Mullis wants to mask fee increases

Someone passed this along to me earlier today. Apparently, during a Joint Appropriations Economic Development Committee meeting, Sen. Jeff Mullis (R?-Porkville) was floating ideas on how to mask fee increases:

Sen. Mullis asked for one department to look at other states to increase fees so we are like them. We no were that goes. This year we raise them next year TN & AL raises them and it is an endless cycle. He also said not to call it fee increases but fee modernization. Whats that ole saying a pig is a pig no matter what you call it.

Is there any denying that this guy is just another Republican obsessed with government?


    • chefdavid says:

      Know worries I wasn’t their. I usally don’t break out the blue book while crafting my thoughts quickly. Actually, I thought the proper citation form would be, really [sic]. That is of no consequence as the fact remains that not only do our current local leaders look for knew, woops new sources or revenue by calling it fees just as our state leaders are starting to do. It is still a tax. Don’t beat your chest and say you didn’t raise taxes when everywhere you look there is a new fee. Don’t ask if Hollywood needs a tax exemption while trying to raise, I mean modernize fees on everything else in the name of jobs. After hearing the commisioner talk about not having a emergency fund for storms, I can here I mean hear the war cry now. Pass the new one penny tax to make our roads better and so we can have a contingency emergency fund.

  1. old political pro says:

    Ben Brandon, give it up dude. Tax increasing, expanding the size of Dade County government, hypocrite who can’t spell.

    Tom Crawford made it clear in his coverage what the truth is about this situation. Read the truth there.

  2. Chris says:

    Clearly this tells us that Jeff Mullis wants Hawkins to win so he can go to Congress and be the next Nathan Deal/Newt Gingrich/Ted Stevens/Jack Murtha and screw the american people for his political and personal benefit.

  3. Junius says:

    In addition to revealing Pye’s anonymous source’s limited grasp of the English language, this post reenforces the fact that Pye, a good Libertarian, feels that any Republican who does not fully embrace the Libertarian vision of an ungoverned America is, in fact, not a Republican. In fact, Mullis is not a Libertarian, he, unlike Pye, is a Republican. There is, and has always been, a difference. One distinction is that Republicans win elections and actually govern (which involves budgeting income and expenses) while the greatest strength of the Libertarian party is their ability to litter government owned (!) rights of way with large numbers of campaign yard signs.

  4. Jawgadude says:

    Mullis was a huge supporter of John McCain in the GOP presidential primary and we all know that McCain is a progressive with a little “p”

  5. GOPGeorgia says:

    Let me make sure I understand this. The state is going have to cut how much to balance the budget this year?

    Sen. Mullis asks a question, not introduces a bill, but asks a question, and he labeled “just another Republican obsessed with government?”

    I’d say he’s concerned with government. That’s his job. He had better be paying attention. Is he suggesting that we grow the size of our government with a new program? Not according to what I read in this post and on the link.

    I am not normally for tax breaks for specific industries. However, movies made in Georgia bring in revenue that we would not get otherwise. If Georgia is competing with Florida to get income from an industry that’s starting to show more interest in Georgia, do you really want that industry to go elsewhere? It’s not only extra tax dollars that we wouldn’t get, but it creates new jobs and helps sustain existing jobs

    I know who the author of the original post was, and it wasn’t Ben Brandon. He does live in Dade county, but I will leave it up to him if he wants to identify himself.

    If detractors want to trot out bill after bill that Senator Mullis sponsored and passed that raised our taxes and grew the size of government, then we can have a debate about what a big spender he his. In the mean time, I think the spin masters should be tired from what they tried to do with this one.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        I talked with my Senator about that this morning at a Catoosa GOP meeting. The question asked was “Can we see what the other states around us are charging?” It was expressed that we would still be lower than the surrounding states. The topic was in regard to fees such as a mobile home inspection fee. The current fees that are charged do not cover all the costs associated with the service. The tax payers currently have to make up the difference in costs to pay someone to inspect the mobile homes. If fees were raised on that service, it would impact the sellers and the buyers of mobile homes and that would be less money required from the rest of the taxpayers to subsidize that service. I shouldn’t have to pay for mobile home inspections, but right now, we all do.

        To repeat, I am hearing a lot of yelping over a question being asked. Right now, it’s not even legislation penned, let alone sponsored. I hope those fees are increased so my tax money won’t have to pay for services I (and most other people) don‘t use or get benefit from.

        Next question?

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            I am for fairness and smart spending of my tax dollars.

            Do you think it’s fair for us to (help) pay the salaries of those inspectors on mobile homes? I would rather see those who gain a benefit from those services pay it.

            That’s a fairly common philosophy among conservatives.

            If your idea is from each acceding to their ability and to each according to their needs, that’s not libertarianism, that’s communism. How would you suggest we pay for mobile homes inspections?

            • Jason Pye says:

              You are for increasing fees that jack up the cost of doing business.

              How would you suggest we pay for mobile homes inspections?

