Carol Porter enters race for Lieutenant Governor

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle finally has some Democratic opposition:

Carol Porter will seek the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor, joining her husband, DuBose Porter, as a potential husband and wife team at the top of the party’s ticket.

Carol Porter, who announced her intention at a Capitol news conference with her husband and their boys at her side, becomes the first Democrat to announce for lieutenant governor. Incumbent Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle is seeking-relection on the Republican side.

DuBose Porter, the House minority leader, is one of five Democrats seeking the gubernatorial nomination. Should they both become Democratic nominees, it sets up a potentially historic one-two punch. But Carol Porter said it’s not a gimmick aimed at boosting her husband’s campaign.

“If this is a gimmick and it’s going to get corruption out of government, you can give me a dozen,” she said.

Carol Porter wowed some people recently, including many Republicans at a recent event (I can’t remember what it was for), with her passion and energy.

It also looks like Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond, one the two Democrats elected statewide, will be entering the race for Lieutenant Governor. However, he has not made an official announcement.


  1. Fred Smulavich says:

    Well, this promises to be very interesting. I’ve heard from numerous sources that she is impressive to listen to. Even some very conservative folk have told me they really like her

  2. drjay says:

    this is so bizarre, but hey she can raise money for the “ticke” right now, which dubose can’t do, so i guess that’s something…

  3. MaconCountyBluedog says:

    If that appearance she made at the Small Business gathering was any indication, Cagle & Co better take her seriously. Plus with the condition the state is in & the anti-incumbent mood that is sweeping the country, it maybe time for a outsider to get in there to get this state moving in the right direction.

  4. Well . . . . at least they can save on advertising by just saying “Vote Porter!”

    If Cagle has dirty laundry, he needs to be getting out of the race so the GOP can field a candidate. I don’t think Porter, either one, has a shot, at either office, but should Cagle implode late in the cycle – it’s a possibility.

  5. MaconCountyBluedog says:

    You have a point there about Cagle. Im going to hold my opinion about Mrs. Porter & see how well she is received on the campaign trail & what kind of fundraising ability she has. If Thurmond does get in the race, its lights out for Porter.

  6. Tiberius says:

    Humorous scenario. If Porter wins LG and Barnes or Thurmond wins, she’ll have to serve with the man who beat her husband. Talk about unity.

    Won’t matter anyway. if Ms. Porter wins, the GOP majority will strip her authority like they did Taylor and she can spend 4 years on the rubber chicken circuit.

  7. old political pro says:

    IF she can build a serious campaign in her own right, Cagle is in real trouble. Not sure he’s bright enough to figure that out, but will be interesting to watch.

  8. Cavalier says:

    Carol Porter running for LG is among the most laughable things I have heard in quite some time… It’s like me thinking that because I ate at a McDonald’s once that makes me somehow qualified to be the CEO of the company. Utterly ridiculous.

  9. brian.holcombe says:

    I am excited – first Casey Cagle drops out of the Governor’s race because of his bad back and then drops back in for reelection – what an insult to the voters! Mrs. Porter seems to offer a fresh approach to the Republicans running down the state for the last 8 years! Why do Casey and Sonny hate this state so much?

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