MacGinnitie Responds to Kemp’s Attacks

Received via email:

There has been some confusion recently over my voting history when my opponent falsely claimed that I have never voted in a Republican primary in almost 20 years. That is simply untrue. During that time, I pulled six Republican ballots. In fact, the first ballot I ever cast was in a Republican primary in 1988. Not only have I participated in the GOP primary process by voting, I interned with Reagan in 1988, campaigned for Dole in 1996 and once I had become successful enough in my business career, used my financial resources to help other Republicans get elected.

I understand my opponent has only been on the job for a few weeks, but if he’s already having trouble keeping accurate records, then we certainly need a new Secretary of State. Then again, when your first priority as appointed Secretary of State is to hold a top-dollar fundraiser for lobbyists and special interests and your second priority is to use the resources of your office to attack your opponent, being accurate and accountable can get lost in the mix. If he is looking to compare voting records to see who has the record of a true conservative, I’m happy to compare my record of voting against tax increases, voting against spending increases, and voting to return a surplus to the taxpayers. We can even discuss his votes in the 1996, 1998 and 2000 Democrat primaries.

This is politics as usual. Kemp tried this same negative attack in his failed attempt to become Agriculture Commissioner in 2006 against Gary Black. The voters rejected his attack then, and I’m confident they will reject him again.


Doug MacGinnitie


  1. hugoblacksupreme says:

    So, If you voted against Rep. Moon Bat in the D primary you are excluded from office!?!?!

    Second, people running for office have fundraisers.

    I don’t have a dog in this fight but this is getting pretty stupid.

    • HowardRoark says:

      I think Brian’s original line of attack was weak, but I think MacGinnitie’s response highlights 2 things. One, the hypocrisy of Kemp calling someone out for the primary voting record when he himself has pulled several ballots for the wrong team.

      Second is priorities. Brian Kemp gets a sweetheart appointment to one of the most important jobs in the state, and his first move is to throw a fundraiser with a bunch of lobbyist buddies the night before he takes over the new job? Brian Kemp isn’t serious about the job of SoS, he’s just serious about getting a shiny name tag with his name on it. Whether it says “Secretary of State” or “Agriculture Commissioner” or “State Dog Catcher” doesn’t mattter.

  2. Bugs Dooley says:

    I was wondering if MacGinnitie would offer more to refute this attack by Kemp, which he had been using at least since the SOS candidate debate on February 6th. Maybe it was because he was waiting to validate that part about Kemp voting 3 times in the Democrat Primaries? It’s definitely the pièce de résistance of the counter-attack, makes you wonder why Kemp would have wanted to even broach the topic during the campaign given that kind of a past

    • hugoblacksupreme says:

      What kind of “past”? If you live in certain parts of Metro Atlanta you vote in the D primary or you don’t vote at all.

      Maybe somebody can explain it to me. Which is worse not participating or voting in the D primary when no one is running on the other side?

    • Doug Deal says:

      I don’t think any of this Kemp pushed nonsense was important to MacGinnitie. Kemp’s people pushed this irrelevant story until Mac had to reply.

      Macginnitie is talking about issues, Kemp is throwing mud (poorly research mud) on his opponent like he did when he ran for Ag.

      What an embarrassment to the office that the sitting SoS can’t count even his opponents votes correctly.

      Mirriam Webster, here’s your example of irony.

      • I Am Jacks Post says:

        Doug, a presidential preference contest is not a GOP primary. They’re entirely different elections. That’s why they’re listed as such on any voting list database. The fact remains that Doug didn’t vote in GOP primary for almost 20 years. Notice how carefully Doug parsed his words.

        Secondly, you can find the definition of irony in a MERRIAM Webster Dictionary. Jeesh, you can’t even do sarcasm well!

  3. Technocrat says:

    Which candidate is paying for the current state wide 50 question phone survey? It was balanced enough so it was hard to tell.

  4. old political pro says:

    going on three weeks and this is the best he can come up with? what a ridiculous response. this isn’t a CR/high school class president campaign, guys.

    doug has a lot of potential down the road but now he’s just embarrassing himself.

    get over it. this race is over.

    • Romegaguy says:

      speaking of embarrassing himself, explain how Kemp looks good when his campaign cant research Doug’s voting history, while forgetting that Kemp had voted Dem frequently.

      • Doug Deal says:

        Exactly, RomeGaGuy. This speaks to competence, and on many levels. It’s just one voter, is it really THAT hard to get the facts straight.

