DeKalb School Super Takes Leave After Investigators Search Home; Dick Williams Alerts Fox5 That GA Gang May Run Long This Week

If you tune in to the Georgia Gang this Sunday, I wouldn’t expect a lenghthy discussion about the Dems finally placing a candidate against Casey Cagle, A battle over $1 Billion between two GOP Governor Candidates, or any discussion of the ongoing self destruction of the Ox.

It’s like Christmas in February for Dick Williams, because there was a raid on the home of the DeKalb County School Super Crawford Lewis related to an investigation of construction projects, and he is now taking a leave of absence:

The DeKalb school board voted Thursday night to accept Lewis’ hiatus from the district. The board also appointed an interim superintendent while the district attorney completes its investigation into possible wrongdoing involving multi-million dollar school construction projects.

“He has made the offer because, as always, he is putting the best interest of the district and students above his personal interest,” board chairman Tom Bowen said.

Lewis, a DeKalb schools employee for 33 years, didn’t attend the meeting or return phone calls

Further evidence that DeKalb can’t govern itself. Williams’ schadenfreude will be insufferable this week.

Just go ahead and make this an OPEN THREAD:


  1. DeKalb segment! To paraphrase Ernie Banks -Let’s have two!
    PS: The DeKalb School budget was right at $1 Billion before the cuts started, so this crisis justifies a lengthy segment on GaGang. Just sayin.

  2. Buzzfan says:

    When will someone finally propose they change the name to Duh-kalb? :>)

    Open thread?……well, if you wanna see what I look like shamefully kissing up to friends two weeks before St Baldrick’s (after no haircuts since before Thanksgiving), click here!

    St Baldrick’s 2010!!

    • Game Fan says:

      Just make sure you pronounce it right and stay outta Dekalb. To apply for a temporary Dekalb pass, or to take part in the paid sex study simply call 1-800 GAMEFAN.

      • B Balz says:

        Har-har, y’all are a laugh a minute. I am sure wherever you live, there are glass houses, too. Wait until the GM plant project is done, y’all will be sooooo jealous. Can you get a cold beer at Briscoe Field? Do you have any cool places at all?

        Kidding, lads, kidding. We have grown a thick skin in DeKalb, it keeps the dirt out. But Decatur is still cooler than Norcross…

          • B Balz says:

            Negative, Byte. Dunwoody is a Williamsburg-style parking lot. How cool is that? Not very.

            Dunwoody wishes it was as cool as Norcross, but will aspire to be more like Roswell (Which is totally uncool.) I hear there will be chickens running around Dunwoody soon enough.

            Trust me on this one, Byte. Norcross has the Iron Horse, Dominicks’, Paisano’s, a very nice, traditional walkable downtown, two great parks, and a railroad. You can walk from the pub to the house, which is very, very cool.

            Dunwoody has the Dunwoody Tavern (Same owner as the Iron Horse, but a smokier, younger crowd), Mudcatz (OK, but the food has gone way South).

            You cannot walk anywhere without slowing down a yuppie or a mom, either of which is justifiable vehicular homicide.

            But wait, there is HOPE and CHANGE coming in Dunwoody. In the future, Dunwoody may be a ton cooler than Norcross. Yet, Dunwoody will still be in DeKalb.

            Which will always be cooler than Cobb. Although they do still have the lock on the Big Chicken…

            • ByteMe says:

              You forget that Dunwoody also has Alon’s and several other excellent restaurants over in its “real” business area. And have you tried Peter’s yet? We were pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when we tried it for the first time.

              My neighbor is looking forward to getting a few chickens, although I doubt it’ll happen before we move to get better middle/high schools.

              I do look forward to them revamping the entire Dunwoody strip shopping area with something a bit more interesting. And to the redo for the GM area.

              Norcross? Meh.

              • B Balz says:

                All in good fun, Byte, Dunwoody has some wonderful places, I did leave out a few:

                C’om – Traditional French Viet,
                J Alexanders – Houstons style, pricey but good,
                Joey Dee’s The best steakhouse value I know of,

                I still do like Norcross a lot though, the deck at the Iron Horse is dog friendly.

                So we are neighbors, eh? Cool.

                • ByteMe says:

                  I find J Alexanders to be overpriced and not worth the trip. Have loved Joey D’s filet mignon sandwich for years. Have you tried the C’om over on Buford Hwy above Clairmont? Slightly different menu and open on Sunday.


                    • kyleinatl says:

                      Joey D’s also has quite the nice scotch selection if I remember right…I like any restaurant that’ll hook me up with Johnnie Green.

  3. B Balz says:

    Finally, the Highland Tap, L5P, Ponce are all in DeKalb, The Grove, 57th Fighter Restaurant, The Vortex, Cheshire Bridge Road (Oh MY!) are all venerable, and some venereal, institutions.

      • ByteMe says:

        Yes, they re-opened last year. Not sure they’re doing better business compared to before, but they are at least back open.

      • B Balz says:

        Shameless Plug: 57th Rocks!

        Not only is the 57th open, but none other than Mr. Pat Epps, famous aviator and all around tremendous fellow is the new owner.

        The place is spiffed up, has a great dance floor, famous beer cheese soup, and most importantly:

        A brand new Wall of Fame honoring WWII vets mostly, but welcomes all vets. I saw a P-51 Mustang Ace fighter pilot sign his name to the fireplace mantle. Now that is Cool Hand Luke, cool.

