Oxendine: Withdraw And Resign

When At First The Ox Does Not Succeed, He Must Fail, Fail Again.

John Oxendine’s first attempt to shake down Lynn Westmoreland didn’t go so well. The result was a bit of a political dust up and mostly just a little more embarrassment to a man that apparently has no shame.

But instead of leaving well enough alone, Ox has decided to double down on stupid, and has drawn many others into the PR debacle surrounding his investigation into the failed Southeastern US Insurance, formerly owned by Clark Fain. Fox5 in Atlanta ran a story this week showing that many Georgia politicians, including Governor Sonny Perdue, have enjoyed hunting trips complete with flights to them on Fain’s private plane.

Behind the scenes, some are getting nervous about the reflection on the Republican party as a whole, and it was under this guise that Matt Towery called Congressman Westmoreland last week emphatically telling him he had to drop his claims against Oxendine. Towery documented the number of politicians connected with SEUS and numerous claims were made about the issue taking the whole party down. For the good of the party, Lynn needed to stand down.

The curious thing about this phone call, however, is that it was made from the office of one John Oxendine. According to two of my sources, Oxendine was in the room and listened to the call.

This story grows even more bizarre when put into context with this Insider Advantage story that Matt Towery suffered a head wound a couple of weeks ago, and almost died. The story includes this surreal paragraph indicating that a team of old line Republicans apparently are credited with his ongoing medial care:

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (for whom Towery served as political chairman during his years as Speaker), former Senator Mattingly, and current Senator Johnny Isakson (with whom Towery is very close) have basically joined legislators such as former Speaker Mark Burkhalter and former Rules Chair Earl Ehrhart to see to it that Towery makes a full recovery. Former Governor Roy Barnes intervened as well to assist Towery as did Attorney General Baker. Speaker Ralston and former Speaker Richardson also both assisted.

The story seems to be placed as pre-emptive damage control, as the incident happened “several weeks ago”, but the call to Westmoreland happened one week ago, and the IA story ran Monday. After all, Towery was suffering from a concussion, and he’s beloved by the old Republican guard. So, let’s just pretend the call didn’t happen and call a do-over I guess…

The question remains as to why Towery allowed himself to be dragged into the middle of this. He generally is considered to be a bright man, and understands that Ox is on the verge of toxic. So why was Towery calling a Congressman who gave exactly one interview on this topic weeks ago asking him to stand down? Why was this call made with Oxendine present?

I guess if I was being asked these questions, I would add Dick Pettys’ name to a story I wrote claiming I had a bad head injury too.

It should be clear to all now who are paying attention that Oxendine is no longer interested in serving the people of Georgia, but is instead interested in how the power of his office can serve him. Stories like this are beyond embarrassing, and when the story behind the story comes out, it always gets worse.

It is time for State Republican leaders, elected and grass roots alike, to say enough to John Oxendine. He should resign as Insurance Commissioner, and he should withdraw from the Governor’s race.


  1. Republican Lady says:

    Why aren’t members of the Republican party and elected Republican officials asking Oxendine to step down? Why aren’t they closing their ranks against him? It is disgustingly arrogant of Oxendine to have Towery make the call so that Ox can listen to both sides. When is Westmoreland going to say enough and file ethics charges against Ox?

    • polisavvy says:

      I have wondered that for weeks. Does no one in the party have the balls to do it? What are they afraid of? Does Ox have stuff on every single person in the party? I don’t get it. He’s totally toxic. He is totally devoid of ethics. He needs to just go away and the sooner the better. I wonder how his drones are going to spin this one?

  2. Mozart says:

    I don’t quite understand this story. Some pieces are definitely missing, and the pieces that appear to be in a solid enough position for you to write about do not appear to coherently “fit” into any logical sequence of events. I hope the real story will have many more pieces in it.

      • Mozart says:

        The statement regarding Lynn Westmoreland receiving a call from Towery while the Ox was in the room on Towery’s side of the call. From whence does that part of this story come from? What source? I see no links from Icarus to any source, thus the “pieces” that are missing, Poli.

        • polisavvy says:

          Oh yes, Obie Wan Kenobi, I see the error of my ways. (I told you I wasn’t feeling well). You are correct. Who observed this call? Maybe we’ll find out very soon. Be patient, my child. LOL!! (A little Star Wars humor — maybe very little humor, depending on your mood). 😉

          • Mozart says:

            I played-off your Star Wars humor comment. Yoda once said “Do or do not, there is no try.”

            You said “Maybe we’ll find out soon.” I played-off of that with a “Will or will not be, there is no maybe.

            Get it now? 🙂

          • polisavvy says:

            All kidding aside, if Ox knows stuff regarding “politicians connected with SEUS and numerous claims were made about the issue taking the whole party down,” wouldn’t you like to know who those politicians are? I certainly do. Who knows, if Ox has anything on anyone, I believe he’ll start singing like a canary if anyone approaches him about resigning or stepping aside, don’t you?

        • IndyInjun says:

          Frankly, from doing battle with Icarus for years now and knowing some of his alliances, I don’t see any reason for him to write what he wrote unless he knows what he is talking about.

          My thought on reading it was that it had to have hurt to have written it.

          My second was that it is time for the folks in Towery’s alliances to move on and do more quail hunting. Georgians are in dire need of new blood on the GOP side.

          • Mozart says:

            Sorry if I dare question what may be assumed to be obvious to you and others on this site. I just found it strange for Icarus to have links out to some stories, but no disclosure on how he came to have this piece of the story…which anyone would admit, is the whole story that could have been written by itself.

          • IndyInjun says:

            Oh, I thought your point was well made. It was my impression, too, before I read the details of Towery’s accident in the posted linked article.

            My read on Icarus is that he’s gotten damned tired of defending folks who have been pointed out to be fake Republicans, especially when confronted with inside knowledge that they are all one all-too-cozy gang.

        • macho says:

          If you made every reporter reveal his sources, you’d probably eliminate most of the major political news stories in our nation’s history. It took Woodard over 30 years to name Deep Throat.

          • Republican Lady says:

            Nixon tried very hard to squash the Watergate story but Woodard stood up to him and refused to be put off. We are the better for the news reporting and we need that same type of courageous reporting now about Ox and whatever and whoever is connected to his staying power.

            We need to know who is protecting Ox. Are the state and feds investigating him on any of the charges that have been in the paper? If not, why not?

        • polisavvy says:

          They are and perhaps I will do so. Have been a bit under the weather this week. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do just that.

  3. IndyInjun says:

    Behind the scenes, some are getting nervous about the reflection on the Republican party as a whole

    The Truth hurts.

    Strange how the most arguably corrupt Georgia statewide office holder actually has enough leverage over party ‘leaders’ through knowledge of their own questionable activities to make such a phone call happen.

    It speaks volumes.

  4. fishtail says:

    Don’t you guys realize by now that the OX doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the GOP leadership in Georgia. He got where he is by operating outside the GOP party apparatus and he has no respect for or fear of supposed party big-wigs. He sees himself as David vs. Goliath when it comes to the GA GOP. And if lightning strikes and he wins the Governor’s race, what a circus it will be.

  5. Republican Lady says:

    I just don’t get it. Party leaders, where are you and where is your leadership? Why are you allowing Oxendine to do this? Why aren’t you closing ranks? What are you scared of, that he might turn on you?

