Podcast with Rep. Paul Broun, GA-10

Continuing the 2010 Candidate Series, last night, I had the opportunity to speak with Rep. Paul Broun, who represents Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District and is a candidate for re-election.

Among the issues discussed was the latest on ObamaCare, stimulus spending and jobs and the long term fiscal health of the country. We also touched on his recent comments on about President Barack Obama’s citizenship status.

You can download the podcast here (over 26 minutes/24.3MB, right click, “Save File As” to download).

In the next podcast, I’ll be chatting with Liz Carter, a Republican candidate in Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District. That may be posted as soon as tomorrow.

If you have a candidate, no matter what party, that you would like for me to interview or questions that you would like for me to ask an upcoming guest, please drop me a line on Facebook or send an e-mail.


  1. Loren says:

    Right about the 20:26 mark:

    Broun: “That’s what I said when I was asked: I don’t know, nobody knows for sure, we’ve not seen any documentation one way or the other.”

    I wish there’d been a follow-up question to this. Because, similar to Nathan Deal’s weaseling, that implies either that Broun is totally ignorant of the online birth certificate, or that he’s saying it’s not authentic or reliable.

  2. Bucky Plyler says:

    Thanks, Jason .. I wish that every state in the union had a representative like Paul Broun !!

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