Mixed Signals

I’m being told from people in Georgia tonight that Ralph Reed is not running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District. But I’m being told by several conservative activist and pro-life leaders in Washington, D.C. that Ralph is most assuredly in the race.

If the D.C. gang is right, I find it fascinating that Ralph would reach out to them first.

In any event, I have obtained an advanced copy of the press release that will be sent out tomorrow and it seems the Georgia guys are right.

It is below the fold.

I called all of you here today to let you know that my time is incredibly important and yours is not. Much to the dismay of the millions of people who I truly believe worship the very ground I walk on, I will not be a candidate for Congress this cycle. Possibly in the future, after I make enough money to dig myself out of the hole I jumped into in 2006, I will run. A key to that would be Jack Abramoff dying in prison and also the sale of 600,000 more copies of Dark Horse.

I fasted and prayed for many nights on this issue. Now more than ever before we need bold conservatives to run for Congress, not sell outs who are just trying to milk the conservative movement in ways that would shock even Jesse Jackson. I know that I would have won this race without a runoff with the wind at my back of so many people of faith banding together and collectively drinking the Kool-Aid I served them in Faith and Freedom Coalition cups (that I charged them $1.50 for).

But my Faith and Freedom Coalition (send $25 RIGHT NOW) has exploded with support across the country. I simply cannot leave these God fearing, good conservatives without a leader at this critical time (forget paying for your prescriptions this month, send your $25 RIGHT NOW). I can do so much more as their voice through the Faith and Freedom Coalition than I ever could as a freshman Congressman, but only if they send their last remaining $25 right now to the Faith and Freedom Coalition, 16th hole of Sugarloaf Country Club, Duluth, GA 300-send me $25 right now-04. I am the Steve Jobs of faith based politics.

Thank you and God Bless You All, especially if you send your $25 right now, and follow me on Twitter.


  1. MouthoftheSouth says:

    I didn’t realize Erick did deadpan (the intro, not the press release itself).

    My connections to Reed are not very good, but it looks like the beginning of a campaign to me.

  2. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Job Posting:

    Faith and Freedom Coalition is now hiring a Southeast Regional Political Director. Candidate must have substantial campaign experience. Significant travel required. Must have a thorough understanding of “pass-throughs.”

    Faith and Freedom Coalition does not discriminate on the basis of race or religion. Convicted sex offenders welcome to apply.

    Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to:

    Robin Vanderwall
    Petersburg Federal Correction Complex
    Petersburg, Virginia
    [email protected]

  3. B Balz says:

    @Erick. Pardon me, but I am thread-jacking, what in my opinion is a waste of bandwidth. Yesterday, at the State House:

    SB 330 – which outlaws lifetime and annual benefit caps in insurance plans as well as insurance rescission passed unanimously in the Senate insurance committee. I ask the House to consider this Bill, free of institutional rancor. It is good for Georgia.

    As well:

    House Bill 1040 allows unlicensed caretakers the ability to perform certain health maintenance activities in the home, such as medicine administration, catheter care, and tube feeding that only a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse can currently undertake.

    HB 1040 directly addresses the cost curve of providing healthcare, while SB330 provides ALL of us some relief from bankruptcy upon a catastrophic diagnosis.

    This is sensible State legislation, without a Federal and unfunded mandate.

    Next, let’s see Rep. Hill’s Bill which will help fund the existing State high Risk Pool insurance plan from the Insurance Premium Tax. The High Risk Pool planned is similar to the Idaho Re-Insurance model. This is good stuff.

    Finally, Ralph Reed is a busted tool of the first order, and I find the rumor that Rep. Balfour has anything to do with him extremely disconcerting.

    • ByteMe says:

      Let me ask a question that seems obvious to me about SB330: if it passes, exactly how is this bill going to prevent my insurance company from raising their rates 20% next year to cover the additional risk they are incurring? In turn, how will that not lead to more people being uninsured because of cost or because the insurance companies will refuse to underwrite them?

      I’m good with rescission rules, but eliminating any caps on liability will automatically increase the risk to the insurance company, so they will charge more for that risk. They will also hesitate to take anyone with any pre-existing condition or anyone over a certain age who might have bad genes.

      Please explain.

      • B Balz says:

        Good points, Byte.

        With respect to the thread-jacking rule, where can we take this discussion? I would not want to deny Mr. Reed the thorough verbal ‘whupping’ he so richly earned and deserves.

        First, there is not any linkage between SB330 and increases in rates. If you pay more to get more, that’s OK. The way things are going, doing nothing is going to get you a 30% rate increase.

        We both know buying ‘extra insurance’ is usually pretty cheap. I would expect the same actuarial logic to prevail here.

        Though the elimination of caps raises SOME risk, I don’t that will lead to a 20% cost increase. Maybe 1%, or some smaller fraction of all claims will approach the cap.

        Every bit of legislation has blowback or unintended consequences. As well, the cost of ‘decisions in progress’ is high. What would be YOUR best idea?

        So far, the insurance companies, to my knowledge, don’t have access to genetic data. I hope they never do.

        Did I mention Ralph Reed did more to harm the GOP than almost anyone I can recall?

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