More On Cockfighting In Georgia.

HB109 seeks to tighten the rules on cockfighting in Georgia, much like was done in the wake of the Michael Vick dog fighting fiasco. As I mentioned yesterday, an InsiderAdvantage/RosettaStone poll shows strong support for dealing with cockfighting.

Question – As you may have heard, In 2008 the Georgia legislature closed loopholes in the state’s dog fighting law by passing a bill that banned possession of a dog for the purposes of fighting and knowingly attending a dog fight. The legislature is currently considering closing similar loopholes in the state’s cockfighting law. What is your opinion of this proposed legislation? Do you favor or oppose closing similar loopholes in the states cockfighting law?

Favor closing loopholes in the state’s cockfighting laws: 75.3%
Oppose closing loopholes in the state’s cockfighting laws: 10.0%
No Opinion: 14.6%

Click here to see the full demographic breakdown. To see the results of other Rosetta Stone Communications recent polls visit their website.

80.7% of Republicans support the tougher restrictions as opposed to 64.1% of Democrats. Why don’t Democrats love chickens? 😉


  1. Technocrat says:

    I sure would like to see all Gobernatorial candidates with spirs on their feet in a ring…………winner takes all.

  2. Mozart says:

    Why do Republicans waste time with this crap? Next thing you know, someone will propose we outlaw fly swatters because of the complaints from PETA on how many flies we kill.

    • Sigal says:

      This is NO waste of time and clearly shows that Republicans are more in tune with their constituency than Democrats. Cockfighting is nothing more than illegal gambling, provides a perfect venue for other criminal activity and birds getting ripped to shreds all for the sadistic pleasure of a barbaric bunch of people.

      Cockfighting has NO place in our civilized society and thankfully the Republicans can see that. Good for them!

      • Mozart says:

        Umm, chickens get “ripped to shreds” and packaged for food. Or, have you never visited a grocery store by yourself?

        • GOPGeorgia says:


          I agree with you most of the time, but I’ve got to call you on this. In one circumstance, the chicken is bred for food and dies to provide nutrition. In the other circumstance, the chicken is bred for fighting and dies for entertainment.

          This could be compared to killing a man. When you are at war and it’s kill or be killed, taking a man’s life would be justified. If you kill someone because you are bored, that’s a different story.

          Then again, you could have been kidding with your remark. It’s kind of hard to tell.

          • AubieTurtle says:

            Does that mean cannibalism is ok if you’re hungry for a snack? 😀

            If we’re going to make animal fighting illegal, might as well do it right and close up loopholes as they’re found. I’ve heard but have no credible evidence that cockfighting has been on the increase in Georgia over the past decade or so. It doesn’t hurt to keep law enforcement from spending time investigating and arresting those responsible only to find they get off scott free due to a loophole.

          • polisavvy says:

            My biggest thing is what kind of mentality actually enjoys seeing animals fight to the death? So sad and fairly sadistic, in my opinion.

  3. Hills says:

    For some strange reason some boys grow up with an inclination to hurt things and see animals and humans hurting each other. It appears to give them a sense of pleasure and enjoyment. They are willing to pay/bet large bucks for this.The basic three instincts, called the three F’s, feeding, fighting and fornication, are imbedded in this phenomina. Such activities feed all three pleasure centers. Most boys gradually grow out of this and find another substitute. From Beowolf to present , written history is filled with such violence. The instincts, however, remain.

  4. ZazaPachulia says:

    I’m not sure exactly how offended I should be by that chickens comment. I think the little emoticon made it worse…

  5. Game Fan says:

    Where’s the loophole? How do you have a loophole here? WHY THE EFF DID THEY LEAVE A LOOPHOLE? Big business always exploits the loopholes. The loopholes that the average Joe doesn’t even know about. Until it’s too late. And the “mom and pop” bantam rooster breeding program goes under.

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