Lee Hawkins Is All In.

Received via email:

(Gainesville)—State Sen. Lee Hawkins is reminding North Georgia residents that they will vote at least twice to determine their next Congressional representative.

U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal announced that he plans to resign to focus on his gubernatorial campaign, prompting an early election to occur possibly as early as April. Voters will decide who will fill the remainder of Deal’s unexpired term through the special election.

After the special election is concluded, voters will return to the polls for the regularly scheduled primary election set for July 20. It is possible runoff elections may occur for both the special and primary contests.

Hawkins will appear as a Republican candidate on both special and primary election ballots.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to ramp up our campaign efforts and reach North Georgia voters even sooner,” Hawkins said. “We want every hard-working family to know that they have a genuine conservative Republican choice for their next Congressman. I am asking for voters’ support so that I can fight the Washington liberal elitists and bring our commonsense values to every issue.”


  1. provisional says:

    So is he saying that even if voters choose someone else in the special election, he will run again in the Primary, against the sitting Congressman.

    • GOPGrassroots says:

      It sounds to me like Lee just conceded the Special. Makes sense…

      1. Outraised by Graves.

      2. Outworked by Graves.

      3. Zero grassroots other than 6 Hall GOP active members who support any and all Hall County candidates cause that’s what they always do.

      4. Not the only Dr. in the race, one real Dr. from the district Loftysomeone and another real Dr. from Atlanta who has a larger check book and is equally set on buying this seat.

      Max Cleland’s buddy Lee Hawkins doesn’t seem to like his odds.

  2. Technocrat says:

    It only takes 2-3 months for a brand new Congressperson to become worthless and irredeemable.

  3. old political pro says:

    which is exactly what Tom said too.

    actually, assuming the special is held earlier than the primary, the winner of the special will be at a bit of a disadvantage since they will have to spend their week in DC instead of campaigning.

  4. provisional says:

    Old Pro, I must have missed it, where did Tom say the exact same thing. I know Hawkins seems to put out Press Releases after Graves’ that often mimic Graves’, but I don’t remember that being exactly what Tom’s press release said.

  5. provisional says:

    Also based on your comment…
    “actually, assuming the special is held earlier than the primary, the winner of the special will be at a bit of a disadvantage since they will have to spend their week in DC instead of campaigning.”
    Do you think one should hope to not be the voters choice in the special election so they don’t have to do that pesky task of going to Washington to serve the people who elected them, and instead should hope to lose the special so they can stay in the district to campaign full time for the Primary???

  6. The Governor has a specific timeline he must follow in calling for a special election to replace Deal. Given that qualifying for the July primary could very well take place around the time the special election occurs it makes perfect sense for Hawkins, Graves, and everybody else to say they’re running in both elections.

  7. Jeremy Jones says:

    The letter I sent to Hawkins (and all of the candidates)

    Fellow Candidates,

    It has been wonderful to meet and get to know each of you. I truly believe we have learned a lot from each other and I consider all of you new friends. Please understand, this letter is from the heart. There is nothing to back it up except my word.

    Last week we were all working our campaigns with the full intention of having a successful election in July. The actions of Congressman Deal appear to have thrown all of that out the window, or at least have sped it up a great deal. Each of us believes we are the best candidate to serve the people of the 9th district, or we would not be running.

    However, I ask that each of you consider the ramifications of the upcoming special election. I have decided to run in the special election as I know some of you will as well, and the others are most likely considering it. However, I know one of the reasons you would run in the special election is to be sure you are not faced with running against an “incumbent” in July. I have publicly made this promise, if I win the special election, I will not run for the seat in the upcoming primary/general election.

    I make this promise because I know how busy the campaign season will be in May, June, and July. I also know how busy the person holding the office will be. It will not be fair to the people of the 9th district to attempt to serve in what we all agree a most critical point in our government’s history, and devote the needed time to run an effective campaign to adequately present yourself to the citizens of the 9th district.

    It was my every intention to serve the people of the 9th district next year, and for the years to come. However, as I know most of us believe, this election is not about me, you, or any other candidate. It is about our country, Georgia, and the people of the 9th district.

