The Curious Case Of Christopher Cates

I had the pleasure of attending the Forsyth County GOP fundraiser and Texas Hold’em Poker tournament last Saturday evening. I had a great time, and came in just short of the final table at the tournament. Good times all around.

Just before play began, Dr. Christopher Cates introduced himself to me and a friend of mine, and I was wearing a Tom Graves sticker. Cates, Graves and about 10 others depending on the day are currently running for Congress in the 9th Congressional district, with Cates being the most recent entry into this contest. He asked if he could possibly “turn” us.

I said “I doubt it, but we can talk”. So we did.

He led with “I was recruited to run for Congress so I can help fix healthcare. I’m a cardiologist, and they need me up there.”

“Who recruited you?” I asked, as I wasn’t aware that with nearly a dozen folks running for this office, there was major “recruitment” going on. In fact, Dr. Lee Hawkins and Dr. Bert Loftman were already in the race before Cates jumped in.

“The G-7” he said, without missing a beat.

The blank, somewhat quizzical look I gave back was misinterpreted by him, I believe, because he decided to explain to me who the G-7 are. “You know, the G-7. Tom Price, the other guys in D.C., they need me up there to help them with health care”. And then I think he also said something about the A.M.A. or another doctors group. Frankly, I was stunned by his answer that he would boldly claim that the G-7 recruited him to run. I didn’t hear much else, though my friend and I both agree on the text of the above in quotes is an accurate representation of what we heard.

The reason I gave an incredulous look to Dr. Cates when he told me that he had been recruited by the G-7 is that it is provably untrue. And since Dr. Cates said Dr. Price specifically needed his help to solve the health care issue, I started with his office. I received the following response from his spokesperson:

“Rep. Price has not endorsed or recruited anyone in the GA-9 race.”

I spoke to representatives of a couple other offices as well, and generally got the same answer. All denied any recruitment activities of any kind. While some had met Dr. Cates, there was no effort to recruit him, and they mentioned that he in fact had sought them out.

There are a lot of reasons Cates may have said what he did. I’ve participated in candidate recruitment activities, and sometimes, candidates hear what they want to hear. Sometimes candidates are told things that are untrue by their consultants so that the consultant can separate them and their friends from a lot of money. And sometimes, candidates think they’re smarter than everyone else, and treat others like rubes who don’t know who the G-7 are when they are in fact the one that doesn’t understand the ground they are standing on.

I have no idea what Dr. Cates motivation for his statement was, nor if he felt if he was in fact telling the truth. My understanding is, however, that he plans on attending the G-7’s weekly meeting in D.C. tomorrow. At that meeting, I hope he addressed whether or not he was recruited by them. I have a feeling one or two of them may broach the subject as well.


  1. trainsplz says:

    Ahem – every time politicians have tried to “recruit” me they wanted money. I suppose cardiologists have delusions of grandeur, as do most people.

  2. Game Fan says:

    Maybe he’s just being “rushed” but hasn’t become a pledge yet. If he pledges G-7 I hope they don’t have another embarrassing hazing incident. They could get kicked off campus, since they’re on double secret probation already.

  3. Doug Deal says:

    It’s probably a case of Delusionis Candidatoris. Having volunteered with a number of candidates, most are delusional. I had one candidate tell me he could still win even after his home and most friendly precinct came in at 60-40 against. He needed the reverse to have even any chance at all.

  4. Kellie says:

    I am so excited to have another candidate running for the 9th district spot! It will be much more fun to watch Tom Grave beat a dozen of them than just one. πŸ˜‰

    • Nathan says:

      There might be one or two more before qualifying week, but I suspect that only 6 will actually qualify for the 9th district race. I could be wrong though.

      We live in an interesting district.

  5. Chris says:

    Are you positive it wasn’t the 7 industrial countries + Russia who recruited him?

    And why would they need a Cardiologist in Congress? None of those ass-hats have any hearts. Unless it was their breakfast.

  6. Insider Mike says:

    A politician exaggerated the truth??? Gasp!

    Congratulations Peach Pundit on once again getting the story before the AJC.

  7. I’d just like to say that I’m shocked. Being that the GOP is wholeheartedly against internet gambling, I had absolutely no idea that they would hold a poker event – something regularly associated with gambling. Was betting allowed? Apparently gambling in public is much better than gambling within the privacy of your own home.

  8. Joshua Morris says:

    I met Dr. Cates Saturday in Gainesville. He was very vocal about his accomplishments in starting some healthcare groups or something. I told him that I was most interested in principles and someone who could apply them well to the job of congressman. He then told me more about businesses he started.

    During the meeting, he was allowed to introduce himself, and he stated that he hoped he would have a chance to speak during the meeting. I thought that was a little out of the way, since we already had a program with 2 scheduled speakers.

  9. GOPGrassroots says:

    Yesterday in Dade County, Dr. Cates’ spokersperson said again that he had been endorsed by the G-7.

    This guy has no regard for the truth, doesn’t know which district he’s running in (qualified in the 10th…oops), and will say whatever he thinks will get him elected.

    Sounds like he would fit right in up in Congress. lol. Good thing the voters in the 9th can see through this imposter.

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