Is Casey Cagle About To Draw Opposition From A Democrat?

Rumors have been swirling that Carol Porter, wife of DuBose, will seek the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor. This gives new meaning to a 2-1 deal, but heck if no other Democrat is going to bother running why not?

Today comes word that Mrs. Porter will hold a press conference tomorrow morning.

Who: Carol Porter, Spouse of Gubernatorial Candidate DuBose Porter
What: Press Conference
When: Thursday, February 25th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Where: South Wing of the State Capitol


  1. Puleeeezzzzeee

    This seat is safe. Contrary to what anonymous pundits post the LG isn’t going anywhere. He runs a tight ship and been a good steward.

    Sounds to me like an interesting marketing scheme by the Porters, if it is true. They’ll get immediate buzz all over. I just don’t believe this is going to be a year for Democrats.

    This is 2006 in reverse. The anger is deep and the longer this recession persists, people are going to continue to have high anxiety. They’re toast. ACORN won’t be able to bail them out.

    Lets just hope we field some quality and competent alternatives.

    • ACConservative says:

      Actually, the tide is against incumbents in general, not just Democrats. Look at the fights established Republicans like McCain and Crist are facing.

      • ByteMe says:

        And yet, the incumbents here in GA are Republican and people are predicting that they’ll increase their strength. Hard to reconcile that with a truly anti-incumbent mood.

          • No, as opposed to the fiscally conservative candidate amongst the three running. At least with Jim, you know what you’re getting. Saxby’s an unknown. He says one thing and delivers another.

              • Don’t get me wrong… I’m not supporting Martin. I was supporting the Libertarian in that race, because I knew that both Martin and Saxby were going to grow government and spend more than they should. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t Saxby vote for the bailout too?

                So let’s see, vote for Martin, get the bailout. Vote for Saxby, get the bailout. Ahh… now I see the difference… :-/

                  • The Libertarian with the reducing our spending, national debts and letting the free market run it’s course was my choice. With all the spending our politicians have already committed to, I don’t really see a way of cutting taxes any time soon.

                    • ByteMe says:

                      Sounds like the beginnings of another open thread discussion of how “letting the free markets run it’s course” was working and where exactly you would reduce spending in significant amount to not only eliminate the deficit but also to start working on the debt.

                      But this ain’t an open thread, so no threadjack here.

                    • Yep, and then we’d have to discuss how ultimately governments really prevent a real free market from operating, as they’re a bit too power hungry for that, so while you can’t say they were working, neither can you really say free markets *weren’t* working either. But there is an open thread if you’d like to bash on free markets. After all, politicians haven’t created laws to prevent us from slandering ideas… yet.

                • GOPGeorgia says:

                  You voted for the Libertarian as a principled vote as he best represented your beliefs. I understand that. The pragmatist in me wants to know if there’s a pragmatist in you? The LP candidate never had a chance in that race, forced a runoff, and almost got Martin elected. And Martin, by his own words, is a bigger spender than Saxby. They may have voted the same on this vote, but over 6 years, Martin would spend more.

                  • Yep, I understood that the candidate I voted for had very little chance of winning. However, if we also had Instant Runoff Voting, a separate runoff race would never have needed to be run and my principled vote still would have served as a protest vote. If Saxby can’t win this race on his own (even when taking into consideration those principled votes), then perhaps he’s not the best man for the job. If Saxby would become fiscally responsible, I think a lot fewer people would have the problems with his stewardship of our tax dollars than is currently the case.

                    Additionally, Martin may have wanted the bailout to go further, but that doesn’t mean he’s an overall bigger spender than Saxby. I’m not sure Martin would have supported all the farm subsidies that we currently have in place. Then again he could have wanted to spend twice as much as Saxby. I don’t think any of us really know. But the point as to who is a bigger spender is moot, as Saxby won the race. Which means we have to put up with his continued screwups for six more years (minus however long it’s been already).

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