More 7th District Rumors.

I’ve been out of pocket all day and just now getting caught up with the avalanche of phone calls and emails about the John Linder retirement. I was thinking earlier today that for the past several election cycles, rumors of an impending retirement floated around but this year was different. I think the convential wisdom this year was that Linder would run again but if the GOP was unable to retake the Congress this November Linder would retire in 2012. Lo and behold we were wrong.

A few rumors I’ve heard…

1) Senate Rules Chairman Don Balfour will run and the announcement could take place as early as tomorrow.
2) An effort to draft Sheriff Butch Conway is underway.
3) Rep. David Casas will seek Balfour’s seat with the endorsement of Sen. Tommie Williams and Sen. Chip Rogers.

I predict this race will get as crowded as the 9th. Don’t forget that Barrow, Walton, and part of Forsyth are in the 7th. Don’t be surprised if people from those counties jump in as well.


    • B Balz says:

      Awwwww, c’mon now, Bill.

      It would be great for Waffle House, and as we all know, what’s good for Waffle House is good for America.

      • HowardRoark says:

        Balfour would fit in fine up there. Politicians in D.C. are great at giving me indigestion. As is Waffle House.

  1. Silent Outrage says:

    Ditto: Please God not Balfour. That’s the last thing GA needs in Congress…

    I pretty much think Shafer is the only choice out of the Legislators…

    If he doesn’t do it – it’s time to find a fresh face.

    Gwinnett County Commissioner Mike Beaudreau would be awesome in Congress. He’s a real conservative, has stood up to the corruption in Gwinnett County, and will be a leader in Congress and not just someone there to get weathy off of public service (Balfour, Cox, Coan, etc…)

  2. debbie0040 says:

    I hear that Elvis has been secretly living in Gwinnett County all those years we thought he was dead. He is coming out of hiding to run for L inder’s seat… 🙂

  3. JSBarrington says:

    Saw Chuck Efstration and Tom Rice’s names in the paper this morning as possible candidates.

    Haha and yes, I very much encourage Mike Beaudreau to run for Congress. I may even make a donation to encourage that. LMAO.

  4. CMOB says:

    “We’re becoming a socialist society when we say that you shouldn’t raise tuition at all,” Balfour said, adding that his son attends college in Georgia and that tuition “is embarrassingly cheap.”

    Balfour should get a lot of mileage from this for Congress. I can see all the parents of college students voting for him.

  5. Jeremy Jones says:

    I mentioned it earlier, and I assume everyone thinks I was kidding, but I do pose a serious question:

    Why are there no mentions of Bobby Reese? He is already running for Congress, he lives in the 7th. Two pretty big reasons to at least warrant a mention of him running in the 7th? Is my ignorance of Georgia politics blinding me from an obvious answer to this question?

  6. simplesimon says:

    Linder is a strong fiscal conservative. Not sur where Balfour or Shafer fit in there. What about Reps. Clay Cox or Jeff May? May be a hard sell for House members, but they are both in the 7th.

  7. richie.rashad says:

    Mark Marietta out of Snellville is thinking about jumping into the GOP race to replace Linder. Mark is a big guy who is a populist Republican – a candidate that bring the Tea Party activists back into the fold. His email is [email protected] – i think he would be tough to beat.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    I never even heard of Mark Marietta . From the names that keep popping up, there are several good conservatives entering the race that would garner tea party support.

    I can tell you that tea party support will be evenly split just like it is in the governor’s race. No one candidate will get the lion’s share. Tea party activists come from all walks of life and are not led into voting for candidates. They will support candidates that are strong fiscal conservatives, that believe in limited government and free markets. From what I can tell so far, there will be a few candidates that fit that bill.

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