    • IndyInjun says:

      How many spoke out against Richardson? Why didn’t they?

      As for speaking against Ox, many too busy are supporting Nathan Deal, who 1) is a turncoat, 2) is on the list of Most Corrupt Members of Congress in the company of Charlie Rangel, and 3) has a totally anti REPUBLICAN voting record in Congress.

      The Tea Party gang has a point.

      I believe in REPUBLICAN principles but the party’s elected officials turn my stomach.

      • polisavvy says:

        They appear to all be spineless at this point. Those who spoke out or against Richardson received his wrath. Those who didn’t are raising all sorts of questions with people like us as to why they didn’t. Also, I have a question, how many people do you think knew of Ox’s tactics and chose to overlook it for fear of reprisal or retaliation? Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

        • macho says:

          I don’t think it’s being spineless, I think they’re balancing their issues with Ox versus Reagan’s 11th Commandment. Most that I’ve spoken with, feel it’s up to the candidates in the Primary to “fight it out.” I think it speaks volume that not a single elected official or party leader is supporting Oxendine. The people who know him well, know what a disaster he would be as Governor.

          Between the latest news of Ox describing his shakedown techniques in his political speeches and his encounters with Westmoreland, he needs to go. Normally, I wouldn’t blame the GOP officials for not getting involved, but Ox is such an extreme doofus, that it’s time for extreme measures. He’s stupid and unethical.

          While it might be unprecedented, I believe a petition should be signed asking him to drop out of the race. Perhaps is can say something like, “While we might disagree on who the next Republican nominee for Governor should be, we are united in who the nominee should not be: John Oxendine. In light of the recent revelation, John Oxendine should withdraw from the GOP Primary. If not, we implore GOP voters to not vote for him.”

          The Gov, Lt. Gov, Speaker, Both Senators, all Congressmen, all statewide officials, State Legislators, etc. should sign the petition. Believe it or not, I don’t think it would be all that difficult.

  6. ZazaPachulia says:

    Remember folks, this is a blog. Peach Pundit, as useful as it may be, is not a professional journalistic source.

    I’m not saying that Icarus is lying, exaggerating or taking some poetic liberties… What I am saying is remember the source.

    Still, Icarus is right about Oxendine needing to go.

    He’s leading the charge to turn one of the nation’s reddest states blue in what is starting to look like a nationwide banner year for the G.O.P.

    I’m never going to take posts like this as Gospel truth, but I am convinced that Georgia conservatives (like myself) need to get behind new, ethical and competent leaders… Looking at this year’s list of governor candidates, there’s only one who really fits that bill.

    What do we need to do get people behind Austin Scott?

    (and no, I’m not being paid by his campaign nor do I have the means to send him a real contribution)

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      Oxendine’s leading the charge I mean… Not Icarus.

      It’s The Ox (and Real. Deal. and Karen Handel and Eric Johnson) who are determined to turn Georgia blue in 2010.

    • IndyInjun says:

      I’m not saying that Icarus is lying, exaggerating or taking some poetic liberties… What I am saying is remember the source.

      How can i forget him? He has been on my case ever since I came to PP.

      He hasn’t turned on these people, mentioning some of his own allies by name and within context, without reason.

      Just because he hates my guts (he has plenty of company BTW – I laugh it off – it always comes with the turf) doesn’t mean I don’t pay heed to what he writes.

    • Progressive Dem says:

      “He’s leading the charge to turn one of the nation’s reddest states blue in what is starting to look like a nationwide banner year for the G.O.P.”

      The way things currently stand, the electorate is going to bite incumbants regardless of party identification. People are frustrated that government is not finding solutions to problems. People are frustrated because real wages have fallen and are lower in 2008 than they were in 2000. People are sick of hot air sound bites and the inability to colaborate on workable solutions.

      In Georgia, Barnes has a chance because the GOP has done such a lousy job of governing. The Go Fish governor and frat boy Speaker are examples of incompetence and arrogance – two of the characteristics that are really aggrivating voters. See lack of progress in transportation, education and water as prime examples of state government not working to solve problems.

      Despite his lack of judgement and ethics problems, Oxendine holds a relatively obscure position, and is barely on the radar screen of most voters at this time. The point is that voters are angry and they aren’t even paying attention to Oxendine’s problems. With eight years of nothing from Purdue and Richardson’s forced resignation, the atmosphere for Republicans in Georgia is already suspect. All Republicans are going to have to differentiate themselves from the past eight years in which nothing seemed to get done, and decent behavior seemed to have disappeared.

    • AlanR says:

      As much as it pains me to say this — I trust Icarus a whole lot more than the real media. He has his agenda, but he’s open and proud of it. But he’s still straight with everyone. He may have been set up, but it must have been a real Academy Award performance.

    • South Fulton Guy says:

      Maybe you should tell Austin Scott that backing wacko legislation for an unfunded mandate to have Georgia to go backward to paper ballots is not the way to garner support.

      With current budget shortfalls where will the state find the tens of millions of dollars to implement a statewide voting system, or is his plan to shove the cost down the throats of 159 counties who also have budget woes to fund?

      Is Georgia really ready for hanging chads and results the next day instead of the same night? What’s next using an abacus instead of a computer to tabulate results?

      Legislators Introduce Bill To Eliminate Touch Screen Voting Machines In Georgia
      Wednesday, a group of legislators in the Georgia House introduced a bill that would replace touch screen voting with paper ballots for future elections.

      The legislation known as House Bill 1215 is co-sponsored by Republicans Timothy Bearden, Bobby Franklin, Austin Scott and Barry Loudermilk. Democrat Karla Drenner is also listed as a sponsor of the bill.


      02/17/10 – House First Readers

      First Reader Summary
      A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Chapter 2 of Title 21 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to primaries and elections generally, so as to eliminate the use of direct recording electronic voting systems and voting machines in primaries and elections in this state; to provide for certain audits of results; to provide that persons 70 years of age or older may vote an absentee ballot without waiting in line; to provide for manual recounts of optical scan ballots; to provide for related matters; to provide an effective date and for applicability; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.

      • benevolus says:

        That’s a pretty uninformed comment.

        “Technology” doesn’t automatically mean “forward”, so “paper ballots does not necessarily mean “backward”.

        This legislation should make Scantron type ballots more widely used. Absentee and provisional ballots are already Scantron, so at least some of the equipment exists and the technology is well tested and understood.

        The cost issue is a function of the error that was made by implementing a system that could not be audited. If we’re going to be concerned about the cost, perhaps we shouldn’t bother to have elections at all. They are very expensive. That’s extreme, but if we ARE going to have elections, we should make sure we are counting the votes correctly.

        There are no hanging chads with Scantron, and where does it say we need results instantaneously? That is a false criteria only made possible by the un-auditable machines in the first place.

      • polisavvy says:

        Just so you know, the only reason he is suggesting this is because with the voting machines we presently use, there is no paper trial. Other states have machines where paper ballots are used that have no issues with hanging chad because it is a type of scantron. (Just so you know the plural of chad is chad, there is no “s” on the end). The expense would be minimal since many counties have those already for absentee ballots.