              Privatization. You act like government is the only entity that can do it.

              • GOPGeorgia says:

                Ok walk me through this. If a person wants to buy a moblie home and it needs to be inspected (becuase there are laws on the books that say it must be so)…. who will pay for it? It’s not a question of who does it, it’s a question of who will pay for it. It may already be outsourced as far as I know, but we the taxpayers are still paying the difference between the fees and the real costs.

                • Why not have private companies / individuals that can be hired for the inspection by the individual buying / selling the mobile home? When I buy property, I pay someone to come in and inspect it for me. The good ones that look at everything and give me a written report as well as an electronic version on cd, along with pictures of any problem areas typically run $400 or so.

                  I would think that the government shouldn’t need to employ any inspectors but instead allow a report from an authorized inspector to suffice.

                  • polisavvy says:

                    You could be onto something. It makes sense. We had to have a private inspector inspect our home and we, like you, paid for our own inspection. If it’s a reputable/certified inspector, it should be as good (or maybe even better) as what the State would do. Just my opinion.

                  • GOPGeorgia says:

                    You still aren’t focusing on the main topic. Even if we did it exactly the way you describe, (and we may as far as I know), the fees that are charged to the buyers and sellers of mobile homes, still don’t cover the costs of the inspections. Tax payers that have nothing to do with the transaction still have to make up the difference.

                    I am fine with outside contacting for the inspections, but the fees need to be enough to pay for them, or you and I will pay the difference.

                    Btw, there is a difference between a home inspection and an appraisal. One looks at how sound the structure of the property is, and the other looks at the value of it.

                    • polisavvy says:

                      I realize the difference — my husband builds houses for a living. And you are right, the fees should be self-sustaining with no outlay by the State. I guess I’m just grappling at anything that might help lower some of the expenses incurred by the State, which in turn is incurred by us. We are really in a lop-sided balancing act right now, aren’t we?

                    • GOPGeorgia says:

                      Sorry polisavy, my comment was for David. This whole thread is about Sen. Mullis asking a needed question then being accused of growing government and raising taxes. All of this spin makes me sea-sick.

                    • GOP – I understand the difference between an inspection and an appraisal. In addition to appraisals, I have inspections done. The guy usually brings a ladder and goes on the roof, goes in the attic, crawl space, checks the wiring, plumbing, insulation, etc. I pay him directly. It wasn’t mandated before purchasing a property, but it was for my peace of mind. I’m saying take the government totally out of the question. Instead of the buyer of the mobile home paying the government to pay a subcontractor to do the inspection, I’m proposing that either the seller or the buyer pay an inspector directly to look at the construction / safety / structure / whatever of the mobile home. Leave the government out of the equation except for maybe just confirming that an inspection has been done if you want to require inspections. But the other taxpayers have absolutely no interest in the transaction and therefore should not have to subsidize the inspection.

        • Mozart says:

          NOOOooooooooooo! Don’t dare go outside this state to see what “other” states are doing! That’s like mixing matter with anti-matter. Catastrophic meltdown if we ever consider how other states operate.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        I don’t doubt that there are 4 people in Walker County who don’t like Sen. Mullis. There are probably 400 or more. Sen. Mullis also represent Catoosa County and he was there on opening weekend at the Battlefield Cinemas in Fort O. He supports the theaters in his District and if the people on that blog are so convinced that a theater in LaFayette will do big business, let them start one. I have ran into him in the Fort O. theater more than once since then.

  6. racinwithrex says:

    Yea Chris, There are more people who use this internet thinggie than you think. Most of us are not Dumb Hicks as some want to think. We all don’t just Drink the Mullis Kool-aid and go along with everthing that goes on up here in the Sticks. Do we have our probelms. Sure… But who doesn’t? But some of us are tired of not being heard and made fun of by those who think that we are stupid enough to just think that a trip or two and month means we are part of the State. We know we are the Red-Headed stepchild of the State and most of the folks that can’t use the internet want to keep us as Mayberry because of the Good Ole Boys that run this county. And NO this isn’t Ben Brandon and we all know who I am here IN Dade Conty so don’t try to say it is. As far as our local leadership in the Republican party, we have had more LAWS passed on us in the last year than any I can think of. Maybe it’s because we are way behind or maybe they just think it’s their job to pass laws. I really don’t know… Anyway, Hope I Didn’t mis-spell to many words for YA’LL……

    • racinwithrex says:

      Mullis’s opposition comes from himself. Such a shame that we can’t do any better. His voting record speaks for itself lately.

  7. chefdavid says:

    It would be hard with so much money flowing into his campaign fund from out of district donations. Maybe one of the many that are running for the 9th will see the light and give him a run for his money.
    Hint Hint Steve Tarvin.

  8. kcordell says:

    This is nothing new. Seems like a few years ago our local Rep. Carl Rogers (an insurance agent) got legislation passed allowing Ga. to raise the liability premiums in order to “bring them in line with surrounding states.”

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