GA-7: Shafer Out

Ever since Congressman Linder announced his retirement, there has been speculation on who would run to fill his seat. Don Balfour has already announced that he will run for Linder’s seat. And there has been rumor that Ralph Reed and County Commissioner Mike Beaudreau would run, among others. But what about Senator David Shafer? He was one of the first names mentioned to fill the seat and was widely expected to have a solid base of support.

I’ve received his answer via email this morning, alluding to his young family:

 I will be doing everything in my power to help elect a strong, principled conservative to succeed John Linder in Congress.  But I have determined that my public service is best performed here in Georgia, on the state level, near the ones I love.

Shafer is popular among his constituents and I know that they support him. He made a difficult choice. Georgia keeps this State Senator.


  1. BuckheadConservative says:

    I trust Sen. Shafer made the best choice for himself and his family, but this kinda stinks. I was hoping he’d run.

    • edmund says:

      He knows that this isn’t the cycle to run in with serious tax problems… nasty stuff that comes up in a competitive campaign and sinks you for good.

  2. PaulRevere says:

    Doesn’t Melvin Everson live in this district? I think he’d be a very effective Congressman. He have much more of a positive impact there than in the Labor Dept. With Shafer out, he can win.

  3. TalmadgeGhost says:

    Best commercial for someone with absolutely no experience whatsoever… “Did you know David Schafer took a class on good government at the University of Georgia?”

    I will absolutely hand it to the guy – since that run against Lewis Massey for Secretary of State way back when, he’s come a long way and certainly doesn’t need any “filler” like the above to use in a 30 second radio add.

  4. Everson won’t run but I hear Clay Cox is leaning heavily toward running. I think Shafer saying no makes it more likely Cox and maybe some other State House member gets in.

  5. FamilyMan says:

    That is too bad about Shafer. I have long known that he aspires to do more for Georgia, and helping with the turn-over in that crazy DC would have been nice present to his constituents.

  6. Bill Greene says:

    Dang. Oh well, at least we can even more strongly support Shafer’s SOUND MONEY IN BANKING ACT (SB 416). Along with co-sponsors Rogers, Mullis, Williams, and Hill.

    Georgia has the highest bank failure rate in the nation. SB 416 could turn that around on a dime (pre-1965, of course). 🙂

  7. John Konop says:

    I heard Charlie Harper aka Icarus, is running and is being sponsored by Jack Daniels. The reason they are behind Charlie because they need our water to keep making the Tennessee pride spirit juice. And Charlie made a deal to end the water wars if we just give enough to make Jack Daniels. Remember you heard the rumor hear first!

    Vote for Charlie to Keep Jack Alive & End the War

    In case you never met Charlie this is a video of him.

  8. richie.rashad says:

    Mark Marietta – you heard the name here first! He is a big angry tea party contractor who is NOT a politician. I tried to warn you!

  9. GOPGeorgia says:


    I think that’s the sixth or seventh post I’ve seen you make regarding Mr. Marietta. Please create another screen name to post about him. It’s making me yawn.

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