        The B-17 Liberty was recently at PDK and her crew were at the 57th. Cannot wait until the weather breaks and can enjoy the outside seating right on the tarmac.

        HINT: When PP hosts another ‘get r done’ together, I nominate the 57th. Here is the 411:

        57th Fighter Group Restaurant
        3829 Clairmont Road
        Atlanta, GA 30341
        (770) 234-0057

        • Sounds good. I’ve got a friend who is probably flying into PDK tomorrow morning from Charlotte. Might have to check out the new version of what at least used to be a great restaurant sometime soon. We actually stuck to our current neck of the woods for Valentine’s day and tried Cabernet on Windward Parkway and found it to be some rather good food as well for anyone that’s around that area. Our normal day to day eateries though include Roaster’s, Alphasoda and Slope’s BBQ.

    • Republican Lady says:

      The 57th had the best beer cheese soup. Has anyone been there recently and is it still on the menu?

  4. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    I must say, a lot of brave soles on this thread…venturing into DeKalb County — That’s no country for old men…sigh

    Thanks for the restaurant info though, sounds tasty.

  5. Donna Locke says:

    Folks, I’m using this open thread to urge you to support and push Georgia House Bill 1259 (HB 1259), the Georgia Employer and Worker Protection Act of 2010, to expand required use of the federal E-Verify system by Georgia employers.

    E-Verify is a free system that allows employers to run a worker’s information against Department of Homeland Security and Social Security databases to check whether the person is permitted to work in this country.

    E-Verify does not catch all fraud, particularly some identity fraud, but it’s far better than doing nothing, and improvements are being made to the system to catch even more fraud.

    State Rep. Bobby Reese, R-Sugar Hill, is sponsoring HB 1259, along with co-sponsors Reps. Tom Rice, Rick Austin, Don Parsons, Barry Loudermilk, and James Mills.

    Earl and Wiles, I don’t see your names on this.

    Here is a map of states with mandatory E-Verify laws on employers. Scroll down after going to that link and read the laws in the various states:

    You’ll notice some states are tougher than others; some include more employers. Some restrict the mandate to employers with certain numbers of employees. It’s good to get as many employers as possible under the mandate. Arizona, Mississippi, and South Carolina have a fairly tough laws.

    We have two pairs of E-Verify bills introduced in Tennessee, again, and hope to get some bipartisan action this session. In Tennessee, we have a Democratic governor, a Republican-controlled state senate, and a continued essentially Democratic-controlled state house. The governorship and state house here are in flux, and the balance of power will shift to the Republicans shortly, according to all indicators.

    It is very important that E-Verify be a requirement, not a suggestion, not an “authorization.” No more loopholes for employers to say they saw some documents that looked legit and get by on that.

    This is an effort that the Democrats who represent and look after so many of our workers should bond with. You know you are needed on these bills, Democrats. You know the pressure that comes from the chambers of commerce and certain business interests in general.

    Republican men, be men and stand up against the special interests for what’s right here.

    Folks, please contact your state representative and your state senator and demand they support this bill. Always mention the bill number, HB 1259. If you don’t know who your rep and senator are, use the look-up on the Georgia Legislature’s Web site or call the elections or voter registrar’s office in your county.

  6. John Konop says:

    Did anyone know about this?

    …..The speaker at “Friend or Foe? Abraham Lincoln on Liberty,” Thomas DiLorenzo, made his intentions clear when he said “I consider Abraham Lincoln an enemy of the Constitution” to a round of applause. He’s offered book-length attacks on America’s first Republican president, now characterized as the original progressive despot because of his violations of the Tenth Amendment, and explications of how Confederate President Jefferson Davis “championed states’ rights in defense of liberty”—not slavery.

    The CPAC seminar “When All Else Fails: Nullification & State Resistance to Federal Tyranny” was, if anything, less subtle. It mimicked the language of Civil War-era secession and civil-rights era defense of segregation, which Martin Luther King, in his “I Have a Dream” speech, alluded to when he spoke of “vicious racists,” like Alabama Gov. George Wallace, with “his lips dripping with the words of ‘interposition’ and ‘nullification.'”…..

    …..In Georgia, where the Tenth Amendment Center is hosting its convention today, the resolution passed the conservative state senate on April Fool’s Day 2009, by a vote of 43 to one. It was not a joke. The resolution was co-sponsored by some of the most senior members of the state legislature, including the senate majority leader and president pro tem.
    Among the areas enumerated in the Georgia resolution were “Further infringements on the right to keep and bear arms including prohibitions of type or quantity of arms or ammunition”—in other words, a reinstatement of the federal assault-weapons ban could trigger Georgia to secede from the union.

    It also reserved to Georgia the right to judge “how far the licentiousness of speech and of the press may be abridged without lessening their useful freedom.” The Taliban might have approved.

    The Gone with the Wind state wasn’t the only one to sign up. Similar resolutions passed in Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Idaho, Louisiana, and Alaska—all states won by McCain-Palin in 2008. And Sarah Palin, whose husband was a member of the secessionist Alaska Independence Party for 10 years, was one of the few governors to put her signature on the bill, before resigning in the summer of 2009…..

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