51% ‘Approve’ Or ‘Somewhat Approve’ of Cagle.

Received via email.

A new InsiderAdvantage/RosettaStone poll conducted on 2/10/2010 of 580 likely Republican Primary voters shows that Republican primary voters hold a favorable view of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle by a wide margin. The survey reveals that 51% of Republican primary voters approve of his job performance with just a 21.5% disapproval rating.

A poll conducted on the same date of 1,235 registered Georgia voters regarding the pending legislation to give written drivers license exams in English only enjoys the support of 60% of those surveyed. The survey of 580 Republican Primary voters shows a much larger margin of support for this measure. Republican Primary voters approve of this legislation overwhelmingly, with 78% supporting this legislation.

Georgia Republican Primary Voters Opinion of Cagle Job Performance

Approve – 20%
Somewhat Approve – 31%%
Somewhat Disapprove – 15%
Disapprove – 6%
No Opinion – 28%

What is your opinion of the legislation pending in the Georgia General Assembly to give written driver’s license tests in English only, or should the state continue giving the test in English and various foreign languages?

Go to www.politicalecalling.com to view results

Cagle’s over 50% but frankly if I were a person thinking about challenging him these numbers wouldn’t scare me.


  1. polisavvy says:

    How is this guy still be polling this high? I don’t get it. He needs to seriously consider going away (and taking the Ox with him).

    • ByteMe says:

      He polls that high because anything brutally stupid about him hasn’t been confirmed via independent investigation. Until then, people won’t really notice him (hence the high “no opinion” number).

      • polisavvy says:

        Agreed. He certainly has some baggage that once revealed (and it will be revealed) will awaken the ones who actually were polled and voiced a favorable opinion of him, and the “no opinion” number could actually rise.

      • edmund says:

        Here’s a shocking possibility: there’s nothing brutally stupid about him period. Certainly explains the high approval rating.

  2. RuralDem says:

    It seems to me that the key here is “Georgia Republican Primary Voters Opinion of Cagle Job Performance”

    Are those numbers really that great considering those asked are only Primary voters?

    • AlanR says:

      Interesting point. