Big D’s Used Proton Pack Emporium

Our own Ronald Daniels has a message for you:

Consider this your OPEN THREAD.


  1. polisavvy says:

    Would someone please explain to me what that was? Better yet, was it a real advertisement for an authentic business or a joke? It’s kind of like, “is it real or is it Memorex?”

      • First of all, it’s not real. It’s entertainment. Big D is a character I do bi-monthly at the Magnolia Music and Medicine Show. I did this video per the request of a friend. The character is somewhat known for selling anything – from used cars to moderately priced and worn haberdashery.

        The webbing is due to green screen.

        • polisavvy says:

          That really was quite funny, actually. I just didn’t know if it were real or not. Guess you could call me very gullible.

            • polisavvy says:

              Yes, it does. Since I’m a kind of a newbie on PP, I didn’t connect that that was even you after seeing your picture and then seeing the video. You could say you are a master of disguise. You look so dignified in your photo — not so much in the video. 😉

  2. John Konop says:

    It is no secrete the Chinese government been abusing the internet to crack down on human rights activist as well using heavy handed censorship. Should the Obama administration take a stronger action against China beyond just condemning them and if so what?

    THEHILL-Republican lawmakers Thursday condemned the Obama administration for not taking a stronger line of action against China’s Internet censorship.

    Google’s decision to consider pulling out of China after detecting sweeping cyber attacks aimed at human rights activists is a “blow against the cynical silence of so many, including the Obama administration,” said Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.).

    Chinese minister insists Google obey the law

    AJC-China’s top Internet regulator insisted Friday that Google must obey its laws or “pay the consequences,” giving no sign of a possible compromise in their dispute over censorship and hacking.

    “If you want to do something that disobeys Chinese law and regulations, you are unfriendly, you are irresponsible and you will have to pay the consequences,” Li Yizhong, the ministerof Industry and Information Technology, said on the sidelines of China’s annual legislature.

    Li gave no details of Beijing’s talks with Google Inc. over the search engine’s January announcement that it planned to stop complying with Chinese Internet censorship rules and might close its China-based site.

    “Whether they leave or not is up to them,” Li said. “But if they leave, China’s Internet market is still going to develop.”

    • B Balz says:

      “The rights of the Borrower are subordinate to the rights of the Lender.”

      We ought to get used to this sort of thing unless the US changes its’ current strategy of using China as an ATM. Of course, China may choose to do that for us.

      I think the days of the US being able to dictate its’ version of what is acceptable behaviour in the subjective realm of human rights are fewer ahead of us than behind us.

      History shows us the Chinese typically already have the ability to effect a foreign policy change prior to public announcement. Given that premise, is this the “hill” US foreign policy planners and the Executive Branch want to fight for?

      When President Bush stated the US would retaliate, with force, if Taiwan’s sovereignty was violated, he clarified over thirty years of intentional ambiguity regarding this matter. I can only hope our foregn policy was as clearly thought out.

      BTW, the Chinese response to that historic shift in US policy?

      “We have marked this place in time.”

      Let’s not forget Toffler’s premise that keeping up with change may be a human delimiter.

      • ieee says:

        The U.S. is no longer a moral country so we’ve got no business criticizing anyone. China owns us and this country will continue its decline to their level and below. Our governments are criminal regimes that are driving the moral decay. The federal and state “Sex Offender” laws are right in line with a bottom of the barrel, morally bankrupt, third world, P.O.S. country. Americans desire so badly to harm people that they don’t care. They are getting what they deserve.

        Not that anyone cares, but Human Rights Watch ( soundly criticized and denounced the “Sex Offender” laws in this country. This is no longer a moral country and Georgia has helped lead the way.

  3. Buzzfan says:

    Open Thread?…ok….

    Just a little over 48 hours and you guys and guyettes won’t have to hear about my HAIR anymore, ’cause it’ll be GONE!

    If you click here or on the way-too-close-to-late-60’s-avocado-green banner ad to the right you’ll see that I’m over $3K (WOOHOO!) but still trying to get to $5K for ST BALDRICK’S with 2 days to go! My team, TEAM SECTION 10, has reached $10K, and the event at The Harp Irish Pub is within spitting distance of $30K!!

    To those already in the tally, THANKS!! To those who’d been putting it off, THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! :>)

  4. slyram says:

    Ron, that hat has a little overseer vibe going so I am going to bring you a Montecristi hat the next time I am in Ecuador—six bucks in country. They get ticked if you call them Panama hats. During the construction of the Panama Canal, Ecuadorian workers worn those hats and Teddy Roosevelt put one on jumped on a bulldozer during a visit. When the picture got blasted around the world, we get the Panama hat that is actually from Manta, Ecuador. And let’s get one that touches your ears. If you want to make the seniors at church wax nostalgia, you should tip your hat to them—old school gentleman style and after L school rock that seersucker suit. (if you don’t have one already)

  5. Republican Lady says:

    My Navy step-dad was stationed at the Panama Canal during WWII. He wore some variation of that hat until the day he died. Great man with awesome naval stories.

  6. Game Fan says:

    Since this is an open thread I wanted to thank John Konop for giving me the directions to the last PP road show. (40 miles past 6 Flags behind the Dairy Queen) I had a great time. SpaceyG showed me the Ipod. And folks, I’m here ta tell ya, it ain’t pretty. And some of you need to take a shower too.

    • B Balz says:

      You had a great time behind a DQ in Paulding County? Sounds nefarious, MUST re-visit Paulding County soon.

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