        • Personally, I’d like to see an electronic system like we currently use but with the addition of a small printer added so that there’s at least a paper trail. After a bit of thought, I’m not sure whether I’d favor printing the actual candidates the person voted for or a bar code or a confirmation number or whatever, and who would be responsible for holding on to those. I guess a QR code would probably be best (similar to a bar code) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_Code – so that only authorized people / systems could decode them to determine how an individual voted… and this would be deposited into a sealed box of some sort that could be opened and scanned later if results needed to be verified. Just a thought…

          • polisavvy says:

            Great thought, David Staples. The reasoning behind Representative Scott even wanting this was to create a paper trial. Presently there is none. Your idea would work as well provided it could be used on the scantron-type machines that most of the counties already have; otherwise, there would be an additional expense that most counties can’t afford.

  7. ZazaPachulia says:

    (by the way, Scott is unliked by the Republican power structure in the General Assembly and he has been taking Oxendine to task)

    • polisavvy says:

      This is so true Zaza! He bucked Glenn Richardson last year and was stripped of a committee chairmanship. I do believe he has shown he has a pair (which is more than I can say for others).

      • YossarianLives says:

        Wait one second…. Are you talking about current Speaker Ralston, who was stripped of his committee chairmanship when he stood up to then Speaker Richardson? Rep. Scott supported Speaker Richardson, and did until the very end. Rep. Scott was chairman of the Governmental Affairs committee until he resigned that post shortly in the Speaker Ralston era, with the premise that he wanted to focus on his campaign for governor.


        • ZazaPachulia says:

          Again, consider the source…

          If Rep. Scott really wrote that (complete with the juvenile Russell Crowe movie reference and the signature) I will vote for Poythress in the Dem primary and then cast my vote for King Roy in the general election along with the majority of Georgians.

          Scott is remains the only viable candidate worth my vote in the Republican primary field… and as a conservative, that makes me sick to my stomach (not that Austin is bad, but that the rest of the state party is in such terrible shape).

          This really is what an Ox-Handel-Johnson race means: thinking conservative voters are going to abandon the Ga. GOP in 2010

          • ZazaPachulia says:

            ‘scuse me… That should read “Ox-Handel-Johnson-Real.Deal.” race.

            The four Ga. GOP front-runners are a collective nightmare.

            Given the choice between those four, who wouldn’t give George Perdue a third term, let alone Roy a second?

        • polisavvy says:

          After he bucked Richardson he was, in fact, stripped of his chairmanship position of the Governmental Affairs committee. He did get the position back and remained in that position until he resigned in order to run for Governor. The point I was trying to make was that he bucked Richardson, lost the position, and got it back. He obviously hit a nerve with Richardson and that was Richardson’s retaliation. As for him resigning that position, to me it was a sound decision because the position needs your undivided attention and running for Governor would take away from that much needed attention. At least he has not quit the position that he was elected to fulfill.

      • Capt. Jack Sparrow says:

        Sorry poli notso savvy, but your facts are wrong. Austin “Richardson Yesterday Today & Tommorow” Scott lost no Chairmanship. It’s public record. He was the Committe Chair until he recently resigned.

        • AnyoneElse2010 says:

          You are so wrong. I worked at the capitol when he lost his chairmanship. You need to look at your facts.

          • macho says:

            Austin lost his Chairmanship for a symbolic week; this was not a Tom Grave’s situation. He was given the Committee Chairmanship back by Richardson, because Richardson liked Austin a lot. As a matter of fact, when Graves was sent to the wilderness, permanently, it created a lot of discontent among the House members, due to Richardson’s inconsistent treatment of Graves versus Scott.

            As Sparrow stated, he was the Committee Chair until he recently resigned.

  8. polisavvy says:

    My favorite Oxendine quote: “If I am going to stick a knife in you I am going to do it up front in your chest, I am never going to do it in your back. You will always see it coming.” Nice. Very nice, indeed.

    • IndyInjun says:

      Gosh that bring’s to mind Ralph Reed’s line – “I want to be invisible. I do guerrilla warfare. I paint my face and travel at night. You don’t know it’s over until you’re in a body bag.”

      I will never forget the look on Reed’s face when he met me.


      I think Ox is more likely to run me down in a Crown Vic. Reed would like to be riding shotgun.

  9. Three Jack says:

    ox will not resign because he has no chance in the real world. can you imagine buying insurance from a squeaky voiced snake like him?

    and he shows the jelliness of his spine if icarus’ report is true. he can’t handle legitimate criticism from a colleague in his own political party…does GA really want him negotiating with AL, FL and TN over water rights?

  10. If so much were not at risk, I’d like to see Oxendine win the primary just so he could lose in the general. Alas, we don’t have such luxury.

    Do you know what people below the gnat line think when they hear of stuff like this? That we can’t trust people from above the gnat line no more. That bodes well for essentially three candidates in the GOP primary.

  11. Bvu says:

    Putting the self-interest of power over the interests of our Party and the State……This is kind of like sitting and watching Pat Swindall in the ’80s. We’ve never learned from Speaker Gingrich’s take on how to build a governing majority. This is quite an election cycle; at a time when we should be able to consolidate legislative gains by promoting fiscal discipline and open and honest government, self-interested “standard bearers like the Insurance Commissioner can take us all down.

  12. ZazaPachulia says:

    well, if people below the gnat line would wake up and realize that Eric “School Voucher” Johnson is not a legitimate candidate, we’d be in a much better position…

    And the Ox would be a lot closer to having the front door hitting him on the backside.

    • gasurvivor says:

      What? This coming from someone who just sang the praises of Austin “Awkward” Scott.

      Johnson is far more legitimate than Scott in EVERY imaginable measure.

      • AnyoneElse2010 says:

        Just cause Johnson can crack a joke every now and then in a debate doesn’t make him a far more legitimate candidate. Just because he tries to degrade the average Georgia voter’s intelligence by thinking if he says jobs 100 times we will vote for him does not make his a legitimate candidate. I’ve seen two debates, the one at UGA and the one at the Beacon, and I don’t think that he has answer two questions asked of him. I mean seriously this man at the Beacon said that Sonny Purdue has done a great job. I think him and Karen ought to be thrown out of this race based purely on their inability to see the wrong that Sonny has done.

        • Republican Lady says:

          From your perspective, what has Sonny done wrong? I’m not defending him, I just want to see how you think.

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        oh really? Have you looked at their platforms?

        Anyone who staked their political future on the hair-brained non-starter concept of school vouchers has no business running this state.

        Just because Johnson has backed off of the vouchers a little and has begun screaming “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” at the top of his lungs does not mean he’s legitimate or capable.

        • gasurvivor says:

          1. Experience
          2. Fundraising
          3. Polls
          4. Presence (where Scott lacks the most, in my opinion)

          I am no Johnson supporter by any means, but saying Awkward Scott is more legitimate than him is laughable at best.

          • polisavvy says:

            To say that Austin Scott is awkward is sort of a personal attack. I didn’t know he needed to be a stand-up comedian. I’ve heard him debate, I’ve seen him give speeches, and I’ve had the opportunity to speak with him. Let’s look at your criteria number by number: (1) experience — you don’t think that 14 years of legislative experience is enough, plus you don’t think that him running a successful business is enough; (2) as far as fundraising goes, he ain’t done yet (once the session ends, his money will go up); (3) polls, really? You mean the polls that show Ox sliding, the one based on name recognition alone?; and (4) presence — have you actually tried to have a one on one conversation with the man? If not, I suggest one. He speak with total sincerity and conviction.