        Then, it was compounded by the fact that Kemp and his sock puppets here were actually trying to push this story. Personally, I didn’t care one lick, because it was foolish, even if it was true. Finally they went overboard on the 912 endorsement story, and I bothered to take the time to haul out my voter database and spend all of 10 minutes doing proper research.

        Finally, it was sheer incompetence as Kemp had to then know his own Democratic roots were going to show through his false colored Republican highlights. He is an opportunistic hack who slanders other Republican candidates, just ask Gary Black. If we want to make the same old mistakes and elect Democrats parading as Republicans, by all means elect Kemp.

    • Ron2008 says:

      Funny that you mention CR/High School class president campaign. They seems to be the only volunteers that will show up for Kemp at an event.

  5. old political pro says:

    come guys this aint hard.

    check out the front page of every paper in the state and every tv news broadcast today and tomorrow with extensive coverage of Kemp suing the obama justice department. that’s called DOMINANT earned media coverage.

    and macginnitie’s campaign accomplishments today? a “nuh – uh, it’s not true” juvenile response to a documented pop three weeks ago that gets covered by one blog.

    wow. that’s amazing. I’m in awe of the mastery of the macginnitie campaign.

    • Mozart says:

      Hope Kemp is smart enough to disclose the contribution-in-kind to his campaign for the earned media he generates from using state resources.

  6. old political pro says:

    doug, i know you read this blog. you’ve got a bright future you’re throwing away because you’re listening to inexperienced hacks needing a paycheck and a small group of angry blog posts.

    look to the future. dont waste it.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      He’s got the money, the momentum, and apparently after the 912 endorsement, the grassroots support. What you just said makes no sense.

      • old political pro says:

        your post is exactly what i’m talking about when i say the macginnitie campaign at this point is patently absurd. it’s a fantasy world made up by really angry, delusional people.

        his money won’t buy a week of statewide TV if it actually exists. there is no momentum. he gets blog posts, big deal. he has no grassroots organization and this 912 cobb group is a joke. no one has ever heard of it.

        this blog is so much fun because it’s like arguing with the inmates at the local asylum!

        • BuckheadConservative says:

          I, for one, aren’t angry in the least. I’m excited and motivated to work for a candidate who I believe in. One who has an impressive private sector resume, and is running for the right reasons.

    • foray says:

      Brian voted in Democrat primaries in Athens when the folks like Paul Broun Sr. and his father-in-law ran the show

    • HowardRoark says:

      We always knew Brian Kemp just wanted an office. Any office. He didn’t care which one. Now we know he doesn’t really care what party he’s in either. Make no mistake about what Kemp’s D votes represent…he was planning to run as a D before the state started to turn red.

      What a joke Brian Kemp has become. I’m glad MacGinnitie responded so Brian’s consultant can drop that line and get off this blog.

  7. AubieTurtle says:

    It makes them both look bad. MacGinnitie really shouldn’t brag about voting in the primary six times during a twenty year period. That indicates skipping ballot box quite a few times. Why should anyone believe he will be a dedicated public servant if most of the time he can’t even be bothered to vote?

    Kemp looks bad because it looks like he’s willing to use his office to gain advantage. While there is nothing illegal about checking out someone’s voting records, they are public record after all, it just looks bad that the one thing that he uses against MacGinnitie is something that is under his newly appointed position’s purview. For the office of the Secretary of State, anything that even smells the slightest bit of using the position for electoral advantage is not a good thing.

    • drjay says:

      depending where he lived and what offices were being contested, that might be perfectly reasonable–sometimes depending on your district there are no contested primaries to vote in…

  8. NonPartisanGA says:

    1) Tyler’s headline is wholly inaccurate. Its not an attack if Kemp correctly points out that his opponent, who wants to lead the Elections Division doesn’t vote very often – it continues to be the uncontested truth. By the way where is the evidence this is a vast Kemp Wing conspiracy to tarnish Macginnitie over an admittedly pathetic record of participation in the elctoral proces.

    2) Inaccurate accusations of “using his office” are disingenuous and precisely one of the reasons Karen Handel stepped down as SOS while running for Governor. Are you actually saying he has to handicap himself and not quote public information because the source is his agency?

    3) Macginnitie is talking about issues? LOL this guy is barely known to the PP crowd. I’ll bet the average Joe on the street doesn’t even know Macginnitie. At least some of them know Kemp.

