3/4 Of Republicans Are Undecided In Ag Race.

Gary Black leads in the race for the GOP Agriculture Commissioner nomination but 76% are undecided. Also, 3/4 of Georgians support a proposal to strengthen anti-cockfighting laws.


A new InsiderAdvantage/RosettaStone poll conducted on 2/10/2010 of 580 likely Republican Primary voters shows Gary Black leading Darwin Carter by a 2 to 1 margin, although 76% of the Republican Primary voters currently are undecided.

In 2008 the Georgia legislature closed loopholes in Georgia’s dog fighting law by passing a bill that banned possession of a dog for the purposes of fighting and knowingly attending a dog fight. The legislature currently is considering closing similar loopholes in the state’s cockfighting law. A poll conducted on 2/10/2010 of 1,235 registered Georgia voters regarding this proposal to close the loopholes in the state’s cockfighting laws is supported by a staggering 75% of Georgia voters. Among Republican Primary voters, 81% support this legislation. Georgia’s Agriculture Commission candidates should take heed of these numbers — as animal issues such as euthanasia and so-called puppy mills have recently gotten wide attention in the media.

Republican Primary For Agriculture Commissioner

Gary Black – 16%
Darwin Carter – 8%
Undecided – 76%

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    • polisavvy says:

      Hysterical! I fell out laughing. Thanks for sharing that, I needed a good laugh today and that fit the bill.

  1. Go Gary! His smile and friendliness are infectious. The GAGOP needs to send him all over. He makes people feel good about themselves and their involvement in the political process.

  2. foray says:

    Gary will win both primary and general in a landslide-

    He has the support of dems and republicans across this state- in fact recently the dems asked Ellis Black to run for Commissioner- his response “I am supporting Gary”

    Say hello to our next Commissioner-

    Also- Maurice you are right his smile and friendliness are infectious as a longtime family friend who used to work for him- he will be a great and honorable public servant- someone you can really count on to do the right thing every day

  3. old political pro says:

    actually, brian and gary have become good friends and support each other.

    if you were involved in any other way than just sitting behind your computer every day you would know that.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Gary Black is the kind of man to be friends with everyone. That’s what makes Kemps desperation knife turn so tragic and deceitful. Too bad Brian couldn’t be the stand up guy when it actually counted.

    • It’s very easy to say that. It may be true. But as an “old political pro” you should know that with hiding behind a username comes the grain of salt guideline. For all we know, you are in fact an old political pro at a retirement home typing on a computer – or you may be Mack Mattingly – no one here has a way of knowing.

      So pardon me if I am skeptical.

  4. Republican Lady says:

    For those of you insisting that your candidate have an “educational degree” in the subject for which they are running for office, you may be sorely disappointed. Republican Melvin Everson doesn’t list his nor has Darwin Carter or Ralph Hudgins.

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