New InsiderAdvantage poll

A new WSB-TV/Insider Advantage poll was released today.

An InsiderAdvantage telephone survey of registered voters in Georgia conducted Sunday evening shows Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine holding on to and slightly expanding his lead in the race for the GOP race for Governor. The other big news from the survey was an increase in support for former Secretary of State Karen Handel. A survey of 946 registered voters who stated that if the election to determine the GOP nomination for governor were held today, they would be likely to vote, yielded the following results:
Oxendine: 27%
Handel: 13%
Deal: 9%
Johnson: 7%
Other: 8%
Undecided/No Opinion: 36%
The GOP survey was weighted for age, race, and gender and has a margin of error of 3.1%

Ox currently holds the lead, but InsiderAdvantage makes light of Handel’s numbers:

The other big news from this survey is that Handel appears to be on the move, to the extent such can take place this early out.

What’s interesting about the poll is that Johnson is closing in on Deal. The gap is a mere 2% according to the poll. The gap could shrink with all that has occurred in just 24 hours. We’ll keep you posted on the goings on.


  1. ByteMe says:

    “Undecided” is still the clear favorite, which is surprising considering that it’s the only one of the bunch without a strong sock puppet contingent.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      Put me down as a Sock Puppet for “Undecided” “Unsure” “No Opinion” and “Other Candidate”

      They clearly make for a formidable ticket.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Handel isn’t perfect but she is a great candidate. She knows what she is doing and knows what she is talking about. It’s hard to ask for more.

    • BillinSuwanee says:

      @Doug. I disagree. Karen certainly seems to be quite a nice person, but as for knowing what she is doing … no way.

      At the UGA Debates in January she was specifically asked the question what her thoughts were on taxes and job creation. Her answer [para.] ‘I will form a Task Force to look into taxes.’ ‘I will form committees from my contacts at the Chamber of Commerce.’

      Marlene Dietrich once said; “A King, realizing his incompetence can either delegate or abdicate his duties.”

      Karen has not idea what to do with taxes and jobs when the answer is very simple. Slash taxes on persons and businesses. Slash government spending. In two years Georgia will be booming.

      • Doug Deal says:

        Instead of “paraphrasing” and placing her comments in quotes, how about siting a reference to a transcript or audio file so that we can read it ourselves instead of relying on your memory.

      • polisavvy says:

        There is still time especially since there is no one who is running away with the nomination just yet. As for the undecideds, well 36% is fairly insignificant, don’t you think? It’s not like it is 3% or 6% undecideds.

  3. Technocrat says:

    I’ll be estatic when the runoff is between the OX and Handel. What more could anyone ask.

      • AnyoneElse2010 says:

        That makes no sense. If the 7% other is Karen why not just vote for Karen. Not following your logic on this one.

  4. Rick Day says:

    Read between the Lines

    NOTA leads by a heffty margin.

    No wonder there is no NOTA option in elections.

    Looks like y’all got a bad barrel of apples, there…

  5. AnyoneElse2010 says:

    Seriously when the “other” is almost higher then the third place candidate they should list Austin Scott, Ray McBerry or Jeff Chapman.

    What if the 7% of the other is Austin Scott or any other candidate for that matter? Polls like this are useless if they are not able to tell the whole story.

      • janna says:

        Why would they be Handel?? Why wouldn’t those people jjust have said Handel?

        As far as I can tell she is spouting rhetoric with no back-up info. In my book, that isn’t working hard.

        • polisavvy says:

          Exactly and good point, janna? If the 7% other were Handel, then it could say Handel and her percentage point would be higher. People are really trying to stretch things, aren’t they? There is no logic to saying the 7% other is for Handel.

          • NorthGAGOP says:

            Other is not Handel. It could be Chapman, McBerry and Scott, or somebody else.

            The number of undecided at this point isn’t surprising. The vast majority of people are not paying any attention yet.

            • polisavvy says:

              Agreed, other is not Handel. Once people do start paying attention, there is really no telling who will rise, fall, or stay stagnant. It’s politics and we all know that anything can happen.

      • Republican Lady says:

        Hey, I gotta call it as I see it, even if you disagree. As we get closer to July, you will see what I mean. I have researched Karen and she is the one I have chosen to get behind and support, as I do here.