    4) Many Republicans cross over in the primaries to vote a democrat ballot against Hillary in the presidential preference primary or for local races. What counts is how someone votes in the General Election in which you don’t know for what party they voted.

  9. Glen Ross says:

    Good point at the end about that 2006 Ag race. I forgot he used the same line on Gary Black. Who attacks Gary Black? He’s like the nicest guy in Georgia.

  10. Doug Deal says:

    Reading through these comments, I find it interesting that no one defending Kemp and his negative campaign are willing to reveal their identities. Likely because you are all campaign staff all sharing one computer or one person working under a multiple names.

    Plenty of people have stepped up to defend MacGinnitie who are confident enough to put their good name behind their words.

    More than anything else, the silence of real Kemp defenders is deafening.

    • trainsplz says:

      Dude, you’ll get a pseudonym too if you ever get tired of prospective employers associating you with Thomas the Tank Engine. I’m just sayin’. Some of ’em may be spammers, but welcome to the internets.

        • trainsplz says:

          Guess so, dude. Or it could be that they just think he’s a schmuck for pulling such a boner move, and they’re not shills. Which is a nice thing about PP.

  11. Honestly, I could care less if the person running for office voted in any primary ever. What does it show to have voted in a primary? Really, what does that matter?

    Why not look where the candidates donated money? Or their policy provisions they support? Instead we’ve had two posts turned into discussions of whether or not on candidate votes in primaries and whether one votes Democrat in primaries – again I ask, why does this amount to even an ant hill of beans?

    It means nothing. It is a stupid talking point. And most of you people beating your chests about it are precisely the reason our State and Federal government has gone so far astray. Let’s send the message loud and clear; “We don’t care about your ideas, we don’t care about your voting record in office, we don’t care how many bribes you have taken in office – but if you voted in the wrong primary/didn’t vote in the primary you are toast!”

    Yeah . . that sounds absurd, I think I’ll stick to evaluating candidates by their ideas.

    • GOPGeorgia says:


      I think it means something when you take into consideration if they vote in a primary or which primary they vote in. The reason it’s relevant to me is they are asking us to do something they should have been doing. I like both of these guys and I think the race will get worse, I mean more interesting, before it gets better.

      Agreeing with ideas will come into play while voting, but the first step is to bother to vote.

      • You mean to tell me, you wouldn’t be voting in the primary had Kemp voted Democrat more times than Republican in primaries and Doug had not voted in a Primary in 20 years?

        Call me skeptical, call me cynical, call me obtuse – just don’t call me late to dinner – but I have a hard time believing that. In fact, considering the limited of number of people who vote in general elections I think a SoS who did not vote in primaries could actually be a good thing. It just depends on the reason; perhaps they couldn’t find time to vote and have an idea to increase access. Would that not be a good thing? It’s beside the point really, but I’m just sayin’.

        I don’t have a dog in this race, and neither of them look like Basset Hounds so I’m not going to rush to claim either one with haste. But to me, I could care less if Kemp voted for Clinton or if Doug hasn’t voted in a primary ever. Kemp’s voting record in the legislature and his actions as SOS I will pay attention too. Kemp’s ideas I will pay attention too. Doug’s ideas I will pay attention too.

        I will tell you one thing I WON’T do, and that is to write someone off in a primary simply because they did not vote in primaries prior to last year or so. Especially this year, when all around the country we have seen a backlash – moreso than usual – against career politicians and the entrance into the political arena by a number of average citizens. Going to write all of them off too? It’s silly. All of this is silly white noise on both sides obfuscating the real issues, and I know a thing or two about obfuscating after a semester of law school.

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          For my personal history, I don’t think I’ve ever missed a vote, with one exception. It was a splost vote with no candidates on the ballot and I was sick.

          For a candidate to ask a potential voter to show up and stand inline to vote for him (because it’s important now the HE’S on the ballot) and the candidate hasn’t bothered to vote in previous elections when others were campaigning for that same office just seems hypocritical to me.

          I’ll be voting, regardless, and I will vote for whomever I think will do the best job. And yes, I have pulled the lever for a Dem at least once in my life. I’d just like to have a candidate who thought the election and the office were important before they decided to run. Will it be my deciding factor? Probably not….. but if I really have a hard time deciding between candidates, it might be.

