Travis Bowden to run for State House District 102

With State Representative Clay Cox’s decision to run for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, Travis Bowden will run to succeed him.

Lilburn – Longtime Lilburn resident and political advisor Travis Bowden announced his candidacy to fill the vacancy in House District 102 in Lilburn upon Rep. Clay Cox’s departure from the Georgia Assembly.

“I hope to serve this community with the same pride and respect with which my friends in the area know I’ve had in the past”, said Bowden. “I’m looking forward to serving my friends and neighbors and working with them to help keep Gwinnett a great place to live.”

Bowden, has served Lilburn and Snellville on a full-time basis since 2007. In addition to his duties, he has worked closely with the Gwinnett delegation to the Georgia House, and with the communities surrounding Lilburn.

“The cities in House District 102 have been my home for many years now, and I plan to strive to bring them the unequaled and conservative representation that they are used to”, Bowden concluded.


    • ByteMe says:

      Not really. His quotes could use some clean-up (most people don’t use correct grammar when speaking anyway), but the text doesn’t have any obvious grammar issues.

      • polisavvy says:

        Some folk are just critical of any and every little thing they can find. He’s a wonderful young man.

  1. polisavvy says:

    Having known this bright, articulate young man longer than anyone who will probably post on PP, I can say that he would most definitely do a fantastic job representing House District 102. He would always put the people of the 102nd first and foremost. He’s a hard worker and has extremely good work ethics. A vote for him would be a vote worth casting. [And no, I’m not his mother].

  2. GOPFaithful says:

    Travis will be a great addition to the GA State house, we need more young leaders like himself to represent the needs of the citizens. He is honest and hard working guy that will represent the people of HD 102 well. Best of luck

  3. AnyoneElse2010 says:

    Travis Bowden would be a great asset to our general assembly. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him know that he is the real deal (Sorry Nathan Deal campaign). He will be a great representative for the people of the 102nd district.

  4. richie.rashad says:

    Don Balfour, Mark Marietta, Chuck Cox, a lot of heavyweights want this Congressional seat but you have to be a real jerk to win it!
    John Linder was such – he jerked my friend’s chain when he worked as a service station attendant and Linder was super rude!

  5. TravisBowden says:

    Sincere thanks to everyone for the kind words. It’s great to read the encouragement that you’ve given me, and I look forward to getting a chance to talk with all of you over the coming weeks.

    Macho, a site with all my biographical information should be up in the very near future. Until then, I’m a business and governmental affairs consultant, and my background is in auditing and insurance.

    • polisavvy says:

      Good luck, Travis! You would be fantastic for the 102nd. I’ll keep putting in a good word for you.

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