Dealing with Fallout

How is Nathan Deal’s resignation playing in the press? Here’s John Fund in the Wall Street Journal:

Only three months ago Mr. Deal was highly critical of Ms. Handel for resigning her own state post, saying: “Nathan Deal has taken an oath to serve the people of Georgia and has a clear record of completing his terms.”

Here’s another explanation. By stepping down now, the nine-term incumbent effectively ends a House Ethics Committee probe of his business dealings involving a state contract in Georgia to salvage autos.


  1. BillinSuwanee says:

    Nathan is very forgetful. Nathan said yesterday;

    “I’m leaving Congress because I’ve had a front row seat to the damage that inexperience in the executive branch of the federal government has done to our nation a growing debt that will bankrupt our children’s future, an ever increasing grasp by government that snatches away our freedom, and an effort to bargain away the rights of our state for a few crumbs of federal tax dollars that are packaged as stimulus. “

    I’m being Nathanboarded. He voted YEA for;

    The Patriot Act snatching away our personal freedoms.

    No Child Left Behind ruining our children’s education and future.

    Medicare Prescription Drug Act bankrupting our future with a $16.1 trillion unfunded mandate.

    Homeland Security Act expanding Federal bureaucracy by >200,000 employees and a yearly budget over $58.0 billion.

    and he interferes in the states water issue as a Federal guv’mint politician bargaining away our states sovereignty.

    Nathan Deal gives me a “Raw” Deal headache.

  2. Junius says:

    An image jumps to mind from Titanic where a guy makes a last ditch jump from the stern of the sinking ship only to whack his head on the prop on the way down. Ouch.

          • B Balz says:

            For those content to pile on, don’t let me stop your fun. For the rest of us, let’s not forget the good work done by Rep. Deal. It’s easy to find fault, a lot tougher to be fair.

            To wit, seven Bills Rep. Deal co-sponsored by US Rep. Dr. Michael Burgess (R-Tx) providing sound, understandable heathcare solutions that don’t involve massive Federal intervention.

            • IndyInjun says:

              Fiscal conservatives see Deal as a disaster. The damage he has done simply overwhelms the good legislation. How you can claim to ascribe to a party that has called for fiscal responsibility and even balanced budgets, then vote for an agenda that nearly doubles the national debt in just 8 years and vote for debt limit increases to cover wild spending is the very essence of my problem with GOP incumbents in the US House and Senate. (except Broun, Westmoreland and Price who weren’t there for the wild spending orgy.)

  3. Fred Smulavich says:

    I miss those “Deal. Integrity.” pushcards. You’ve got to wonder how it felt to be in that meeting.

  4. Technocrat says:

    Shows what emails can do. According to some Deal thinks Handel’s people were responsible for getting the inquiry ball rolling in DC. I’m happy with that.

    • John Konop says:

      HUH? If anything the Dems would want Deal or OX to run against Barnes and then they would investigate and or release information in the general if they were behind it. Why would they help Karen? You guys will spin anything with no regard to any logic, facts…….

      • Technocrat says:

        ASK DEAL who he thinks did it? Who would Bart confide in after the first meeting and then later in Sonny’s private meeting room.
        Of course the offices and rooms could have secret recording devices or be bugged.
        OX is the last person the Dems want to run against Barnes, but they’ve run out of dirt early.

        It’s been 14 and 10 years since the last state car wreck.

    • newby says:

      I had not heard that Deal thinks Handel’s people were responsible for the inquiry in DC. Where did that come from and is there any truth to it?

  5. Technocrat says:

    Hopefully Governor Oxendine or Handel will find a job for Deal so he can retire [to the Compound] with a little dignity based on early service record.
    After all you must make up to the loser’s campaign workers if you expect their support in November.

  6. AubieTurtle says:

    If Deal becomes the Republican nominee, anyone want to give odds on the unreleased congressional investigation getting leaked?

      • Kellie says:

        It may happen before then; But you can count on the dems leaking it if he is the GOP candidate.

        • polisavvy says:

          Exactly! They would love to get the info now and sit on it until mid to late October, wouldn’t they? The best thing would be for it to “leak” before July so it takes away from the Dems being to effectively use it.

  7. Bert Loftman says:

    My name is Bert I am running because Congress does not need more party-line career politicians. Congress needs more independent thinkers like myself.
    I am running for Congress because I have the unique view that to achieve lower taxes and less government, we must first remove the anti savings policies of the Federal Government. The is because we are a nation of debtors rather than savers. Debtors are dependent and tend to rely on the government to care for them.

    In 1913, we left our American Heritage for a European taxing and banking system: the income tax and the Federal Reserve Bank. Both of these discourage saving. The income tax withholds money from our pay checks that we that we might otherwise save. The Fed creates inflation by legally counterfeiting money. This eats away at our savings.

    With this in mind, the solution seems clear. We need to replace the income tax with the FairTax. Then people will get all their pay and can save tax free. We need to control the Fed because it eats away at our savings. As Americans become savers, they will become independent, self reliant, and responsible. This is our American Heritage.
    Thanks, Bert

    • IndyInjun says:

      I was feeling warm and cozy, but suspected it would be there.


      The obligatory embrace of the Fair???Tax.

      My savings are net of multiple tiers of taxation already. The Fair???tax puts a 23/30% tax on them when I go to spend them. How is this savings-friendly?

      • ByteMe says:

        It’s definitely pro-savings, but anti-consumer. You know, the driver of nearly 70% of our economy.

        • IndyInjun says:

          Yes, it forces folks to save once enacted, which is just another way of saying that it reduces consumption as you duly noted.

          As to existing savings, it gobbles them up.

          • ByteMe says:

            The theory, of course, is that everyone will suddenly cut prices by the same amount. Except life rarely works that way, especially in a global economy.

              • ByteMe says:

                Yeah, I didn’t hear that part of their theory where everyone had to also give up 30% of their salary in order for prices to truly fall by the amount of the tax. Oops-y.

                • IndyInjun says:


                  I love it when guys like this stumble and fall into the dung heap they made for themselves.

                  Now, let’s elaborate on the “keep 100% of your paycheck” line that appears in The FairTax Book. It is certainly true that after the FairTax becomes law there will be no more withholding from your paycheck for any federal taxes. What you earn is what you get. This is not to say that your gross pay will equal what it was before the FairTax. This will depend on what your employer does when the embedded costs represented by the tax burden you have passed on to your employer disappear.

                  Boortz ensnared himself, but because of his radio megaphone Deal, Ox, and Bert find it mandatory to parrot this shell game.

                  As Deal now goes around the state, post-resignation, it will be interesting to see how he plays the FT up or down.

  8. BuckheadConservative says:

    The Dems might go ahead and release it. It’ll allow them a platform to paint all Republicans with the same brush before we even get out of the primary. Kinda like fishing with dynamite. Go ahead and blast ’em all, and sort ’em out at the top.

    • ByteMe says:

      It’s a small-time hustle by a small-time politician. It’s not worthy of rising to the level of “paint[ing] all Republicans with the same brush”, because Deal wasn’t anything close to “leadership”. It would have mattered to the 9th and to Deal’s chances in his pursuit of the governor’s mansion, but it’s not going to change the balance of power.

  9. GVilleMan says:

    North Georgians will make the smart decision when they elect Bill Stephens to the 9th district, and Eric Johnson for governor

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