          I’ll be voting in the GOP primary and in November. At some point between now and July, I will be asking both of these candidates about their voting history and why it is the way it is. I don’t plan on reporting my findings. This would be for my personal evaluation. It won’t be my only issue, but it will be a small issue for me.

          • This is why all of this is silly, and I know you are a good guy and a smart guy but this is the only way I know to break it down, so don’t take offense.

            It’s uncontested that MacGinnitie voted in Presidential Preference polling. It’s uncontested that Kemp voted Democrat a few times. Now if someone is willing to go vote in a Presidential Preference Poll, does that make them a hypocrite if they ask you to vote in a primary? I don’t think so. You might, I’ll assume you don’t but if you do – do feel free to correct me.

            And that is why all of this is silly. It’s simply talking points. The sooner we give up on bickering about a stupid point like this, the sooner we can get to talking about policy. I don’t think most voters in November are going to care one bit that a candidate didn’t vote in a primary – they will care about policy. Best vet candidates now over policy, rather than see if they voted in a primary and who for.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            Let me see if I can make it simple enough for you to understand my point. Nothing against you, I am probably not explaining myself well enough. Let’s forget about the word “primary” for a minute. If a person who has never voted (for whatever reason) is now running for an office, don’t you think it’s a tad hypocritical of them to ask you to do something that they weren’t willing to do themselves?

            The facts are that both of these guys have voted before. Doug was concerned with the presidential preference primary, so he voted in that. Good for him. Was he concerned about the SOS office before he started running for it? I don’t know. He may have great reasons for not voting, if in fact he didn’t vote, to decide who the GOP nominee would be…. car wreck the week before, moving, wedding anniversary, and many more things that I can’t think of that may seem it’s ok to miss voting. Brian may have in fact been a Dem. He may have switched parties. He may have voted to get rid of C. McKinney, or there was one person running the local GOP primary on the county level and multiple candidates in the Dem primary. He may have voted for the weakest Dem candidate or he may have been voting for his best friend in High school. I don’t know either of their reasons for what they have done, but I will ask them.

          • I can see where you are coming from – but I’m still not sure I’m willing to subscribe to the theory that anyone who asks you to vote for them when they have never voted before themselves is a hypocrite. Perhaps if they chided or chastised you for not voting, then sure – but to simply ask you? Eh, I’m sorry I just don’t see it that way. But you know, agree to disagree.

            But again – I think given the facts that both sides seem to accept as facts here – that being both have been somewhat active in politics and have voted in the past, I just can not label this whole line of criticism as silly talking points.

            And this isn’t really applicable to you; because I’ve read your comments here and elsewhere – but I’m not sure average Joe Smoe or Sally Jane are capable of seeing past what is spoon fed to them. You shove “Oh so and so didn’t contribute money to X, so and so didn’t vote in Z” – in their face long enough and that becomes the issue. We here can see through that, generally, but not always. This whole issue is being pushed by sock puppet accounts for a reason, and that’s because people like you, me, DD, basically any person here that is a rational voter sees that there are issues more important than someone’s primary voting record.

            I agree with you, if someone is yelling at me telling me I’m a bad citizen because I don’t want to vote in primary – that person is a hypocrite. If they don’t do that and ask me for my vote, that can be viewed as a little hypocritical – but you said it best: that doesn’t remove the issues factor from the equation. And in my mind, the issues far outweigh that.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            In this particular race, I think the ability to do the job effectively may even outweigh the issues. I think they could both do it, but who could do it best? We’ll have to watch to see how Brian does, and try to guess about how Doug might do something differently. The reason I say that is because these guys are not that far apart on issues. They get into debates about who came up with a good idea first.

            The voting thing is not my first priority in this race, in fact, it’s almost last. However, at the end, if I still can’t decide, it could be the tie breaker.

            • Mozart says:

              Ditto. Ron shows he’s not a partisan hack who has spent his time in party crappola. The party organizations are just vehicles for training in how to be petty.

        • HowardRoark says:

          You’re going to find a hard time finding anything redeeming (or really anything at all) in Kemp’s Senate voting record. He didn’t accomplish a thing in there.

          • Guese says:

            Honestly, regardless of when a candidate voted or in what primary he voted in, i couldn’t care less. I agree with Mr. Daniels in that, its not about when and if a candidate voted in a primary, but rather their ideas and what they stand for. Also, in the chance that i might agree with the ideas of both candidates running in my party’s primary, I consider it tactically smart to vote in the opposing party’s primary simply as a means to ensure my party’s candidate has an easier time in the general.

