Breaking News: Linder to Retire

U.S. Congressman John Linder announced that he will be retiring this morning at the grand opening of the Gwinnett GOP Headquarters. More details to follow. Expect this race to potentially get as fun as the GA-9 with so many people vying for this safe Republican seat.

Let the speculation of who will be a candidate begin.


  1. Chris says:

    Glad I’m getting the hell out of Gwinnett. The GOP still hasn’t recovered from the Barr/Linder primary battle of 2002.

  2. Icarus says:

    1) David Shafer announced his 15,000th facebook supporter this morning. That’s a lot of people for a guy running for re-election in Gwinnett/North Fulton.

    2) Clay Cox has long had an eye on this seat when it became available.

    3) Don Balfour? Why not?

    4) Donna Sheldon – Been working her way up, needs to decide if she’s moving into the inner circle of house leadership or wants a bigger stage

    5) Mike Beaudreau

    6) Dr. Chris Cates – he’s already been in the 10th and the 9th, and the 7th is actually closer to his home.

    7) Bill Greene – ran for the 10th, and for a post in Braselton. Don’t ever underestimate him getting into any race that will give him the opportunity to talk about “sound money”, and to continue to build a direct mail list.

    8) John Oxendine – I think the weirdness of the Governor’s race hasn’t reached it’s full potential yet, and Ox may see this race as an escape valve. I seriously doubt he would make the jump, but I have no idea how this dude makes his bad decisions, so this could just be another one.

    9) Chris Farris – what better way to put Congress’ heads on pikes than to do it from inside the chamber.

    10) Erick Erickson – he needs to do something big to move him above the 60’s as most influential conservatives.

    • Red Phillips says:

      Why do you put “sound money” in scare quotes? Is there any dispute that gold backed money is sound and fiat money isn’t? And since when has the conservative position ever been anything other than sound money?

        • Red Phillips says:

          I ask again, is there any dispute that gold backed money is sound and fiat money isn’t?

          And since when has the conservative position ever been anything other than sound money? As I recall, about a century ago, it was considered reckless to advocate for the free coinage of silver. So am I to believe that 100 years ago Icarus would have been complaining about a “cross of gold?” Somehow I doubt it.

          • ByteMe says:

            Yes, there is strong dispute that gold-backed money is “sound” while fiat money is just as sound.

            • Red Phillips says:

              Define sound please. Fiat money is not sound in that it keeps it value. It invariably loses value because governments invariably inflate it. It remains the medium of exchange because the government declares it so and prohibits competition, hence the name fiat.

              • ByteMe says:

                Sound means people have confidence in it. If you don’t have enough gold — and there’s not enough available gold for all the currency we use in our economy — then people will not have any faith in your currency, since it could never pay off.

                And if you don’t have enough gold, you can’t have enough currency. And anything that’s in short supply suddenly has an inflated price. Which means deflation for the economy when it needs to grow beyond the currently available sources of gold. Good job tying the economy to a scavenger hunt for shiny things.

                • Red Phillips says:

                  I have never suggested that I know how to get there from here, and the supply of gold is a problem. (The fact that the money supply has outstripped the supply of gold illustrates the problem as well.) I am not an economist, and it is going to take better economic minds than mine to figure out how to get us out of this mess. But what I do know a little something about is conservatism. The philosophy of it. The history of it. Etc. And what I can say for certain is that “sound money” is the unimpeachable historic conservative position. I don’t think this is even a debatable claim.

                  • Icarus says:

                    “I have never suggested that I know how to get there from here, and the supply of gold is a problem. ”

                    And therein lies your problem. And I’m not being facicious about that.

                    While it’s great to have a long term plan, I’ll take the risk of quoting your hero Keynes here: “In the long run, we are all dead”.

                    People don’t get to live in the long run. Politicians don’t get elected in the long run. Life is a series of short run decisions. Unless you can link these decisions and get the leaders and the general public behind them to move to your goal, you will never, ever get there.

                    Most on here who advocate the gold standard or similar plans always say “there has to be a transition period” but will never define what those steps are.

                    But for a general public that wants the national guard called out when gas lines reach 10 minutes, I think you better have a plan to get the populous thru your transition period if you don’t want total soical chaos when you create a logorythmic deflation trying to get the economy back to where it was 100 years ago.