            He’s more than legitimate. He has no baggage, he has no past that can bite him in the butt, he’s a God-fearing man who takes no money from lobbyists, he’s made his way without being bought and sold. He’s is own man.

    • Donna Locke says:

      By the way:

      {Threadjack removed by Icarus – that link has nothing to do with the issue at hand. If you want to go down that road, find an open thread}

          • Donna Locke says:

            No, you didn’t miss anything. I’m here to turn the conversation to “my” issue, immigration, every chance I can grab, beg, borrow, or steal.

            I have to say, though, to this topic — some of the names mentioned — it’s like that Dave Mason song “It’s Like You Never Left.”

          • Donna Locke says:

            It was about the demise of the Republicans, though, which was why I happened to think of it while reading this post.

  13. GOPGeorgia says:

    For those who wonder about why the leadership of the Georgia GOP don’t call on this person or that person to drop out, think about it. Just about every person reading this blog should be considered somewhat of a political activist. If the average voter heard that someone was banned from running or someone was favored to run for any office, wouldn’t that look like a smoke filled back-room deal? The primaries serve a purpose. If you don’t like OX, or some other GOP candidate, don’t vote for him (or her). If you don’t find someone else to back in the primary, then you aren’t happy with the current choices. Qualifying is not until April. Call up any other potential candidate and ask them to run. Give them money. Get your friends to do it as well. Offer to go door to door for them and do it.

    I am speaking only for myself, but I look at primaries from the governing party, like this: As a rule, the more choices to the voters, the better. The less intervention by the party during the primary, the better. I’ll trust the voters to decide who best represents the GOP instead of elected intra-party leadership. IMO, that would be the candidate who convinced 50%+1 to vote for them.

    At this stage, I don’t care a lot of what independents and Dems think of our candidates unless they plan on voting in the GOP primary. Dems have their own primary to worry about. Once the GOP primary lets the cream rise to the top and all the others sink, then we can start comparing who will be better in November.

    To end, I realize that there is a decent portion on here who will complain regardless of who gets the nomination, for any office.

    • polisavvy says:

      You know GOPGeorgia, I think a lot of what everyone is feeling is just frustration. We know that an Ox nomination is not going to bode well for the party. We also appreciate the fact that he can still run. We are simply wondering why no one in the leadership is coming out and saying something like, “we don’t believe that we can get behind him.” It’s frustration. As far as who gets the nomination, I might not be happy about it; but, I also won’t complain unless it is Ox. Then I will have a decision or two to make.

      • Mozart says:

        With each political governor comes the opportunity to appoint a lot of people to a lot of positions. If you vote for a Dem because you hate the GOP nominee, you will be screwing yourself out of getting better people appointed than the rats from the Dem side.

        Just something to ponder.

        • polisavvy says:

          Mozart, I won’t be voting for a Democrat, that’s for sure. Roy Barnes has already had his chance and blew it, in my opinion.

      • polisavvy,

        For those of us who hold a leadership position in the GOP, we are forbidden to endorse a candidate before or during the primary.

        Elected GOP officials can do as they please, but not elected party officials. Let me go ahead and say that while this rule chafes, there is also a strong reason to have it.

        Without naming a particular candidate, let me add this: The GOP needs to nominate candidates without baggage because Roy Barnes has a train car full of it and a GOP nominee with the same problem completely takes away that issue.

        • John Konop says:

          Ken in Eastman,

          The endorsement policy has been violated in the past. And I really do not think a party leader should not endorse anyone. But on the other hand, you are an example of someone who makes it clear you do not endorse slimy behavior. And what I find offensive is when party leaders spin obvious unethical behavior and or failed policy for candidates and or officeholders.

          And the reason I respect what you post it is clear you say what you think, not some PR BS for the party.

          Finally on many key issues on this blog I have seen manys agreements on issues like transportation, education……from all sides when people focus on the policy not the politics.

          • Perspectives says:

            John, is not afraid to tackle the tough issues. He did run for congress against the sitting Tom Price, and he predicted the financial chaos in which we find ourselves. It is too bad that the energy on this site is nothing more than an obivous attack by the Dems and Republican opposition candidates to engage in attacks of personal destruction, so the result is ongoing Nancy Pelosi wide eyed fixated attacks on John Oxendine. This is right out of Saul Alinsky’s Playbook, “Rules for Radicals,” and they are the clowns in the circus entertaining themselves because now we know.

        • Doug Deal says:

          Ken, I was at the Savannah convention as a delegate when those rules were expanded. I thought that it only included county and district chairmen, and all state officers, but anyone else could endorse as long as they did not use their official title in that endorsement. Are you sure it includes 3rd vice chair of some county somewhere?

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            My interpretation of the rules is that it applies to the State GOP, District GOP and County GOP organizations including the Third Vice-chair of a county and Precinct Chairmen. It does not apply to elected officials, TARs, CR’s YR’s Republican Women or any other GOP allied organization. People can endorse, they just shouldn’t use their titles. To give candidates a sense of fairness, I urge that Chairmen not take sides, but just about everyone else can.

        • polisavvy says:

          @ Ken, Thanks for that information. I was just stating that an Ox nomination will not be good for the party because of his baggage. I am very familiar with Barnes’ baggage. That’s why I’m hoping that whoever wins the nomination is clean so that Barnes’ baggage can be thrown out every step of the way. I am in total agreement with you that if the GOP nominee is loaded with problems that it would take away the baggage of Barnes. Thanks again.

    • HowardRoark says:

      Well, I’m not saying we should start trying to lock people out (although I do sincerely wish Oxendine would go away as soon as possible), it’s not like this sort of thing is unprecedented. In 2006 the GAGOP did it’s best to shut out McBerry to protect Sonny. I don’t like McBerry, but if we’re going to talk about the moral or ethical implications of “letting the primary process work” the GAGOP has a few black marks on it’s record.

      There was organized opposition by the Gen Assembly to Reed. Even going as far to pass a resolution. I was a bit wary of Reed, but I still thought that wasn’t right.

      Sonny tried to pluck Perry McGui….errrr…Brian Kemp out of a tough primary. Everyone here knows how I feel about that.

      It’s weird that now Oxendine is getting a pass.

  14. NorthGAGOP says:

    If you really want to get rid of Ox.

    Write a check to the candidate you support or go volunteer for their campaign.

    • polisavvy says:

      I agree with you and that’s exactly what I intend to do. The only way to be sure he’s not the nominee is to quit complaining and start volunteering.

  15. B Balz says:

    “…So why was Towery calling a Congressman who gave exactly one interview on this topic weeks ago asking him to stand down? Why was this call made with Oxendine present? … ”

    It is remarkable that a pollster, a private, though influential citizen, could expect results directing a sitting legislator to ‘stand down.’ I find this statement incredible. Was Mr. Towery actually injured? The whole story has yet to be told.

    I agree with GA GOP, how could anyone expect the incumbent Party leadership to nix it’s leading candidate? Donna Locke has a point about naivete, as well.

    Most voters have yet to realize this is the year we vote on a new Governor.