  12. No Fan of Baseball says:

    I’ve met both Brian and Doug. They both seem qualified.

    Brian is a good Georgian through and through. He looks like someone you can trust and take for their word. I think you can trust Brian on a handshake.

    Doug looks like the guy who went to Wall Street and made a ton of money and is looking for an office to buy. I wouldn’t trust him without getting it in writing and reviewed by an attorney.

    That said, most good Georgians understand that from time to time, you have to vote in the other party primary especially when it comes to voting for Sheriff or County Commission. Only in fancy Atlanta is that considered to be something bad.

    As for Doug, I think it’s telling that everyone he served with on City Council has endorsed Brian Kemp. That should say it all right there.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Yeah, that’s a good story, but these were not local elections, these were full blown statewide primaries. Let’s take a look at the folks Brian Kemp voted for and who he took a pass on when he voted D.

      Senator (D)
      Max Clelland – Unopposed (Key Kemp vote)

      Senator (R)
      Paul Broun
      Clint Day
      Bruce Hatfield
      Johnny Isakson
      Guy Milner
      Dean Parkinson

      Not much else going on, non-statewide year

      Governor (D)
      Roy Barnes – Maybe Kemp voted for him here. Will he in 2010?
      Morris James
      Steve Langford
      Lewis Massey
      Carlton Meyers
      David Poythress

      Governor (R)
      Mike Bowers
      Bruce Hatfield
      Guy Millner
      Nancy Schaefer

      Bunch of other non contested Dem races (they were incumbents)

      Bunch of contested Republican races (we had no incumbents)

      No real contested races

      So, Athens county elections (Sheriff) were 2000 and 1996, the years when the major statewide candidates are not running. The year that the ballot was stacked with Republican candidates in competitive races, he votes a straight ticket on uncontested D’s.

      If the Kemp people are going to make a story up, at least make it possible.

    • PaulRevere says:

      Oh, I’ll have to disagree with you there. I’ve only met each candidate once (at convention last year), and had almost the opposite impression. MacGinnitie was very personable and talked with me a while about some licensing issues I’ve been bothered with for a while. Also, seemed to know a lot considering he’s kind of an outside candidate.

      Kemp was aloof and seemed preoccupied with talking to some of the other Senators and Reps there. I asked the same licensing question, and he just directed me to his website (where I didn’t really find anything)

      Both seem like good men, and who knows how this race will shake out. I just wanted to share my experience with both men on here since it was the complete opposite.

    • Glen Ross says:

      Those Sandy Springs endorsements have a lot insider baseball to them. I asked about that from a friend who live in Ashley Jenkins’ district. This person seemed to think one shouldn’t put too much weight in those.

    • No Fan of Baseball, Your argument is insane. Really, this whole argument is just stupid.

      Doug MacGinnitie has been in this race probably longer than anyone else. He’s a stand up guy, a staunch conservative and person who uniquely understands the dynamics of the position he is seeking.

      When everyone said Doug who?, he was beating the pavement meeting politicos and activists from all corners of the state. He invested enormous sweat capital and financial resources in his candidacy. He is seeking an ELECTED position.

      I would bet at no time was he ever considered the front runner by a poll. However, running for SoS, being a front runner in December wasn’t a big deal. There are many months and many miles of campaigning to do. At the end of the day he would be judged by the voters.

      In December, the Governor became a real game changer. By APPOINTMENT he became a king maker. So, a candidate has a choice to make. Does he “quit” and give up on his vision and beliefs or does he continue forward? Doug chose the latter.

      To me, this seemingly lame attack basically says Doug must be what I had sensed from my several visits with him; an honest and straightforward person who campaigns with vision and passion. I believe in his integrity and his confidence in what he is seeking. He’s a good man.

      Politics is an interesting animal. I’ve seen it build alliances with arch enemies to malign and destroy people for self serving purposes. I certainly hope this race does not evolve into that dynamic.

      Why not do a job well and be judged on the merits of one’s performance? SoS Kemp was given a gift, he only has to build on it and let his work speak for itself. I’m confident he is honorable and as capable as MacGinnitie. This isn’t the race to breed hostility.

