A bunch of Rubes

With all the changes triggered by the resignations of Linder and Deal, this seems appropriate for your daily open thread:


    • BuckheadConservative says:

      OK Go has a knack for making great music videos. Their one for “WTF” is amazing also:

  1. Icarus says:

    Dear Dr. Loftman,

    Instead of spamming and threadjacking other threads, please look for ones like the above that say “open thread” when you choose to post campaign statements rather than placing them in threads that are not related to your message.



  2. Jeremy Jones says:

    According to Erik on RedState, and I have no reason to doubt him, Graves, Reese, and Hawkins would all need to resign to run in the special election.

    Assuming that to be true, that means there will at least be two more special elections, with Hawkins and Graves already saying they will run in the special. Last I heard, Reese has not decided.

    My idea is beginning to make more and more sense.


    Jeremy Jones

  3. John Konop says:


    AJC-Ga. couple accused of trading sex with daughter for minivan payments

    Authorities in central Georgia have arrested a couple they say traded sex with their 14-year-old daughter for payments on their minivan.

    Dodge County sheriff’s Capt. Tony Winborn says the parents were arrested Monday and are in jail awaiting a bond hearing. They face child molestation and pandering charges.

    The Associated Press does not identify victims of sexual abuse and is not identifying the parents to protect the teen.

    Winborn says 66-year-old Robert Wayne Bearden, who managed a used car dealership, was arrested on charges of child molestation and possession of a firearm by a felon.

    Winborn says the couple made their daughter perform sex acts on Bearden in lieu of making payments on their minivan….


    • Republican Lady says:

      Sex offenders have a 95% reoffend rate. I bet with a little digging into everyone’s background connected with this case, will be more victims.

      Some lawmakers want permanent GPS leg monitoring systems, others want GPS computer chips inserted in the offenders. Some groups call these monitoring systems archaic and a Fourth Amendment violation.

      Until there is a 95% method of “curing” pedophiles, I am for microchipping sex offenders.

      What say you?

      • AubieTurtle says:

        The parents and car dealer in question are sickos. I don’t even know how on earth the conversation gets to the point where the parties involved agree to something so horrible. From what I hear, karma has a way of catching up with such people when they go to prison.

        As far as the re-offender rate goes, I’d take that with a grain of salt. Given the very wide definition used for sex offender in this state, it surprises me that the percentage isn’t 100. How many people engaging in consensual sexual activity are labeled sex offenders in Georgia? I bet most of them don’t want to give up sex forever just because some member of the legislature wanted to look tough on crime and had the law expanded to catch all manner of activities the state shouldn’t be sticking its nose into.

        • Republican Lady says:

          I should not have used the term sex offenders because you are correct in your description. I was talking about pedophiles and the terms are not interchangable. There are many socologists, psychologists, and psychiatrists placing pedophiles in the 95% reoffend rate. A problem with this percentage is how it is calculated.

          Two good in depth artices are:
          http://www.mayoclinicproceedings.com/content/82/4/457.full and http://www.csom.org/pubs/recidsexof.html.

          Both articles give the methodology by which the disease/crime is defined and how the numbers are calculated. The second site has grafts. Some studies include rapists in the pedophile category, some don’t.

          The FBI breaks down the classifications into rape, incest, statutory rape, and other sexual offenses so their statistics are difficult to read.


          Bottom line, it is a vicious crime and there does not seem to be a cure for pedophiles.

      • Jeremy Jones says:

        I say you are wrong.

        If the person is so dangerous as to necessitate a GPS monitoring device, then that person should not be free.

        What will the GPS tell you, where the rape is taking place? Who cares! Keep them in jail if they are so dangerous.

        • polisavvy says:

          I don’t know what the answer is to this; however, there are some grieving families in San Diego who might agree with you. Since it has been studied and reported that some are beyond rehabilitation, something needs to be done to be sure that they are not repeat offenders.

            • polisavvy says:

              Agreed! If they can’t be rehabilitated, then prison should be their future. They were saying that the dude in CA had actually been evaluated but the judge released him anyway. Of course, we are talking about CA, right?

      • Provocateur says:

        Wait….the term “sex offender” is not the right term here. “Sexual molestor” is the term that has the 95% recidivism rate.