    • polisavvy says:

      This whole saga is completely fascinating. It’s like a page turner. You never know what the next day is going to reveal, do you?

    • ByteMe says:

      The “why” question has yet to be answered. That’s the one that has everyone scratching their heads here. Brain damage is certainly one explanation, although it’s like using “My grandmother died” as an excuse more than 2 or 3 times.

      • polisavvy says:

        Funny stuff, Byte! 🙂 I wonder how long it will take until the “why” is answered. It really makes no sense for Towery to position himself in this whole debacle, does it?

  16. B Balz says:

    Should read, “No doubt Mr. Towery was injured, but the whole story has yet to be told.” Regrets, no offense meant to Icarus or Mr. Towery.

  17. fishtail says:

    Matt Towery grovels at the feet of whoever he perceives to be powerful. Political affiliation means little to him. In the past he has waxed eloquently about Tom Murphy and Roy Barnes. So I suppose we can discern from his recent behavior that he believes the OX is the Man, especially if OX is paying him for “creative polling.”

  18. benevolus says:

    The interesting part of all this to me is the Insider Advantage story. Why mention that Towery was out of the country but not WHERE out of the country? And why did it apparently take so much intervention to get him back home?

  19. Capt. Jack Sparrow says:

    The rest of the story:

    After Towery was hurt, President Obama called Evan Bayh and asked him not to run so that would help Towery back on the road to recovery. The Pope prayed a special prayer and God struck Haiti with a earthquake so that planes would be diverted to transport Matt Towery. Then, the Chinese government, realizing that buying more of our bonds would hurt Towery’s chances at recovery sold some of our bonds. After meeting with Towery at the hospital, Tiger Woods was so moved by the plight of his best friend, that he scheduled a press conference to set the record straight and lift Towery’s spirits. Once Peyton Manning found out Towery had bet on the Saints to win, he decided to throw a last minute interception so that Towery would know how much he cared. In a final act of love and adoration, the General Assembly took a two week recess so each member could have more time to spend with the ailing Matt Towery and each personally help him to recovery!

  20. IndyInjun says:

    Google “George Carlin – American Dream” and play it.

    ******WARNING: Vulgarity abounds********************

    “Its a big F#^$#^$&*^ club and you ain’t in it”

    Based upon the I/A piece it sounds like the officialdom of the Georgia GOP.

    Anyone who hides behind Reagan’s 11th commandment is complicit in the destruction of this country and state.

    There are a lot of “republicans” that need to look long and hard at what is coming down and emulate Evan Bayh.

    I never have seen people of all political persuasions this mad and it is going to get worse.

    • polisavvy says:

      That was one of his funniest! I loved George Carlin. You know, he may be right about the club, ya think?

        • polisavvy says:

          Which part? All of what he said in his closing, I pretty well agreed with. He did express a total love of this country and its citizens, didn’t he? What was your favorite part?

  21. Mayonnaise says:

    I say everyone consolidate to Handel and Johnson and let them fight it out. If we continue with this 7 candidate strategy, Ox will finish 1st in the primary.

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      Why do you say Eric and Karen? Neither one of them are from Georgia. Eric made the statement “In my native Louisiana” at the Beacon Debate. Karen is from Maryland. I know for some that is not a big deal, but I want someone who is a native Georgian as my Governor.

      Eric has no real plan and no real goals. Out of all the candidates he gives the most canned and rehearsed answers. He never changes up his stump speech. It is always the same. As a polished politician he gets an A+, but for actually having any real plan, beside school vouchers makes the world go round, he gets a D.

      Karen is a quitter. She quit high school, she quit as the chair of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, she quit as the Secretary of State. She does not have one job that she can point to and say “Look at the finished product.” She cuts and runs before anyone can see what her actual legacy is. Can you tell me anything spectacular that she did of SOS? I for one cannot. Even though she is the self proclaimed “Champion of Voter ID” she did not even see that project through to the end. She quit during an extremely important time in that project.

      I say let the process play out. The cream will hopefully rise to the top, and if not we can count on 4 more years (if we are lucky) of King Roy.

        • AnyoneElse2010 says:

          I am glad we have two moderately corrupt (Eric certainly ain’t clean and I believe the jury is still out on Handel) candidates with no ideas or no plans and a little bit of money for our top two choices as Governor on the Republican ticket.

          It definately isn’t like Karen Handel is rolling in the campaign dough. She may not be broke, but she is close.

          All I know is that the campaigning is just about to begin. I think that there is still plenty of time for some changes in this race. And for the record I can see where Eric may be in the run-off, but I still don’t see it in Handel.

      • Mozart says:

        “but I want someone who is a native Georgian as my Governor.”

        In other words, you like having proven morons as your leaders.

        Georgia has and will continue to be near the bottom of education quality in this country. Could that be because we have a school system run by morons born and bred here? A school system in which no one has figured out that “Hey! Wonder what other states do to educate their kids? Let’s go see…”

        • polisavvy says:

          Mozart, not everyone born and bred here are functional illiterates. I almost take offense to your statement. There are people, like me, who realize that there are problems with education in Georgia — people, like me, who have actually had their children go all the way through school here. We know it exists. Just because someone is “born and bred” here does not mean that they could not help fix the education issues here in Georgia. It takes more than a Governor to fix it. It takes parents showing an interest and parents pressing for something to be done by addressing their local boards and the State board. We know it exists, and so much appreciate your pointing it out to us; but, lay off the “born and bred” moron statements, okay?

      • Republican Lady says:

        Dear Anyone,

        It is probably a waste of time to ackowledge your post but you have a glaring lie that you are passing off as the truth, something started by the Oxendine camp and thrown out here as a truth, and I have to intervene.

        1) Karen never quit high school. She moved out to live with friends or sleep on park benches, or whatever, but what she did after that is very significant; SHE GOT A JOB, CONTINUED HER HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION, AND GRADUATED WITH A DIPLOMA, NOT A GED I don’t know why she moved out from home and I don’t care. Not many teens would have the courage and self-discipline to continue on with so many odds against them. Any comment the personal situation is be gossip fodder and nobody’s business.

        2) Karen was hired to be Marilyn Quayle’s Deputy Chief of Staff. She lost that job when Bill Clinton won the election so she was basically laid off.

        3) Working with Mrs Quayle, Karen is partly responsible for the Susan G. Komen Washington ‘Race for the Cure,’ a very significant accomplishment.

        4) Karen worked as an executive at CIBA Vision and at the accounting firm KPMG but there is no time length given on her biography nor her title.

        5) Karen led the Fulton County Chamber of Commerce, found evidence of embezzlement, and handled it. That is five jobs before she started her political career.

        6) At some point, I am not sure of the time table, she became the Chairman of the Fulton Board of Commissioner’s filling out the term of someone who had to leave. I do not know if she ran for a second term or not, so I won’t pass that on as fact.

        7) Karen became the Secretary of State and did champion for Voter ID even testifying in court in Rome, Georgia regarding the merits of the case, so yes, she did see that project through.

        8) Yes, Karen did resign her SoS post to enter the gubernatorial race and here is where she is “damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.” She could have stayed and when she wins the primary, then the governorship, her opponents would have accused her of skewing the votes in her favor.

