Graves Reaffirms Commitment To 9th District Race.

Received via email.

“As I announced ten months ago, my intentions have been to be North Georgia’s conservative voice in Congress. Nothing has changed. If anything, we are only more resolved to send a proven conservative to fill the large voids left in Washington.

“There are still many important issues facing our country. We need patient-centered, patient-driven health care reforms, not ObamaCare. We need a real JOBS Bill, not another government-funded stimulus bill. North Georgia’s conservative voice deserves to be heard.

“My campaign has been working hard for the last ten months. We’ve raised the most money. We are the only campaign that has a grassroots organization in all 15 counties of the district. It is exciting to see the momentum and energy that this campaign generates daily.

“Obviously, we don’t know the date of the special election yet, and we await the Governor’s decision. Regardless, the Graves campaign and the GA-9 Freedom Fighters are ready, whether we have an election soon rather than later.

“All of North Georgia should join Julie and me in thanking Nathan and Sandra for their many years of service in Washington on behalf of North Georgia.”


  1. Jeremy Jones says:

    I have decided it is more important for whoever wins the special election stay focused on Georgia, not another campaign. With all due respect to Rep. Graves, and all of the other candidates, especially those currently serving Atlanta, consider not running for the special election. If one of the current GA Legislators wins the special election, will that not create yet another special election?

    I have stated in my emails to supporters and the press, and will make it public here, if I win the special election, I will NOT seek to run for the seat in July/November.

    With major battles brewing in DC, coupled with the fact the Democrats will try to get anything possible passed before they lose their majority next year, we need someone dedicated to serving, not someone who be required to constantly campaign in what will be an extremely time consuming campaign in May/June and July.

  2. provisional says:

    I am sure Hawkins will reaffirm his commitment tomorrow, he seems to do, support, say or copy whatever Graves puts out!!!

    • Jeremy Jones says:

      Do you think such a short time period between taking the seat and the July primary is really an advantage? If it were a year or so, I agree, being in the office would be advantageous. However, with as much time as is going to be required to be in DC during May, June, and July, I would think a candidate running in July might have an advantage to be in the district full time rather than part time?

      • Jeremy,

        I don’t think (most) people will want to weigh their options twice. My gut feeling is that the winner of the special election is the one to beat in July and November.

        • Jeremy Jones says:

          I agree 100% for November, but in this district, November is as close to a moot point as politically possible.

          However, I bet well over half of the people in July will still think Nathan Deal is their Congressman!

          But, not being a political expert, I certainly defer to the opinions of those that follow such things over the years. Thanks for the answer.

  3. GVilleMan says:

    Bill Stephens is the one to vote for in this race, he is more than qualified and will do a fine job as our next congressman

    Stephens For Congress

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