjay March 18, 2010 at 11:41 am

if a political candidate molests a teenager in a forest and noone hears it, is he still a racist?

GOPGeorgia March 18, 2010 at 7:41 pm

+1 bigoted perv

Doug Deal March 18, 2010 at 10:59 pm

The 10th amendment states quite clearly that molestation is a right reserved by the states AND the people.

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