        Karen strongly believes in ethics and transparency so how ethical is it for her to stay the head of SoS during the election process? She did the right thing by stepping down showing the same courage and self-discipline she had at age 17.

        So say what you want about Karen, you have that right, but state your position from facts, not from what Oxendine says.

        • benevolus says:


          Perhaps. Has she produced the original long form diploma that we can examine?

          • AlanR says:

            Have you asked her to? Have you requested confirmation from her high school?

            Cut to the chase and get Nathan Deal on the case. He’s the go to guy for this sort of thing.

        • Mozart says:

          How come Karen never bothered to obtain a college degree? What kind of governor can she be when she has not gone through the simple trials and tribulations of a “futher education” that every parent works to encourage their children to obtain?

          • AlanR says:

            Trials and tribulations of college compared to what? Karen’s parents were not working to encourage her to obtain a college degree. She’s lucky she got out. This part of her life is a wreck and we should giver her credit for her achievments as an adult. Besides the ivy league geniuses running Washington right now are giving a college education a bad name anyway.

          • Republican Lady says:

            I don’t know why she never got a college degree, it is not on her bio, however, John Oxendine has two college degrees with three majors in his bachelor’s, one in “Christianity.” Look what he has done with his formal education. I take Karen with her experience, knowledge, abilities, ethics, and the “pair” she obviously has had to grow over Oxendine any day of the week.

            There is a general consensus on this blog that having Oxendine as the governor will be a disaster. Why if education is such a factor? Is it because he will bring his penchant for corruption with him? Would you rather vote for him because of his educational background or vote for Karen who has no history of corruption but has a work and political history and the “balls” to get the job done but no college degree? How many small successful business owners have a college degree?

            To say Karen can’t be governor because she lacks “paper” is a slap to the successful people who fall into the same category. As for looking at her degree, why should she have to prove it? None of the guys are having to prove they have the degrees they say they do.

            I have four college degrees and it hasn’t helped me at all in getting a full-time job, only two part-time teaching jobs in which the hours change, mostly downward, quarter to quarter.

            Georgia, you can elect boys like the Ox or the girl with successes, Karen. I’ll take Karen any day over boys like Ox and I believe you will too.

        • polisavvy says:

          Though I am not a supporter of Karen, I appreciate the fact that you are trying to setting her record straight. Good for you.

          • Republican Lady says:

            Thanks Poli. Some people won’t vote for her because of she is a woman, some won’t vote for her because of the “paper” issue, but I feel a great deal of voters will support her because of her ethics, experience, and she is a fresh face in politics.

            Women are sorely under-represented in politics and I believe some of the “good ole boys” will fight to keep it that way, and that is why the high school issue is starting to pop up again. If it shows up in print often enough, people will start to believe it and I can’t let that happen. When I see a lie in print, I will counter it.

            I don’t even know Karen that well, just from seeing her talk at different places. I have heard the other candidates speak and Karen impressed me with her no-nonsense attitude, so she gets my full support.

          • polisavvy says:

            I agree with you about women in politics; however, look at some of the women who are in the news daily about some of the stupid things they as politicians say and do (Pelosi, Boxer). If anything, it could hurt her. Though she’s a Republican, there are many here in the South who won’t vote for her because of her sex. I don’t get that. I never vote based on gender and don’t understand those who do. I vote for the person I think would represent me the best. She’s not my choice; however, I wish her the best, as I wish the best for her supporters.

      • Republican Lady says:

        Karen has been here at least 18-20 years. How long does one need to live in this state to become a Georgian? How many outsiders have done more for this state than some of the insiders? Just curious.

        • Ramblinwreck says:

          Not sure how it works in Atlanta but in rural Georgia the “you ain’t from around here are you” line can still be heard 30+ years after someone moves in to the community.

          I’ve often joked that in small counties if you’re gone for longer than it takes to go to college, serve in the military or do a short stint in the penetentiary then you lose your native son status.

          • Kellie says:

            lol Ramblin.
            Sometimes being native to the state isn’t even enough. If you are from the next town over, you’re an outsider to some. 😉

          • benevolus says:

            I came here to go to school when I was 17, so I sometimes say “I wasn’t born here but I got here as quick as I could”.

        • B Balz says:

          This comment hit home with me!

          I got my ‘citizenship’ to Georgia when some friends down in Early County mentioned “Oh heck, after 34 years, you might as well be “frum heah.” (Even though I still get major guffaws for livin’ in Atlanta.) Honestly, I was elated!

          It’s all relative, in Charelston, SC anything less than five generations is a newcomer.

          What’s important is that we all SHARE some of the same issues. It is easy to find ways to separate each other, much harder to find common ground.

        • ByteMe says:

          I’d rather vote for a governor because they have the ability and the vision to move this state forward… instead of worrying about where they came from and being an elitist about something that isn’t worth bragging about.

          • Kellie says:

            I was born here, so were my great grandparents. Does that make me more informed? or more of a citizen? Heck no! A lot of us that have always called GA home are actually clueless to what is going on in the state b/c we’ve never known anything different or we don’t care. 😉

          • ByteMe says:

            Kellie, that’s a truism pretty much everywhere. Nativism seems especially strongest with those who have never been anywhere and have the least to back up their claim of exceptionalism. We rock at the Olympics, though! 🙂

  22. Medic8310 says:

    I definitely hope that Ox doesn’t get the (R) nom, but let’s look at the big picture here. There are absolutely NO good choices for Governor this year. To hell with which party will suffer from any certain nomination, THE STATE OF GEORGIA will suffer from a LACK of ANY leadership qualities by ANY of the candidates (R) or (D)!!!!

    Bottom Line.

    • Republican Lady says:

      Before you believe your statement, have you researched Karen Handel? I have as well as heard her speak and talked with her one-on-one. She has a great deal of experience and as I recall, she does not want furloughs for police or first responders.

      Please look research her before y0u decide, okay?

      • Groundpounder says:

        Karen visited the 108th Family Support Group and the FRG function for 18 counties with serving family members. She had an interesting point of view and was well received.

        • Republican Lady says:

          At one of Karen’s forums, she asked veterans to contact her office to start a Veterans Coalition as a place to discuss military issues. If you are interested, maybe you should consider doing that.

          Having had a father/stepfather, uncles, brothers, and now nephews in the military from WWII t0 Iraq, I have found that many veterans feel they have been severely short-changed by the government. Ones I have talked to are angry and are want someone in office who will listen to them. Karen will do that.

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      Purdy Funny

      Hey South Georgia Conservative

      Dont you keep asking why is Eric not clean and then provided with examples you ask again ?

      • SouthGAConservative says:

        Because I hear accusations and no proof, nor examples.

        The ONLY thing I’ve ever even remotely heard is the whole Glenn Richardson thing, which I’ve discussed bofore. EJ doesn’t have ethics isssues, as a matter of fact, he’s been a champion of ethics. His major hurdle of all people was ‘ol Glenn torpedo-ing his efforts in the House.

        Let’s be honest. The House and the Senate could’ve gotten a lot more done if not for Spkr Richarson’s arrogance and pride. If only I could see THAT Ga today.

        And yes, I believe EJ has the experience and foresight to bring that into being. Wholeheartedly.

        • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

          I dont think a champion of ethics would have put a individual on his campaign staff who at the time had a deal with the state of Georgia. A deal that EJ was on board with.