      • Part-Time Atlanta says:

        I agree. You might want to send that memo to Kemp’s advisors. Trashing other Republicans to win at all costs seems to be their mantra. Ask Gary Black. I remember Kemp calling him a “liberal lobbyist” during the Agriculture runoff and sending out flyers that said the same. During the general, Tommy Irvin took his queue from Kemp and kept up the same line of attack.

        • polisavvy says:

          At some point all this trashing becomes ridiculous and annoying. If there are valid reasons, real meat and potato issues/reasons, to trash an opponent, then go for it. Let people know what matters; otherwise, the trashing makes a candidate look desperate.

    • Mozart says:

      “Doug looks like the guy who went to Wall Street and made a ton of money and is looking for an office to buy.”

      Wow. So now Republican supporters of Kemp (a wealthy guy by the way) have taken to dissing a person who worked hard and was successful and earned some good money when someone else (not a Wall Street firm) bought-out his firm?

      You sound like a danged Socialist-Commie whiny -itch. People in politics are so stupid, no wonder our government is going to pot.

  13. old political pro says:

    I had to look this up myself since it’s clear this doug deal guy is a ridiculous blowhard.

    MacGinnitie did not vote in the Republican primary in 1988. Note his careful phrasing above, very worthy of that law degree. This is just getting more amateurish by the minute.

    and….this is interesting…..he voted in the 1992 Democrat Presidential Preference…..hmmm… who was on that ballot…..

    DD, for those of us in rural ga, let me clue you in. Local races aren’t just sheriffs. they are county commissioners, district attorneys, a range of local races. you’re such a damn idiot. please stop proving it in every single post.

    Doug Macginnitie has something to offer, but he’s got to get the ego in check and play his cards smarter. He cannot compete in gop credentials, support or on the campaign trail in this race with Kemp.

    Just today alone, Kemp got more stories in more papers in GA than MacGinnitie has gotten since the start of the campaign. It’s over guys. Look to the future.

    • Doug Deal says:

      You guys were the one that brought up voting on Sheriff. It was a red herring, and you know it.

      Kemp did not vote D in just one race here in there, it was several in a row, going back even before my records (1996).

      Interesting that you make such a case about being from a “rural county”. Sounds like the trash someone from Fulton or Dekalb would write for “street cred”.

      And still, forever we wait for anyone to step forward and actually put their good name behind Kemp. The world waits. (Really, why is this so hard?)

  14. foray says:

    Also- who really cares what primary Brian voted in-

    I know lots of Republicans who now bankroll GOP campaigns whose names can be found on Zell Miller/Mark Taylor/Sam Nunn disclosures

  15. ByteMe says:

    I actually think it’s a net positive that he is more interested in voting for who he wants to vote for instead of voting for the party. The Parties are part of the problem. People who put “Party First” are a MAJOR part of the problem.

  16. Camden Conservative says:

    Let the Georgia voters decide. Kemp was not the people’s pick. He was appointed, and the voters deserve to have a voice in the matter.

    Hang tough MacGinnitie! There are a lot of people who are supporting you.

  17. BuckheadConservative says:

    Interesting how Doug’s supporters keep talking him up, and Kemp’s supporters keep talking about how they don’t want him running. Either way, everyone is talking about Doug MacGinnitie. This is great.

  18. poliglam says:

    I believe it’s important to know the caliber of person running for election. When you read the press release, it seems clear that Doug is not the high class person that has been said over and over above. The bottom line is, whether or not Kemps campaign had correct information, Doug should have corrected the supposed wrongs and left the mud slinging to the other team- if he is as “stand up” as you all believe. But alas, he did not. He continued on with the name calling and personal vendetta against Kemp…

    • Doug Deal says:

      Kemp didn’t have correct information? That’s classic, as it is half his job to compile and make sure that information is correct.

      What kind of SoS do we have that cannot count votes properly?

      So, basically, you are you saying that we are to be the next lauging stock in elections under a Kemp regieme.

  19. poliglam says:

    Did you read what I say?

    I believe Kemp did have correct information- and it’s easy to check that since it is public record after all.

    But my comment said WHETHER OR NOT, as in what matters most is that Doug MacGinnitie response was not a civil and mature response in a situation where he should have been the bigger person- especially since he doesn’t play the “politics” game.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Yeah, get’s his buddy to appoint him SoS to short-circuit the election process and he isn’t playing politics. His information was completely wrong, and your “massaging” of facts will not change that.

      Kemp is known for his character assasinations of his opponents, and in fact he brags about in an interview in one of his previous election victories.

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