It Looks Like Reed Is In. UPDATE: No He’s Not

SpaceyG posted this tweet a short time ago. She and I have corresponded about it and I’m convinced her information is accurate and Reed will indeed run.

Seems @RalphReed told a certain Fox News reporter he WAS going to run for US House in Georgia’s 7th, a now-vacated seat.

I just received this via email from the Faith And Freedom Coalition:

“After much thought and prayer, I have decided not to be a
candidate for Congress in Georgia’s Seventh district in 2010. I
believe I can best advance conservative principles by continuing
to serve as CEO of Century Strategies, LLC, and founding chairman
of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Century’s voter contact
subsidiary and grassroots team will be involved in a number of
races in 2010. FFC is growing rapidly, with over 150,000 members
and supporters already, currently adding one new state chapter a
week and 1,000 new members a day.

In 2010 and 2012, FFC will register an estimated one million new
faith-based voters and make tens of millions of voter contacts in
what may be the largest conservative get-out-the-vote effort in
modern political history. These nationwide efforts offer a much
better prospect for changing the direction of the country than
winning a Congressional race myself. In the end, I concluded I
cannot run for Congress and carry out the plans I have for
Century Strategies and Faith and Freedom Coalition at the same
time. I had to make a choice. I believe electing 50 to 100 men
and women of character and conservative beliefs to Congress and
statewide office over the next two election cycles is a more
efficacious way to advance the conservative agenda than seeking
public office myself in 2010.

Should that door open in the future, perhaps I will arrive at a
different decision, but I know this is the right decision at this
time for me and the Reed family. Jo Anne and I have been deeply
moved and encouraged by the expressions of support we have
received from so many. We are proud to call Georgia our home and
we look forward to continuing to be involved in the civic life of
our state and the nation. God bless you as we work together for
an historic victory in 2010.”


  1. B Balz says:

    F A N T A S T I C ! ! ! ! !

    Georgia will continue to garner National spotlight for the most colorful Pol candidates.

    May I be the first to congratulate Mr. Reed for his outstanding contributions to the art and science of political comedy.

  2. Part-Time Atlanta says:

    Got to hand it to him. He was always good at generating press and buzz. He kept people guessing so he could promote FFC.

  3. old political pro says:

    Looks like Erick called it.

    anyone who has worked with ralph saw this coming. the guy is a pathetic joke.

  4. If Hollywood was creating a creepy looking Christian Conservative stereotype character to villify, as they often do, Ralph Reed comes right out of “central casting.”

  5. griftdrift says:

    Anyone watching “Big Love” this season? and that’s not off topic if you saw last week’s episode (Indian gaming, a trip to Scotland, etc)

  6. B Balz says:

    And yet, Mr. Reed claims 150K voters, a new Chapter in his org., amd 1,000 members a week.

    If Mr. Reed uses his formidable skills as a grass roots organizer for his cause, allied with other groups, that might be a very powerful voter bloc. If these statements are even close to truth, of course.

    luke, I am thinking the movie would be called, “The Anti Chr**t doesn’t Gamble with the Universe”

    • Dave Bearse says:

      My initial thought was to comment I would regret the circuc would have one less ring, but you captured my sentiment better.

  7. I Am Jacks Post says:

    “FFC is growing rapidly, with over 150,000 members
    and supporters already, currently adding one new state chapter a
    week and 1,000 new members a day.”

    1,000 new members a day. Riiiiight. To say that number is highly suspect is an understatement.

  8. slyram says:

    Grift: I have watched Big Love from season one and Bill was out of his mind running for the state House when he knew that the plural-marriage fact would rock his public service. Sissy Spacek’s character was running things just like ballers in Atlanta and D.C. The big guns of political consulting are more interested in candidates who can afford their services and who they can manipulate once in office than who is good for improving America.

    I do think Barb is feeling that young Native American guy and next season will see the three wives of Bill become one…Nicky. At the end of the day, vetting vetting vetting would have nipped Bill’s candidacy in the bud.

      • No, they are both right. The character was an evangelical Christian leader with a grass roots following named “Ron Reed.” He was threatening to mobilize his followers to protest a casino. Then, it was discovered that he was actually working with a powerful lobbyist behind the scenes, taking trips to Scotland with Congressmen, etc.

        Great show. Me and my wives watch it all the time.

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