          Was any laws broken? Probably not. Did it look bad to us that know about it? Hell yes. He has unclean hands, case closed.

          As far as Richardson goes I think when that hit the fan we had a few legislators that in fact said people like Keen and Johnson knew the truth and looked the other way.

          This man may deserve your vote if the ethics bar is set low for you.

          • SouthGAConservative says:

            A few legislators said, huh? I’m sure. Well, golly gee, he must’ve known! I mean, since they were tight and all. Because Richardson and Johnson never clashed, right? There was no House/Senate war, I mean the Speaker and Johnson obviously worked together a lot. That’s why ‘ol Glenn had that shining reputation for friendliness and teamwork.

            Richardson and Johnson had little to zero contact personally. And a lot, a lot of people heard the rumor and had nothing and were probably more concerned about getting their jobs done for the constituents than to deal with Richardson and whatever his zipper was up to.

            Especially when those rumors are used as the basis to levy a complaint.

  23. Mozart says:

    I think we can now conclude that this entire story was a complete fabrication by Icarus’s “sources.”

    • South Fulton Guy says:

      FT, I think you are missing the point, that’s precisely what 100+ comments demonstrate, that most everyone awaits John Oxendine’s pulling of the plug…

  24. fishtail says:

    The OX is not going to withdraw from the Governor’s race. Accept it and get out there and work your butt off for your particular favorite candidate.

    • polisavvy says:

      That’s exactly what all of us should do. Do sometime productive to be sure that Ox is not the nominee. All the candidates could use help, so quit whining about Ox quitting, and volunteer to work for the candidate you think would serve Georgia best.

  25. Hills says:

    South Fulton Guy…You are right. But, it is not limited to Oxendine. It goes way beyond that I think. People are getting frustrated by the prevelent corruption in our government. They sense a lack of leadership. They see greed everywhere as the major platform for special interests. They are afraid.

    • benevolus says:

      OK, that story is bizarre too. Claiming that Towery is an “innocent bystander” despite his having admittedly made the phone call and then dumping his legal client as a result. WTF?

      Yeah. Sounds innocent to me. Innocent of what I’m just not sure.

      • polisavvy says:

        It is pretty bizarre. My only question is do you think that this is going to be one of Icarus’ multiple part stories and that more will be divulged at a later date? I wonder why, if it is a situation where some of the story is false, would Icarus do a story like that. I am still relatively new to PP and am wondering if you know if most of his stories are accurate. Why would he fabricate a story, if he has fabricated this one? I thoroughly enjoy most of his articles.

  26. AlanR says:

    Provocateur — this is where you and political vine have shown yourselves to be completely tone deaf to everything that is so very very wrong about Oxendine:

    “Matt Towery was in Oxendine’s office on behalf of a client (I am not going to release the name of that client as it doesn’t appear to be public info at the moment. It isn’t germane to the facts of this story, and unlike Charlie Harper, I do not think it is anyone else’s business who a lawyer has as a client”

    Do you think it might be the public’s business when a politically connected lawyer is in the Ins Comm’s office lobbying for a client and happens to make a phone call to a congressmen endorsing another candidate for governor asking him to shut up?

    But hey, don’t worry, political vine knows Matt Towery . . . he’s a great guy . . . he’d never do anything unethical. Political vine thinks “Towery is an innocent bystander” Towery is the story. The client is the story.

    Who’s the client and what did they get from Oxendine in return for the phone call?

    Is Icarus a moron? OK. Icarus is a moron. Then what is political vine?

    • polisavvy says:

      I agree with you AlanR. There is much more to this story than meets the eye. I want to know why Towery was there and I want to know the exact reason for the call to Westmoreland. I personally don’t think that Icarus is a moron. I think Political Vine left just as many unanswered questions as Icarus. I really want to know the details, all of them. It’s all very suspicious to me. With Ox’s track record, no telling what he got out of it.

    • Provocateur says:

      Alan, you and polisavvy bring up truly great points: SHOULD the offices of every elected public official have cameras in them always on that show who is visiting and what they are talking about?

      Answer that question first. Because right now you are presuming that you have that right when it concerns Oxendine and Towery.

      • polisavvy says:

        Speaking for myself, no I don’t believe that there should be cameras and never indicated that I should. However, you have to admit that there is something extremely suspicious with this particular visit/phone call between Towery and Westmoreland while Towery was in Oxendine’s office especially considering what’s been going on between Westmoreland and Oxendine. In this particular case, yes I think we all deserve to know the true nature and intent of the phone call. If it were just a personal call, I’d say it was none of my business.

  27. benevolus says:

    The injury story is just as bizarre to me.
    Towery and Vince Dooley go somewhere out of the country, Towery falls face first into the tarmac, Dooley says it was “as bad as any hit any player I had has ever taken”. First Simon says he was rushed to a hospital, but later says it was Dooley who noticed the concussion when they went to lunch. They didn’t notice the concussion at the hospital? Dooley didn’t notice the facial wound that would require plastic surgery?

  28. AlanR says:

    Well, where Oxendine is concerned, my answer would be yes. Cameras and audio, and polygraphs on the way out the door. The rest can simply follow the rules for lobbying. Oxendine has a record for being ahhh less than candid. And by the way, attorney client privilege is just a clever way to avoid lobbying disclosure. If Towery didn’t spend any money on coffee and cake for Oxendine, this meeting will go unreported on ethics commission disclosures.

    This explains it. Its from the website for Towery’s book, taken from the AJC, Rachel Tobin Ramos January 09, 2009

    “”Jeff Haidet, McKenna’s chairman, admitted it may seem odd to hire a Republican just as Democrats gain control of the White House and have a bigger majority in Congress. But Senate Democrats still need to work with Republicans to get bills passed, Haidet said.

    “I was meeting with a client yesterday,” he said on a phone interview from Washington. “Their view was that they couldn’t get [legislation] through without Republican support in the Senate for it. Those relationships are still very important to work getting done up here in Washington.”

    Towery will practice with the government affairs group, led by Eric Tanenblatt, the one-time chief of staff to Georgia’s Republican governor, Sonny Perdue.

    Tanenblatt said Towery also brings knowledge that McKenna’s clients may want around political strategy, grassroots organization and using new media.

    “Matt brings a sense for how the media is an important tool on impacting public policy,” Tanenblatt said. And the relationship with Towery could bring new clients to both McKenna and Towery’s firm.””

    This is from the law firm’s website:

    “”Our unique practice consists of attorneys and professionals who have previously served in positions within local and state level government. Through our management of local government affairs practitioners in the states, we craft advocacy solutions for our clients in state legislatures and local government agencies across the nation. “”

    We craft advocacy solutions for our clients? Sounds like lobbying to me, but since Towery failed to register with the ethics commission, it doesn’t count, right? After all, he’s a lawyer, he’s got a client with a problem, why should the public care if he’s in Oxendine’s office crafting advocacy solutions for his clients. Especially if they are insurance interests.

    • polisavvy says:

      Agreed. It makes one wonder what has gone on in the Insurance Commissioner’s office. The reason I think it’s important to know what’s the case here is because if there is anything untoward we deserve to know the truth because this guy, the Ox, is running for governor. This could give more insight into the type of politician he is and let people know of his ethics (or lack thereof). I think people are considering ethics when they decide who to vote for more now than every before.

