Clay Cox To Run For CD 7

I have learned that tomorrow morning, 10:00 AM at Lilburn City Hall, State Rep. Clay Cox will announce he is running for the 7th Congressional District race.

Cox will become the second candidate to officially join the race joining State Senator Don Balfour.

Update by Chris: Travis Bowden has announced in Facebook he will run for Cox’s seat.


  1. The Mumford/Heard dilemma in Gwinnett. Stay and fight for your Democratic trending House seat or go for something else. Casas is part of that too, abandoning a sinking ship to run for another one that is starting to spring leaks.

    • Chris says:

      Good point, If you wanted to serve in a majority leftist political body, don’t travel all the way to DC. Just run for the Gwinnett County Commission.

  2. richie.rashad says:

    Ballfour and Cocks but don’t forget about Mark Marietta – a Snellville Contractor – he is a great debater and will make those two politicians weep. They can’t handle a Tea Party angry man.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      I don’t know Mark. He may be a swell guy. But I will say: Angry doesn’t win elections. Reference John McCain, Howard Dean, Barry Goldwater, etc etc

  3. Mike Hauncho says:

    The people don’t want an angry Tea Party man for a candidate. They want a fiscally conservative candidate to help take back this country. It’s one thing for activists to get angry but if that comes from the candidate it turns more people off than it does on.

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