Where Things Stand In Gwinnett Right Now.

Here’s a list of announced and rumored candidates for the various open positions in Gwinnett County. There are a number of other potential candidates who are thinking about running who I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list soon. If you know of others please say so in the comments.

7th Congressional District (being vacated by John Linder)
Representative Clay Cox(R) (website)
Doug Heckman(D) (considering it)
Tom Kirby (R) (website)
Rob Woodall (R) (announced)

Senate District 9 (being vacated by Don Balfour)
Representative David Casas(R) (announced)
Fmr. Gwinnett GOP Chairman Greg Howard(R) (announced)

State House District 98 (being vacated by Bobby Reese who will run in the 9th CD)
Josh Clark(R) (website)
Wayne Hill(R) (website)

Full disclosure: I’m managing the campaign of Josh Clark

State House District 102 (being vacated by Clay Cox)
Travis Bowden(R) (announced)
Linda Carsten(R) (announced)
Keith Royal (announced)

State House District 103 (being vacated by David Casas)
Steve Ramey(R) (announced)
Michael Sullivan (considering it according to emails I’ve received)

State House District 106 (being vacated by Melvin Everson who is running for Labor Commissioner)
Warren Auld(R) (website)
Steffini Bethea(D) (website)
Brett Harrell(R) (website)


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