A novel explanation for why Sonny Perdue is “helping out” Charlie Crist

As Tyler noted a few days ago, Senator Saxby Chambliss and Governor Sonny Perdue will host a March 15 fund-raiser at the Georgian Club for feckless Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (pictured) in the latter’s doomed run for the U.S. Senate.

I had assumed that it was because all three are each others kind of Republican: big on conservative talk but in love with liberal spending. Deep from inside enemy territory, though, we have a suggestion that it may be to lull our water foes into submission.

It’s a useful political favor when it comes to the three-state water war that has pitted Georgia, Florida and Alabama against one another for rights to water flowing from Lake Lanier.


Perdue isn’t expected to be at the Cobb County event on Monday, but he added his name to the invitation – a cue to his supporters to turn out with their checkbooks. But with Crist facing stiff opposition from tea party favorite Marco Rubio in Florida, he could be grateful for the help, said University of Georgia political scientist Charles Bullock.

“Crist, because he is vulnerable, may be more willing to talk and negotiate,” Bullock said. “And Perdue is … offering to help (Crist) with his career crisis and is hoping Crist may be more amenable to helping Georgia.”


  1. ByteMe says:

    Because if Crist loses, it’ll be so helpful to Georgia’s negotiating position. Uhhh, what?? Wait. What??

  2. B Balz says:

    I pointed this out last week:

    Has anyone offered Mr. Rubio a glass of water? I bet it is a back channel offer.

    Wisely, the Gov. is using a multiple front strategy to resolve Ga’s water issues. One avenue is to publicly support Gov. Crist. (As Gov. he can help us now.) And I certainly think offering Mr. Rubio a glass of water is a smart hedge strategy.

    One cannot do both publicly.

  3. In The Arena says:

    With all due respect to Governor Perdue, I believe supporting Crist is a lost cause. Neither Alabama or Florida have ever expressed any interest in solving a problem.

    Take a look at the language Crist used when urging the Obama white house to act on his behalf:

    An analogy for this situation that comes to mind is a dog swimming after a duck in a lake. The duck keeps letting the dog get closer, and when the dog is almost close enough to get it the duck swims farther out into the lake. Eventually the dog becomes exhausted and drowns.

  4. Republican Lady says:

    Since the Tennessee River runs through Alabama, does anyone know if Alabama takes any of that water?

  5. Ramblinwreck says:

    If Sonny really wanted to do something productive on the water issue he should take the authority the legislature gave him and press Tennessee on the border issue. So far he’s done ZIP and with less than 12 months left in office it looks like he’s not going to.

    • B Balz says:

      I agree that we really should think BIG on the water issue. Perhaps, lightly pressing the border issue, but I prefer a free market approach.

      If GA could secure substantial and long term water use rights from the Tennessee River, why wouldn’t a Bechtel type company look toward developing a transport method to Georgia?

      Negotiating future use seems self-limiting to me.

  6. In The Arena says:

    For all effects and purposes the Tennessee River project is dead. According to the Water Contingency Planning Task Force, the idea is cost prohibitive. The idea was not even included in their Findings and Recommendations published on Dec 21, 2009. This is the report that was the basis of HB 1094. It would cost $890 per million gallons of water yield to pump from the Tennessee while it would cost $415 per million gallons to pump from Lake Burton to Gainesville.

  7. HowardRoark says:

    This is the dumbest explaination (excuse?) I’ve ever heard of. Crist has what, 1 year left in office? It’s unlikely anything will get done on the issue before Charlie Suntan rides off into the political horizon. (Insert Brokeback Mountain joke/reference here)

    Perdue (somehow) has political capital. Seems really odd he’s using some of it now. Another dumbfounding move from this very very underwhelming man.

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