                    • Red Phillips says:

                      Fiat debt based money is a house of cards that will one day come crashing down. It is an unsustainable Ponzi scheme. So won’t its advocates have to answer for the “total social chaos” that ensues when the current system implodes?

                  • ByteMe says:

                    I am not an economist

                    Icarus identifies one of your problems. This is the other. You are trying to propose a massive economic change without truly understanding the economics behind it. That’s like being a “Fair Tax” proponent without having even the vaguest clue how it will affect the macro economy by putting a strong disincentive on the drivers of our economy (i.e., purchasing products and services). Don’t do it unless you want people who are smarter than you to make fun of you.

                    • IndyInjun says:

                      Given that only something like 15 economists out of tens of thousands predicted the financial collapse, being an economist would seem to be positive.

                      Economists are nearly totally devoid of common sense. That is why we are on the precipice of economic calamity.

                      As far as fiat versus metals, even Friedman said that money supply growth should be firmly constrained to 2% a year.

                      Also, don’t ridicule Red too much for not having ‘a plan’ given Princeton’s Bernanke not having a plan for his infamous Helicopter drop and also being caught dead wrong on more than one occasion.

          • Mozart says:

            Your fiat money is worthless, Red Phillips. Send it all to me and I’ll get rid of it for you.

          • Icarus says:

            I understand Red. 100 years ago, when you were holding all those worthless confederate notes, you promised never to get stuck like that again.

            I’m really not interested in returning to the economy of 100 years ago.

            • Red Phillips says:

              So now Icarus, instead of being an oh so reasonable moderate centrist, is now a raging populist crusading against a “cross of gold?” Interesting.

            • IndyInjun says:

              I’m really not interested in returning to the economy of 100 years ago.

              How’s this competitive currency devaluation working out for the USA?

              Too big to Fail?

              Doubling the money supply?

              Doubling the debt?

              Red proposes a return to sanity, no matter what the century.

              The USA had two previous bouts with economic and financial insanity. In each instance a giant of a POTUS arose to set things right – Jackson and T. Roosevelt.

              Jackson’s farewell address reads like prophesy.

      • IndyInjun says:

        Where I have to join Ick in ridicule is the gold standard.

        Sound money would have to be a basket of physical assets because there isn’t enough gold or even gold and silver to back $US ‘money’

        This race may see a candidate make sound money an issue.

        The world of fiat money looks as it is – out of control and without limit. When is shakes out the US and the rest of the world will be forced into currency backed by real assets.

  3. IndyInjun says:

    Aha, ANOTHER cretin in the US House of Representatives sees the damage that has been wrought on America by his policies and does not want to be in Congress when things utterly fall apart.

    If you really like your congressman or senator, implore them to do the same. Retiring ‘might’ preserve a good reputation, but staying will be simply brutal.

    As for me, the saving grace in the others being shoo-ins is that they will be there when it all falls apart and they very clearly made every key vote in the wrong direction on things financial.

    Those who stay will reap what they have sown. They created their very own Frankenstein.

    What was particularly lousy about Linder was writing the Fair???Tax book then authoring the Fair???Tax Bill that legislates the exact opposite.

    We need no more of his kind.

    Kingston and Gingrey need to go too.

    • GOPGeorgia says:


      How many stops does the “doom train” have? It would be refreshing to hear you post something upbeat and positive every once in a while.

      • IndyInjun says:

        Those things are “off topic” in this instance.

        There are all kinds of exciting breakthroughs in Energy, transportation, miniaturization.

        Unfortunately this is a Georgia political blog and this state has been ill-served by fakes and sell-outs. The story has not been told, even by me.

        The good news is that the legislature is tough on spending and has not raised taxes …..yet. The good news is that the water emergency that would have caused Atlanta to be evacuated is over.

        The really good news is that folks on PP and all over the state are waking up to what has to be done in these trying times.

        BTW, for some reason, I have agreed with nearly all of your postings lately. You don’t seem to like insincerity any more than I do.


        • GOPGeorgia says:

          I’d be happy if you said “This is a chance for the voters of Georgia to send someone new to congress who will follow the constitution, and give bold leadership that we need to help lead our country into peace and prosperity.”

          There’s no need to run down Linder, or call for the heads of others on a pike. I’d just appreciate it if you think about what the glass would look like if it were half full instead of talking about how muddy the water is.

