Chambliss and Perdue to host Crist

Jim Gallloway brings us the latest:

Saxby Chambliss’s office just confirmed that the U.S. senator and Gov. Sonny Perdue will host a March 15 fund-raiser at the Georgian Club for Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

Crist is locked in a bitter Republican primary with former Florida house speaker Marco Rubio for a U.S. Senate nomination.

Our very own Erick Erickson has been pushing hard for Rubio over at Redstate. Rubio is the conservative in this race and needs to be the next Senator of Florida. A lame duck Governor doesn’t have too much to fear by backing who he wants, but will receive criticism none the less. Disappointment with Saxby caused him to have a runoff back in 2008. Chances are he will take some heat for helping Perdue throw this fundraiser for Crist.


  1. ummm-duh says:

    Another brilliant move by our incredibly in-touch-with-the-grassroots governor. To be expected, for sure.

    …But Chambliss? Is this an early signal that he won’t run for reelection? As if he hadn’t already drawn the ire of Georgia conservatives, this may just push him over the edge.

    • Part-Time Atlanta says:

      Must be. Surley he isn’t dumb enough to stick it to the grassroots again, especially after the last election.

      • SFrazier says:

        Charlie Crist is about as conservative as Karen Handel. So in makes perfect sense for Sonny to back someone cut from the same ” I am as conservative as the office I am running for” cloth….

      • Mozart says:

        First, Saxby IS “dumb.” So, once someone is known to be dumb, “dumb-enough” really isn’t much of a stretch.

  2. polisavvy says:

    Perhaps the Governor should focus more on the budget and less on Charlie. Just my opinion.

  3. Gary Cooper says:

    No surprise, Perdue and Crist have a close relationship, even though they disagree about the water issues and who to support on Saturdays in the fall.

    Chambliss I am disturbed about. You would think he would change course after the nail biting election he just went through, but no. He assists with a fundraiser for a man who has lost many of the GOP backing, especially the RSCC. Obviously it is an early sign that he is mailing it in come 2014.

    • rugby says:

      Thank you for beating me to the punch. Keep in mind though, Tyler is posting the endorsement this time. Maybe the two cancel each other out? Do the endorsement’s effectiveness decrease with a greater distance traveled?

  4. newby says:

    Can’t say that I am surprised that Saxby and Sonny would do this. I thought Saxby got the message sent by the voters in the last election. Maybe he didn’t!

  5. Bill Greene says:

    My understanding is that Saxby has said this is his last term. So, he and Sonny can do whatever they please, and to he__ with us lowly voters.

  6. reaganrev4 says:

    This makes so little sense on so many levels. Why, if you are Perdue or Chambliss, would you stick your neck out for a terrible governor running for re-elaction in a different state? Ol’ Saxby breaks my heart again

  7. I’ve known Saxby for a long time and quite frankly he’s absolutely tone deaf on some issues. There is a reason Rubio is leading in the polls and barring some nasty October surprise will beat Gov. Crist.

    I don’t know if Saxby needs to get better political advice or if he’s getting good advice and ignoring it. Either way he’s not endearing himself to conservatives. Rubio gets it; Crist does not; sadly Saxby does not.

  8. griftdrift says:

    Yeah, I think I might have something to say about this later. Maybe I can even get an answer to the question I’ve been asking Erick for months.

  9. Three Jack says:

    note georgia’s senator up for re-election is not participating. bet he would be hosting if not for campaign.

    nobody stepped up against saxby in the primary so we end up with one of the most ineffective senators ever.

    it is amazing that there is not one single republican with rubio like cajones willing to challenge an extremely vulnerable incumbent like isakson. just damn!

  10. rightofcenter says:

    Uh, 3 Jack, what’s keeping you from running if you think it is such a great idea? Rubio isn’t running against an incumbent senator, by the way. It’s an open seat. Big difference.

    Bill Greene, how does having a fundraiser for a sitting governor of another state mean “to he.. with us lowly voters.” First of all, we (i.e. Georgians) will not and do not vote in that race. Second of all, no one has voted in that race yet, so we don’t know what the “lowly voters” will say. I personally hope Rubio wins, but Saxby is certainly within his rights to support a candidate of his choice.

    Get your panties in a wad over something of relevance for a change.

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