MacGinnitie Endorsed By Cobb 912 Project.

Received via email:

“After researching the platforms and background of the 2010 Secretary of State candidates, Doug MacGinnitie was the obvious choice. Doug is not a career politician, but an entrepreneur and business owner who wants to make a difference in our government by applying sound, real-world principles,” stated Tricia Pridemore, chairman of the Cobb County 912 Project. “The office of Georgia Secretary of State is critical to holding free and honest elections. Doug understands the principles needed to secure our electoral process, and we trust him to uphold the pledge and commitments he’s made to Georgia voters.”

The 9-12 Project was formed by Glenn Beck in an effort to remind Americans of the way they felt on September 12th, 2001 in the aftermath of September 11th. The national effort focuses on the need for Americans to unite to return to the basic values and principles of our Founding Fathers. The Founding Fathers built America upon 28 powerful principles, and the 9-12 Project distilled the original 28 down to nine basic principles and 12 values. Among the nine principles are commitments to the ideas that God is at the center of my life, America is good, the family is sacred, the government answers to me and everyone should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

“I am honored and humbled to have received the endorsement of the Cobb County 912 Project” stated MacGinnitie. “I share their commitment to conservative values and principled leadership. This endorsement is affirmation that conservative Georgians value sound business principles and are hungry for new leadership with a track record of success in the private sector.”


  1. I Am Jacks Post says:

    “Doug is not a career politician, but an entrepreneur and business owner . . . . and a grassroots activist that didn’t vote in a GOP primary for almost 20 years.”

    Still waiting for Icarus’s take on Doug’s inability to make it to the polls for almost two decades.

    • macho says:

      I’ve never heard of this group, but find it interesting that they would pick a guy who cares so little about returning to the values of our Founding Fathers that he hasn’t bothered to vote in a primary for 20 years.

      I didn’t know about Doug’s voting problem until you mentioned it. It’s always ironic when candidates go out and ask for hard-earned votes, when they’ve consistently missed voting themselves. I can see missing a vote here and there, but 20 years; that’s ridiculous. What does he say during his stump speech, “Voting in primaries has never been important until I’ve graced the people of the Georgia with my name on the ballot.”

    • NonPartisanGA says:

      Is this true? Are you actually saying a candidate to run Elections as Secretary of State has never cast a vote on those evil touch screen devices?

      To be a candidate you have to be registered to vote, but with 45 days of advance voting, and absentee ballots, he can’t find the time or make the decision on who to cast a vote for?

      What happens when he faces a tough decision: paper or plastic….

      • old political pro says:

        everyone knows that towery is a buffoon. yet even he is outdone by the pompous rants on here.

        as my 13 year old says, what ever.

    • Glen Ross says:

      Thread jack much? Seems like you’re just a Kemp troll trying to rain on MacGinnitie’s good news. I’m not familiar with the Cobb 912, but groups like that tend to be more effective than the traditional party players who are afraid to get their hands dirty.

      Congrats to MacGinnitie.

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    That statement is completely false. Please make your arguments based on facts, not rumors or false statements.

    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      Doug did not vote in the 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006 GOP primaries. He voted in the 2008 GOP primary, no doubt because he planned to run for office.

      • macho says:

        That’s not going to be good for Doug. I remember they gave Coverdell a hard enough time for missing one election, twenty years worth is beyond pathetic for a statewide candidate. I don’t see how you could ask for somebody’s primary vote with a straight face. Sometimes it’s a pain for us peons to go wait in line and vote. I’m not going to vote for someone in a primary who hasn’t cared enough about the primary process to cast a fricken vote. Like you said, I’m not counting 2008, because I’m sure at the point he was planning on running.

        A lot of times candidates will campaign on “reforming the process,” “fixing the system” or returning to the “values of our founding fathers;” but shoot Doug, you’ve got to vote before you can fix the system or complain about “politics as usual.”

  3. a says:

    What? It must be true…Brian Kemp printed it up on a flyer. Oh wait, maybe when he was spending his first days in office snooping around his opponent’s voting record (but really, he’s not running scared… didn’t need that leg up from Sonny at all…) he should have made sure to spell his name correctly. Those four syllable words can be tough, though.
    But apparently IAJP also has access to the voting records? Hmm…

    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      You, Sir, are an idiot. Anyone can access voting records.

      Here’s how: Purchase a voter list account and do a search for “1 of 10 GOP primary” voters. It’ll return Doug’s name.

        • I Am Jacks Post says:

          And your silly allegation that Kemp spent his first days in office trying to piece together Doug’s voting history is equally unnecessary.

          • AlanR says:

            Its easier than Jacks Post says. Just go to the local election office and ask. I’m not sure the state system has the time depth the local board does, but its there. And its free.

            And since when is checking a candidates record snooping? Better to know before than find out when its too late.

            As for Jack’s rudeness, I think his response was appropriate. Your comments make it clear who’s an idiot.

    • NonPartisanGA says:

      Not sure what “A” could be short for but voting records are public record, there is no need to snoop. I guess it’s hard to misspell A.

  4. sandysprings says:

    If Doug wants to run our elections, then he might want to review the part about living in your district while you are representing that district. Doug sold his house in District 1 on October 30, 2009 and closed on his new home on 09/30/2009. Yet I believe he still voted in District 1 Sandy Springs in the November election. I could be wrong on the voting since he doesn’t seem to vote all that often.

    • Doug Deal says:

      It also appears that Kemp is nothing but a very nasty and negative person using sock puppets to attack his opponent on irrelevant issues.