    I ask you consider what I have said, and I humbly ask for your support to ensure a Democrat does not win this special election. If I win the special election, you can devote the time required to run the campaign that will illustrate to the people who you really are, and also allow the people of the district to be well represented for the next 9 months in Washington. It truly is a situation where the real winners are the citizens of 9th district.

    Thank you and God Bless,

    Jeremy Jones

  8. provisional says:

    So even if qualifying is forced to double, doesn’t mean candidates can’t take “promises” like the one you are offering Jeremy not to actively campaign for the primary. They can agree to respect the voters choice in the special.

    • Jeremy Jones says:

      If I win the special, I will completely withdraw my name from the July primary, not just abstain from campaigning. I am not making a “promise” it is a promise.

      • Kellie says:

        I don’t get the point of doing it then?

        I like the idea of everyone agreeing to respect the voters choice in the special election. (there is no way it will be a dem)

        • ChuckEaton says:

          Agreed, there will not be a Dem. We always seem to have this debate when there is a special election in GA. But, since GA has runoffs, it all but elminates the possiblity of a fringe candidate winning. The only scenario I can think of, as a pure intellectual exercise, would be a special election with say 20 Republicans and 2 Democrats.

        • Jeremy Jones says:

          The reason to do it is so the people of the 9th have a full time representative in DC, not someone there part of the time and part of the time campaigning.

          There is no chance at all of all, or even most, of the candidates agreeing to bow out after the results of the special.

  9. old political pro says:

    Special elections are a total waste of money. So the candidates should “respect the wishes” of 5-10% of the voters who turn out for a special and not offer themselves on a primary ballot that hypothetically is just a month or two away where substantially more voters will make their voice heard? that’s just stupid.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        I kind of doubt that. It would take massive tornados and more to keep the turnout to 10%. I am expecting a big turnout for the primary, but I don’t know about the special. I think that will depend on when it’s held.

  10. old political pro says:

    provisional, are you saying that if Tom loses the special he will ‘respect the voters’?

    walk down the hall and ask him real quick. make sure, since you just put your boss in a box, that you get this right.

  11. provisional says:

    “Old Pro” I do not work for Tom, just support him as I believe he is the most conservative in the race, and I could never vote for someone who agreed with Max Cleland’s philosophy so much that they were willing to donate their hard earned money to promote it.
    But you never answered my question where Tom said the exact same thing (could you point me out to where) . If not, I will ask him next time I see him at a GOP event, until then I can’t speak for him, but I like the option of all candidates agreeing to respect the voters choice in the special election.

  12. old political pro says:

    This whole “respect the special election” raises a very interesting question – why is Tom Graves afraid to face the voters in a primary?

  13. provisional says:

    I NEVER said, nor do I think he is!!I think the real question is becoming why does Lee Hawkins think he is going to lose the special, and needs an insurance plan reminding the voters that even if he loses the first time, they can vote for him again????

  14. old political pro says:

    Tom is a good guy, but it sure is hard to like all his trashtalking supporters. you guys make a good guy look bad.

    and clearly they haven’t thought this all through.

  15. provisional says:

    You have me beat there “Old Pro”, your reasoning as his supporter makes Lee look exactly like I think he is!!!

  16. provisional says:

    I am not sure, but he sure was chummy with Biden at the Stimulus announcement in Dawsonville. Maybe they worked together when Lee was a Lobbyist and supporting Cleland.

  17. GVilleMan says:

    I have always, since the very start of this race, believed Bill Stephens was the right candidate. I know the voters will see that as well, whether it be in the special election or later.

    Stephens For Congress

  18. old political pro says:

    Tom has nothing to fear from a special or the primary. neither does lee. they both have good shots at either one. They both should stay in regardless of the dates and fight it out.

    that’s not an attack on either one. But these graves staffers/supporters on here are just ridiculous! you guys have no clue how much you belittle the good guy you work for with your mindless attacks.

  19. AlanR says:

    The Graves people sound like the Reed people, before Abramoff. Maybe Graves is as good as it looks. He and Hawkins will probably be subject each other to a real beating on the issues, their votes, and their businesses. We’ll see how it plays out. The special election situation just increases the pace.

    I like Graves votes, I like his dustup with the speaker, and I think he is the more conservative, but I still don’t know what he does for a living. And to me that stillmatters.