        • polisavvy says:

          And support her, you should; however, to say that the 7% (8%, my bad) is Handel’s as well doesn’t quite make a whole lot of sense. If the other were for Handel, she would have 21%. You cannot read into the “others” and assume that it is for her. The bigger number that everyone needs to be focusing on is the 36% undecided.

            • polisavvy says:

              It is certainly going to be an interesting four months, isn’t it? [NOTE to Lady: We get the girl on 3/14/2010 and I’ll post her pic then]. Absolutely precious!

  6. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    QUOTE from source
    Gov. Sonny Perdue fared better in the poll with an approval rating of 52 percent, with 38 percent of voters saying they disapproved of Perdue. END quote

    I think that right there says a lot. They only called Perdue’s family

    • Ramblinwreck says:

      I got a call but I’m not related to Sonny and I’m certainly not one of the 52%. 🙂

  7. chefdavid says:

    Dear Canidates for Governor,
    After the events of today I am officially undecided. I had early on endorsed who I felt was the best choice for Governor. Shame on me. After todays events with the health care being one of the most important votes in my voting lifetime I have decided to become undecided. Please impress me with real plans not just the usual rhetoric. You know what I mean. Please don’t tell me you are going to lower taxes, crime, and poverty; make schools and roads better; shrink government and make it more efficient without a specific plan.
    Let me know specifically how you are going to bring in jobs not just the popular every other word “jobs” in your sentances. Please allow me to vote on who has the best ideas and who is not the just the best good ole boy because there are no differences in your platforms.
    Thank You

    • AubieTurtle says:

      Since you’re not going to have a reason to go to the polls, how do you plan to spend your free time on election day?

  8. Lee Howell says:

    I’ve voted GOP for over 30 years now (all my adult life) but I’ll have to vote for the Libertarian or the Democrat if Ox is the candidate. Looks too shady.

    • janna says:

      If Ox is the R candidate I am going to write in my dog for Gov and my horse for Lt. Gov. Then we could really have a dog and pony show!

  9. ChiefofStaff65 says:

    If you all are going to blog and talk about not voting on the Republican ticket if Ox wins, why not get out there and work for a guy like Austin Scott or Eric Johnson to make sure this does not happen?

    Just a thought.

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      Barnes would eat Karen Handel for dinner, spit her out, and then eat her again. A popular attorney who has tried cases for numerous years vs. a candidate who gives the same exact speech at every ralley, meeting, and event because she is horrible thinking on her feet and having to give real answers to real questions. Barnes would literally embarrass her if they had a chance to square off one on one.

      • John Konop says:


        You may disagree with Karen on issues, but anyone who has ever dealt with Karen walks knowing she is very competent and smart. The negative about Karen is she is a strong leader who is not the warm fuzzy type. But in tough times we do not need Ken and or Barbie cheerleading type to lead Georgia in my opinion. And Austin is the only other take charge candidate I see on the GOP side.

        You could point out actually issues if you have them via policy, but your attack is flat out wrong!

        • AnyoneElse2010 says:

          Just saying every single time I have seen her she does the same exact speech to a T. Every question I have seen her answer seems canned and basically an answer that is scripted. Just one person’s take after seeing all the candidates.

          That being said if it was her versuses Ox I would vote for Handel, but she is about 6th on my list of people who I would vote for.

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      And at least Johnson or Scott would actually answer a question in a debate versuses Barnes. All you have to do is watch the Beacon debate. You actually want to vote for someone who is willing to tell you that they think that there is NOTHING that Sonny did wrong in his 8 years as governor of this State. That will fly well in a general election with many unemployed people whose electric rates, water rates, and gas rates continue to rise.

      • polisavvy says:

        You are absolutely correct on that one. Rather people want to hear what they are actually telling them is one thing; but, they will flat out answer the questions. They will give answers unlike others who want to reference their bios instead of answering the questions.

  10. Technocrat says:

    Any Republican living or dead can destroy Roy Barnes.

    Interesting Obama is testing the waters in Savannah, to see if he is allowed in Georgia.

  11. ChiefofStaff65 says:

    Handel: “I will be your Governor for 3 years until I will need to resign to focus on my candidacy for the open Senate Seat ,that I think the retiring Saxby Chambliss did a great job serving in and we thank him for his many year s of service.”


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