MSNBC Says Reed Is In?

Contradicting what Roll Call reported, MSNBC says Reed will announce tomorrow.

Ralph Reed, once left for dead politically, is trying to stage a comeback.

Reed, the 49-year-old former executive director of the Christian coalition, saw his meteoric rise take an even harder fall in 2006 after the extent of his ties to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff were revealed. He saw sizable, early leads in the polls disintegrate in his bid for Georgia lieutenant governor, and he wound up losing in the GOP primary.

But in a changed environment, the first one favoring Republicans since 2006, Reed is plotting a bid for Congress. The Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody reports Reed will declare his candidacy tomorrow morning for retiring Georgia Congressman John Linder’s seat. (Linder announced his retirement on Feb. 27. The seventh congressional district is a solidly Republican one. McCain won it with 60% of the vote; Bush did so with 70%.)

However, the Christian Broadcasting Network’s article doesn’t say Reed is running but rather that Reed will make his decision known tomorrow.

The Brody File has learned that Ralph Reed will announce whether or not he is running for Congress at 11am Wednesday.

The former Executive Director of the Christian Coalition will make the announcement via twitter, Facebook and his websites (Faith and Freedom Coalition and Ralph Reed’s personal website)

No word on what he will decide but it sure is an enticing opportunity.

We’ll find out tomorrow who’s right and who’s wrong.


  1. Icarus says:

    Tomorrow is the day.

    What the announcement is remains to be seen.

    I’m hoping for the term “loosest slots” to be somewhere in the announcement, whatever it is.

    • Mozart says:

      Could Ralphie have done any worse? At least he has a college degree. Non-college degreed folks appear to have a problem in this state of not being able to demonstrate they can think on their own very well.

      • Three Jack says:

        “could ralphie have done any worse?” yes

        obama has a college degree. sonny has a college degree. ox has a college degree….not lending much credibility to college degrees.

      • Republican Lady says:

        Presidents without college degrees:

        • George Washington, served as 1st President of the United States from 1789 to 1797
        • Andrew Jackson, served as 7th President of the United States from 1829 to 1837
        • Martin Van Buren, served as 8th President of the United States from 1837 to 1841
        • William Henry Harrison, served as 9th President of the United States in 1941*
        • Zachary Taylor, served as 12th President of the United States from 1849 to 1850*
        • Millard Fillmore, served as 13th President of the United States from 1850 to 1853
        • Abraham Lincoln, served as 16th President of the United States from 1861 to 1865*
        • Andrew Johnson, served as 17th President of the United States from 1865 to 1869
        • Grover Cleveland, served as 24th President of the United States from 1893 to 1897
        • Harry S. Truman, served as 33rd President of the United States from 1945 to 1953

        Business leaders without college degrees:

        • Dennis Albaugh (Albaugh)
        • Paul Allen (Vulcan)
        • Richard Branson (Virgin Group)
        • Maverick Carter (LRMR Innovative Marketing & Branding)
        • John Paul DeJoria (John Paul Mitchell Systems)
        • Michael Dell (Dell Computers)
        • Felix Dennis (Alpha Media Group)
        • Barry Diller (InterActiveCorp)
        • Bill Gates (Microsoft)
        • Mukesh “Micky” Jagtiani (Landmark International)
        • Dean Kamen (Segway)
        • David Oreck (Oreck)
        • Amancio Ortega Gaona (Inditex Group)
        • Phillip Ruffin (Treasure Island)
        • Alfred Taubman (Taubman Centers)
        • Ty Warner (Ty, Inc.)

            • B Balz says:

              @Republican Lady

              Perhaps your point is correct. We should resolve the current budget worries as initially planned and stop funding public Higher Education in Georgia.

              Those pesky degrees are holtin’ us back.

              • Republican Lady says:

                That is not my point at all. I have four college degrees and still find myself very underemployed while trying to pay off huge educational loans.

                My point is the individual. Some people make awesome contributions with pure dedication and drive but no paper, and some with higher education waste their potential. The Ox comes to mind.

                Some people on this blog indicate that if one does not have “the paper,” then one should not try to advance oneself and I don’t believe that is the case.

                • B Balz says:

                  OK we agree on that.

                  I am not sure why I thought you might be laying in a case for a certain gubernatorial candidate….

        • HowardRoark says:

          If you are in any way trying to compare any of our state leaders to Bill Gates or Abe Lincoln…please stop. That’s embarassing.

  2. gsublh says:

    I hope he does, nothing like some extra competition to earn your vote…if he runs, whether he wins or loses the district will benefit with him in it.

  3. BuckheadConservative says:

    This will be fun. Graves v. Hawkins is already getting a bit tired, so this will be a welcome distraction.

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