          I’m not saying you are wrong on any of your issues or if you are right. I appreciate that you are sincere in your beliefs, but DUDE, you’re being a downer and it’s bringing me down….lol.

          • IndyInjun says:

            Well Linder is a pretty good case of what has gone wrong. Here you have a guy who wrote a book about a bill he also wrote and there are stunning differences between the two. (I won’t repost them, PP is hard to find old posting on.)

            That is why politicians are despised and that is why we are in such trouble.

    • IndyInjun says:

      Anybody who knows just how dire the financial situation is, KNOWS why all of the retirements are happening.

      They are afraid tar, feather, and even nooses are going to break out when it collapses.

      I really don’t think the average congressman was smart enough to know the import of the legislation being fed to them by people who turned out to be financial fraudsters, but they now suspect they were mislead and the trail of the destruction leads back to their actions in Congress.

      • polisavvy says:

        I agree with you Indy about the reasons you gave, totally. I was meaning is there health issues. I liked your “tar, feather, and even nooses” comments. I think we will all agree that there are many, from both sides of the aisle, that we think the gallows would be appropriate.

  4. GeorgiaConservative says:


    I’ve spoken to him many times about his political future and he has expressed interest in this seat.

    Should David run, I’d support him 110%!

  5. Chris says:

    My money is on David Shafer if he runs. However, he has a young daughter and I fully understand if he decided he wasn’t want to spend that much time out of state.

    Mike would be a good choice. He and I don’t always agree, but he’s a stand-up-guy.

    For a long shot, I’d throw out Jason Thompson. It would be nice to have the spouse of a Tea-Party leader up there.

    Of the less desirable choices, there is Morseburger, and Bannister (another one who might do better under the Murtha/Rangel ethics rules).

  6. Linder has been talking for a while about the farm he and his wife have bought in Mississippi near the grand kids. Linder’s not retiring, he’s just changing jobs to full time grandfather.

    • IndyInjun says:

      Good for him.

      A farm in Mississippi has to be better for mind and soul than being from Gwinnett and working in DC.

      We need him for a while to make sure that his Fair???Tax doesn’t morph into a VAT on top of the income tax. (My prediction is that it will.)

        • IndyInjun says:

          I thought one of the major tenets of the bill was abolition of the IRS.

          Ah, yes, it would do away with the “Internal Revenue Service” and REPLACE it with state revenue agencies, who would promptly rehire all of the “Internal Revenue Service” agent.

          That is the CHANGE Linder would have had you believe in.

        • IndyInjun says:

          Yours and every other family needs the likes of you in the U.S. House.

          We stand on the precipice.

          Strong hands are needed to pick up the pieces.

          Hands who wielded the sledgehammers need to be put in cuffs.

            • IndyInjun says:

              I am pretty sure that the day is onrushing in which anyone with the ability to raise $millions will be rejected outright.

              The pain on the people is going to be excruciating and refocus their vision from Tiger and American Idol to the people who destroyed America.

              This is why Johnny, who I sincerely and honestly say is the nicest man I ever met in politics, needs to join Linder. Despite my profound differences with him on his record, most of that record will probably not come to light if he steps down.

              The votes of the GA GOP delegation during the Bush years were horrendously damaging to every Georgian and if they stay around somebody is going to expose what they did, how they did it, and who bought them off or tricked them into financially destroying this country with their votes.

                • IndyInjun says:

                  hmmmm, indeed.

                  Some of this stuff is so clear that the average Georgia voter will actually get it.

                  They won’t understand how their congressman could have been so crooked or stupid.

                  People are off-the-charts mad now. If they ever realize the truth……..woooooooeeeeeeee!!!!

    • Back in Black says:

      wow Bill. if you call him Charlicarus again, I think it’d be official that he got under your skin.

      don’t be so transparent. keep the stiff upper lip.

      • Bill Greene says:

        Calling him Charlicarus means he got under my skin? Um, no… I just have trouble calling someone whose name I know by his Avatar, ’cause it just seems goofy. Which is why I switched to using my name some time ago; it’s not like everyone didn’t know who I was, so what’s the point?

        But Charlie likes his Avatar, even though it’s not blue. So I’ll give him a little of what he wants, though not enough to keep from getting under his skin. I guess.

  7. brian.holcombe says:

    What about this Snellville man – Mark Marietta? I heard that he is pretty solid and can’t be ignored?

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