Gubernatorial Candidate Who Admits To Having Molested Farm Animals Arrested For Threatening Elton John

Thomas Wheatley at Creative Loafing brings us the “unique” story of independent candidate for Governor Neal Horsley, whose main claim to notoriety is that he has admitted to loving his animals on the farm perhaps a bit too much.

Horsley was so incensed at Elton John’s recent comments calling Jesus a “compassionate, super-intelligent gay man” that he picketed in front of Sir Elton’s occasional Buckhead residence with a sign that said “Elton John Must Die”. He was arrested for making terroristic threats.

So now, we have two candidates for Governor with ties to Elton John. Thus far, we still only have one who has been arrested.

O.K., Might as well make this an OPEN THREAD: Let’s try to keep the comments between G and PG-13 please.


  1. Andre says:

    Suddenly I have the urge to start singing a few rounds of Elton John’s greatest hits. However I can’t decide which song to open with:

    “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” or “Benny and the Jets.”

    By the way, you can blame my knowledge of Elton John songs on a girl I used to date who loved to crank up Elton John while driving through the streets of Gwinnett County.

  2. galiberal says:

    Well… I figure I will do some self promotion:

    First – We released the “Liberal Agenda” this week:

    It lists the bills that we support and are against. If you click on the section title, it will give a detailed explanation of each bill and why we support it.

    Second – We have started reporting on the Right Wing “War on Children”: which you can read about and

    It is time we stand up for our future – the children of our state. And not to be partisan, we called out 12 democrats today for failing to vote on vital legislation to protect our children:

    On a side note, will anyone from PP be at the Capitol on Crossover Day? Would like to actually meet some of you guys 🙂

  3. btpull says:

    The next twist in the never ending financial crisis: per Barrons’ magazine the nationwide States and Local government’s unfunded pension liabilities is $2 Trillion. Georgia’s is $6.4B according to the article.

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