        Pedophiles are molestors. Sex offenders are the incidences of very minor offenses that have been needlessly blown out of proportion by ignorant legislators like Jerry Keen.

        • polisavvy says:

          Well, what do you think should be done with these people? I can’t begin to figure out what to do in order to keep children and adults safe from them, especially the ones who are multiple repeat offenders.

  4. AubieTurtle says:

    Alright, open thread! What better topic for the political crowd than Southern food?

    About once a year I get a craving for fried chicken. The last couple of times I’ve tried satisfying this craving by going to a fast food restaurant and was very disappointed. Anyone got recommendations on where to get good fried chicken in Atlanta? My first thoughts were Mary Macs or The Colonnade. Anyone had the fried chicken at either place?

    • Icarus says:

      Both Mary Macs or The Colennade will suffice.

      I’m told Buckner’s in McDonough is the best, but have never made it there. But I trust the fat people who have told me this.

      I’m personally a fan of Butch’s in Jonesboro. or Carver’s in West Midtown.

      If you’re in a hurry, just hit Popeye’s. Spicey.

      Try them all, then hit the gym.

      • BuckheadConservative says:

        Mary Mac’s will more than suffice. It will thrill and delite. Don’t know about the others, but with Mary Mac’s I don’t see the point having other options.

        Dammit, I’m going today.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      Thanks for the input everyone. Since I can walk to Mary Macs, I’ll give the fried chicken there a try. I really must go to The Colonnade sometime. While it’s an institution, I have my doubts about it hanging around forever.

    • Indy,

      I’m saying this as a proud Republican: It’s not that we are are doing great, it’s that the Dems are in self-destruct mode. While we are doing somewhat better, I can only hope that we have learned a real lesson.

      We have got to return to our basic principles and actually follow them all of the time, even when it’s inconvenient. It will be up to the grassroot Republicans to hold elected officials feet to the fire.

        • AubieTurtle says:

          Why would they do that? All they have to do is say “the Democrats are worse” and they get reelected. Unless a third party comes along that isn’t filled with bickering children, the Republicans can get away with spending all they want.

      • IndyInjun says:

        It will be up to the grassroot Republicans to hold elected officials feet to the fire.

        The best way to do that is to throw the one’s who stabbed we conservatives in the back OUT!

        The next best way is to roast them at every turn on the campaign trail……that is what I do.

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          You need to be careful of who you replace people with. S0metimes the Devil you know is better than the Devil you don’t. I want the best government I can get. That doesn’t mean being a purest, throwing out people who aren’t perfect that I agree with 80% of the time and replacing them with people I agree with 20% of the time…..that’s what I DON’T do.

          • IndyInjun says:

            There seem to be at least 3 GOP candidates for governor who are not ethically challenged, so there are some who should meet your criteria.

            However, in the case of Isakson and unopposed “republican officials ” who abandoned party principles, I hear only silence from you. That is why Konop and I take such issue with you.

            Stick with your party’s principles and I don’t have a problem, hell I will work for you, but if you seek to reward liars just because of a party label and I won’t let you or they slide.

            • GOPGeorgia says:


              If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times. I believe in the primary process. I don’t think it’s appropriate for party chairmen at any level to decide who the nominee should be. See NY 23 for a possibility of that outcomes. I have faith in the voters.

              You are very big on spin. Please give us an example of who has lied, and prove it. Not voting along with the party platform is not a lie. Telling a lie is a lie.

              I think my process of keeping people in office that I agree with 80% of the time is more logical than your process of replacing them with people I agree with 20% of the time.

              • IndyInjun says:

                I believe that when one runs under the party label, then he is holding himself out as representing that set of principles and standards as the party has adopted.

                When he does the opposite I feel totally justified in calling him a LIAR.

                You don’t have this POV.

                I cannot change you.

                You sure as hell ain’t gonna change me.

                • “I believe that when one runs under the party label, then he is holding himself out as representing that set of principles and standards as the party has adopted.”

                  Agreed. There may be minor differences between a candidate and the party they represent, but they are just that… a representative. If they don’t represent the party well, perhaps they shouldn’t represent the party at all and run as an independent or another party that fits their views a little better.

                • GOPGeorgia says:

                  “You sure as hell ain’t gonna change me.”

                  I got you to admit that you don’t know everything there is to know concerning the ethics complaint. That’s a start.

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