Telephone books as Dodo Birds

Like the Sears and Roebuck big book, AT&T wants to stop distributing phone books. It’d only be in communities over 50,000 people and they could still be requested.

In the internet age, why not. The internet increasingly transcends socio-economic demographics and increasingly alternative phone book companies are popping up.


  1. polisavvy says:

    I think it’s a very good idea. We still get phone books delivered to our home. I throw them away. With the internet, who needs the dust collectors?

  2. Yep, our phone books go right into the recycling bin. I don’t even open the bag until I get to the recycling center to put the bag in the plastic container and the phone books in their container. I think at a very minimum they should at least be allowed to stop delivering phone books to people who don’t even have home phone service. Really though, AT&T should be able to operate it’s business as it sees fit. If people don’t like their service, they can choose from any number of wireless services or other options.

  3. ByteMe says:

    We stuff them under some of the furniture to keep the puppy from losing his tennis ball under there.

    Begone tree killer!

  4. Jeremy Jones says:

    With the conventional wisdom that they are useless, especially to those of us who frequent blogs, FB, and a host of other sites, you would be amazed how much of my business still comes from ol’ yellow.

    I agree, it is on the decline, but each quarter, I am amazed how much business still comes from the book.

    • ByteMe says:

      They aren’t talking about stopping the yellow pages; just the white pages. They make money off of yellow pages.

      • Republican Lady says:

        Some folks still don’t have computers or cell phones and need those books. My mom, a Depression baby and her friends could never get by because they just doesn’t want to learn new technology and freely admit they don’t want to change their ways.

  5. Hills says:

    The info of both are available with a cell phone. Perhaps both white and yellow phone books will soon be obsolete. They do make an excellent acoutrement for the out house.

      • Hills says:

        Yeah, we have it too. Used to be we ate inside and went outside. Now we do just the opposite. But with global warning and droughts galore we keep the out house fully equipped just in case.

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