American’s For Prosperity To Rally At Capitol

Received via email:

AFP GA Day at the Capitol – Tue, March 9th – 9:30AM

Don’t miss our annual AFP GA Day at the Capitol! Hear from some of GA’s fiscally conservative leaders and hear directly from them about bills they are sponsoring. Spend a day learning how to lobby effectively, pull bills, speak in committees. RSVP to [email protected] for this FREE event so we will know how many to prepare for lunch and other materials. Click HERE for more information.

No New Taxes Rally – Tue, March 9th – NOON – GA State Capitol

Teaming up with Americans For Tax Reform…. Finish up your AFPGA Day at the State Capitol or join us on your lunch break to declare “No New Taxes!” for GA in 2010 with special Guest Speaker Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform and board member of the National Rifle Association. Bring your No New Taxes posters – contest! Must be on topic to win. Free event on front steps of Capitol building. Why? With the budget still not balanced, a number of new taxes are on the table. We say cut wasteful spending first!