      Perhaps our SOS should actually stand for election instead of working to short circuiting the voters out of the process with the governor.

      If this is the way GOP politics is going to work, staying home during the primaries might have been the right thing to do.

  5. a says:

    Being less than fully informed does not make one an idiot. Merely uninformed. I learned something this evening and freely admit that. But rudeness is almost never appropriate–and certainly was not in this case.

  6. Doug Deal says:

    I do not know what is more pathetic, trying to blow MacGinnitie’s primary voting record into an issue, or the fact that Kemp and his sock puppets cannot even get those facts correct.

    MacGinnitie voted in the following primary elections:

    1996 Presidential R
    1996 Primary R
    1996 Primary Runoff R
    2000 Presidential R
    2008 Presidential R
    2008 Primary R

    Further, he voted in every general election since 1996 and even a local/special elections in 2007.

    Is this the accurate type of vote tallying that we should expect from Brian Kemp (shudder)?

    What’s funny is that you geniuses never bothered to look at Kemp’s voting record. In ’96, 98 and 2000, he voted in the D primaries. Is he actually a Republican or did he suddenly awaking to being a Republican because it became the only way to achieve higher office after the GOP took over in the early 2000’s?

    1996 Primary Runoff R
    2000 Presidential R
    2008 Presidential R
    2008 Primary R

    • sandysprings says:

      The problem in Sandy Springs is that he didn’t vote in the Incorporation election or the election for the first District 1 representative. When he subsequently got elected, his goal was to become Mayor of Sandy Springs. When it was pointed out that he didn’t vote in the incorporation and thus it would be difficult to run for Mayor, he chose to run for Insurance Commissioner. Then realized, he couldn’t divest himself of “stocks” to run for that. looked for other opportunities and settled on SOS. My problem with Doug has always been the attitude. He has always felt that he had to be at a higher office. Not because of any big idea, but because he considers himself very important.

      • Doug Deal says:

        Kemp ran for Agriculture commissioner with no agriculture experience. Perhaps he wants to serve and make Georgia better for him and his family? Why can you attack him on this and ignore Kemp? Either it is ok for both or wrong for both? Which is it?

      • Glen Ross says:

        Your man has endorsements. Why don’t you talk about those instead of all this fabricated nonsense?

        It seems every time MacGinnitie has some good news come out, PP gets a brand new commenter who is anti-him. Looks suspicious. Most of the time it’s just rumor and smut. Never anything good about Kemp.

        • Doug Deal says:

          Kemp voted in every Dem primary he could get his hands on until he felt the winds of change in 2002. Republican or opportunist? Don’t answer that, it was rhetorical, as we all already know that answer.

      • HowardRoark says:

        So that’s your attempt to thwart Doug’s momentum from this endorsement? Make up another screen name for yourself, pull an elaborate story out of thin air, and post it on peachpundit? Get real, man.

        Since seem to know a lot of information, please explain to me why Brian Kemp decided to run for Secretary of State instead of mounting a primary challenge to Paul Broun like he was asking around about in late ’08? Was he afraid that unseating an incumbent would be too hard?

    • I Am Jacks Post says:

      A “presidential preference” is not the GOP primary, Doug Deal. That’s why they’re listed separately on every voter list. And that’s why any voter file–or County record–features them separately. And the fact that Doug managed to show up for a presidential preference is no noble effort–it’s like going to church on Easter and Christmas. Even the heathens do that.

  7. BuckheadConservative says:

    The good thing about endorsements like this are they, more so than those from politicians, give you a feel for where the grassroots are in a race. One of these is worth 10 from elected officials.

    • old political pro says:

      these macginnitie supporters on here continue to live in some kind of alternate reality fantasy land. it’s sad.

      • BuckheadConservative says:

        Nope. Nothing sad here. I’m happy to be supporting Doug in this race. He’s a smart businessman, a conservative, and a great guy. We need more people like him in politics. Looks like the 912 folks agree with me.

  8. Rick Day says:

    OK so this group endorses Mgingngygnguyee?

    The Founding Fathers built America upon 28 powerful principles, and the 9-12 Project distilled the original 28 down to nine basic principles

    In other words, they left out a bunch of stuff that didn’t match their ideology. How..convenient.

    and 12 values.

    Always Values at WalMart™. Always.

    Among the nine principles are commitments to the ideas that God is at the center of my life,

    ACK! What? where is this mythical ‘center’ of ones life? I thought ya’lls god was EVERYWHERE?

    America is good,

    …and beholdin’ to the Bank of China D:

    the family is sacred,

    Huh?..Oh yeah…BUT IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN. Right…sacred…

    the government answers to me


    and everyone should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    Except black peoples.

    Great endorsement. He embraces crap, ergo he is a crap candidate. Unfortunately, they mostly all are.

    So…Bawlin’ Beck’s Gang of Christers™ endorses Mr. Unpronounceable.

    *tosses confetti* Next post…

    • ByteMe says:

      Anything started or inspired by Glenn Beck is by necessity going to be intellectually shallow and emotionally inspirational. Ever see a really good tent show revival? Same thing. Lots of emotion that falls apart under any intellectual scrutiny.

  9. Rick Day says:

    and PS..if you can call Snuggles™ by that name, you can call this guy Mr. Unpronounceable.

    fair, balanced, deflects a bit of Pete’s racism, etc….

  10. HowardRoark says:

    Cobb County is a key county. This could be a big help. Good to see folks lining up behind Mr. MacGinnitie. He deserves it.

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