Podcast with Liz Carter (GA-4)

On Wednesday, I spoke to Liz Carter, a Republican running in Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District, which is currently held by Rep. Hank Johnson (D).

Carter is running her campaign on jobs and the economy and national security, an area where she feels Johnson has been especially disappointing . We also discuss health care, her support of the FairTax and briefly discuss free trade.

You can download the podcast here (just under 21 minutes/19MB, right click, “Save File As” to download).

In the next podcast, I’ll be chatting with John Monds, a Libertarian candidate Governor.

If you have a candidate, no matter what party, that you would like for me to interview or questions that you would like for me to ask an upcoming guest, please drop me a line on Facebook or send an e-mail.


  1. GOPGeorgia says:


    I appreciate your service to the community by helping these candidates get their message out.

  2. polisavvy says:

    I met Ms. Carter Sunday evening and was impressed with her. I also think that featuring all the candidates is a very good idea, and I appreciate the fact that Pundit is doing just that.

  3. MouthoftheSouth says:

    Ah, suffocating dissent. Good times. That district looks pretty unwinnable for a Republican but there is always a chance. The FairTax is terrible governance but good politics in many cases. We will see how far it takes her here.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    From AJC Political Insider:
    We’re hearing that state Rep. Tom Graves of Ranger, one of an army of Republican candidates in the 9th District congressional race to replace Nathan Deal, will get an endorsement from FreedomWorks.

    This should come as no surprise.

    Graves has a close association with the Dick Armey-led group, and with the tea party movement that FreedomWorks has helped stoke.

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