    • IndyInjun says:

      More like a nightmare…..

      The marble count will have to be in reverse, because Ox has lost all of his.

  29. TheGOPman says:

    Take it from someone that knows you and went to school with you…do us and the Republican party a favor, and QUIT!

      • macho says:

        I know a few people who went to school with Ox, and know him quite well; none of them will be voting for him. As I’ve said before, the more you know the Ox, the less likely you are going to vote for him.

  30. Atticus Grinch says:

    Please stop badmouthing The Ox .. Based upon his website, he appears to proclaim he’s a Godly man

    Two quotes from Page 1 of his website which I copied 90 seconds ago:

    “The time has come to turn to God and reassert our trust in Him for the healing of America—Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1980.”

    “A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education—Theodore Roosevelt”

    Either he is being wrongfully attacked and being piled on unfairly by political enemies or he is a hypocritical, scheming megalomaniac who will shamelessly pander to the religious right by presenting an image of himself which is patently untrue; if its the letter, there should be a special place in Hell reserved just for him

    • Republican Lady says:

      Based on his numerous peccadilloes, car crashes while running emergency equipment because he did not take a certified EVOC course, bullying people who don’t think his way (Westmoreland, several of my doctors who have a low opinion of him based on insurance issues), hunting with no permit or safety course, and too many other issues to list here, I rather think he is a scheming megalomaniac who will shamelessly pander to the religious right by presenting an image of himself which is patently untrue.

      • IndyInjun says:

        What does it say about the judgment of we, the people, that this guy remains in office?

        What does is say about the GOP that leadership did not seek to replace him as Insurance Commissioner?

        What will it say about Georgia if he becomes governor? – a real danger because Obama is toxic to the Dems in all contests.

          • polisavvy says:

            That the ones who voted for him are a bunch of baffoons. Too bad the ones who choose not to vote for him will suffer, as will the State.

          • B Balz says:

            As I speak to folks, many have got good stories about Mr. Oxendine, and so far none of the ‘peccadillo’s’ seem to matter. A lot of folks can attest that Mr. Oxendine helped them with this, that, or the other insurance matter, personally.

            I believe bashing one candidate while promoting another reduces the objectivity, thus the effectiveness as a communication medium, of any forum.

            Is that the direction Peach Pundit wishes to take?

          • polisavvy says:

            @ BBalz, I’m not so sure that PP is necessarily bashing the Ox as much as they are revealing all his missteps and ethics (or lack thereof). We are the ones who are really bashing the most. Yes, there has been a little too much (on occasions) of supporting a particular candidate; but, at the end of the day, without them revealing some of the stories they have about Ox, we may not have been aware of them at all. The Towery story may have never even seen the light of date.

        • polisavvy says:

          As an aside, have you noticed how many of his supporters have fallen off the wagon in defending him? I’ve noticed that here, the AJC, and SWGA. I wonder why this guy doesn’t get the message that he’s not as popular and well thought of as he thinks and as the pols show. Just wondering.

  31. True Grit says:

    Much to the dismay of Ickie and the head Handel propagandist Mr. Erickson, Oxendine will most definetly NOT be dropping out just because they are asking for his head on a platter.

    Oxendine will still be leading in all of the polls and at the end of the day will still be the nominee of our party. The average voter has never heard of Peach Pundit and our cast of regulars on here. They have, however, heard of Ox and a lot of them have been helped by him in the past. Luckily, the voters, not the pundits, will elect our next governor.

    • macho says:

      Do you really believe, after reading in Fortune Magazine the he incorporates his shakedown techniques into his political speeches, that he’s the best GOP candidate for Governor? I don’t want a Governor whose primary fundraising technique comes from the Sopranos. Seriously, we can do better than that guy by a mile.

      I have some philosophical opinions about the other candidates, but they seem minor when I think about the Ox. It’s like being a judge at a barbeque competition and one of the contestants submits a plate of dog s$%t. It’s hard to taste all of the subtleties of the smoked pork when there is a steaming plate of dog crap on the table.

  32. macho says:

    Watching all of Ox’s pandering screw-ups over the last year, my favorite, so far, is misidentifying Georgia’s bowl game opponent, makes me wonder if he’s going to mistakenly quote something from the Koran.

  33. IndyInjun says:

    A lot of folks can attest that Mr. Oxendine helped them with this, that, or the other insurance matter, personally.

    In other words, he allows insurance companies to run amok, creating the need for ‘special’ intervention, then provides it?

    Some testimonial, that!

    • B Balz says:

      @Indy My comment reflects actual voter feedback from a NE Atlanta social event. I am only the messenger, amigo.

      If y’all want to do a bit of investigative journalism how about researching the current use of the Insurance Premium Tax?

      How about discussing why Mr. Oxendine’s office has not pursued funding of the existing High Risk insurance pool?

      That would help many Georgians who need it most. Like folks who do not have healthcare insurance and are sick. Those folks vote, and would support a candidate who came out strong for a High Risk Insurance pool that was affordable and useful. (Heck, even Alabama has pooled High Risk Insurance !!!)

      Instead, I keep hearing nonsense about misuse of cars; while somewhat an indication of character, it is silly and won’t matter. Sadly, we almost expect this sort of hubris from Big Shots.

      We spent twenty days legally dissecting the technical requirements of hunter education. A child had hunting accident, which gladly did not result in any real harm. Again, this issue will not affect a nomination. Embarrassing? Yes. Relevant, NO!

      And the big enchilada: $120,000 in campaign funds, inappropriately accounted for. That IS a big deal, but the money was returned. Voters will not care.

      SEUS? Ahhhhh, tell me more.

      If you all want to affect an outcome, DIG!

      • IndyInjun says:


        I was not aiming at you in any sense or even your message, just commenting on an interpretation that your message imported to me.

      • B Balz says:

        I ask for more on SEUS, and the nice folks over at AJC provide:


        The interesting thing about ALL of this, is I recall a PP blogger announcing, almost a month ago, a scenario whereby Mr. Oxendine will be seen as the protector of the Public Good on this issue. Whoever you are, take a bow!

        Unless this story is debunked (I doubt that) it is going to play to the public, boys and girls.

  34. Technocrat says:

    As someone who had premium company cars [replaced every 3 years] during 1967-1996.
    I can assure you the GA state version Crown Vic is far from a lux vehicle even with leather seats and a cd player they cost ~ $19-21K
    Research where these old 100,000+ milers go [to the state fire marshal], then hand me downs to lesser state officals within the department until totalled or exhausted around 300,000 miles.

    The elected Commissioner takes the heat for a new car so others can cycle them down…………. not why did so and so get a new car.

    Visit the state garage and view the pristine lux fleet. Check the mileage logs [public records] to see where and how OX has driven 30k + each and every of the previous 15 years to visit voters and help them during disasters and compare that to the other state officals.

    He has always been running for Governor even 15 years ago. Now the STARS are Aligned.
    Do you think going to Elton Johns Party was an accident = Democratic Gays are November voters too.

  35. IndyInjun says:

    Do you think going to Elton Johns Party was an accident = Democratic Gays are November voters too.

    The same Elton John who said:

    Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man


    That oughta go over big with the socons in the REPUBLICAN party!

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