  20. chefdavid says:

    I am still kind of wondering in this economy what I do for a living. I had ideas of grandor of becoming a lobbyist bit my blue jeans, boots, don’t equal a skirt. Right now a 17 year old can’t even find a job at a fast food place because of all the every day folks trying to just make it. I could list house bills and spankings Tom got for standing up for what is right, but at the end of the day how could we ask ourselves as blog philosophers in small government, how could we vote for someone who stood on the stage with the administration for a stimulas project?

    • AlanR says:

      Tell the 17 year to ask for work on the Tom Graves campaign.

      And good luck with your wardrobe issues. Sounds a little too Lou Reed to get into here.

    • racinwithrex says:

      Don’t worry, it’s the same 10 people who will follow Mullis off a cliff. I think they were even drinking the Kool-aid last night and hearing about how Mullis used to be for Evans but now is a Hawkins Man. So there goes 10 votes to Hawkins…lol..lol…lol..

  21. conservative to the core says:

    I’m hoping Eugene Moon will be in the special. I’d love to see someone not tied to the party. I’m done supporting rank and file candidates and would love to see Georgia send a message. And as far as the governor’s race goes, if Deal can’t stay in Washington long enough to represent us when we need it most, I don’t see any reason for him to come back to Georgia.

  22. Bert Loftman says:

    My name is Bert LoftmanForCongress.com. I am running because Congress does not need more party-line career politicians. Congress needs more independent thinkers like myself.
    I am running for Congress because I have the unique view that to achieve lower taxes and less government, we must first remove the anti savings policies of the Federal Government. The is because we are a nation of debtors rather than savers. Debtors are dependent and tend to rely on the government to care for them.

    In 1913, we left our American Heritage for a European taxing and banking system: the income tax and the Federal Reserve Bank. Both of these discourage saving. The income tax withholds money from our pay checks that we that we might otherwise save. The Fed creates inflation by legally counterfeiting money. This eats away at our savings.

    With this in mind, the solution seems clear. We need to replace the income tax with the FairTax. Then people will get all their pay and can save tax free. We need to control the Fed because it eats away at our savings. As Americans become savers, they will become independent, self reliant, and responsible. This is our American Heritage.

  23. New political Pro says:

    Old pro and others,
    I disagree with the statement that Lee and Tom have nothing to fear in either election. Lee, will take a large hit in the voter turnout in Hall County (which he desperately needs) because the Nathan Deal for Governor supporters won’t make the “Good Ole’ Boy” association at the voting precinct. Tom, doesn’t have the support in the counties that have the highest concentration of voters (Hall and Forsyth). One thing that neither one of them has is the name recognition in all of the counties in the district.

    The special election will only get at best a 15% turnout and that is spread across 6-8 candidates who are all focusing on their niches. That being said, I do think that they have something to fear and that’s a candidate who has the name recognition in all the counties, Bill Stephens.

    Bill has been on a ballot in all of the counties before and has represented more of the 9th district than Tom and Lee combined. When you take into account time spent in the legislature (8 years), leadership experience (Senate Majority Leader and Senate Republican Caucus Chairman), and relevant legislation created and passed there is no question who the next 9th Congressional District Representative should be. Bill Stephens.

    • Bert Loftman says:

      Perhaps Bill makes a good Georgia senator but the Georgia Senators can constitutionally legislate on health care, education, job programs, etc. The US Constitution forbids this. Will Bill be able to control his State Senator instincts at the national level?

    • GOPGrassroots says:

      Is Bill still in this race? Haven’t seen or heard from him in months.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think he has raised enough to even cover the qualifying fee.

      Bottom line – You don’t win elections, at any level, by sitting at home, sending out a weekly email, firing your staff who pushed you to work and refusing to work/fundraise. This is a seat in Congress, they don’t just give them out like lollipops at the bank.

  24. GVilleMan says:

    Bill is working hard to raise funds, this is an extremely difficult time for everyone in the fundraising department. I know Bill’s work ethic and I know he is a man dedicated to this race and to the people of the district. If I know Bill, he will keep pushing these last few months and show the people that he is more than ready to be their voice in Washington.

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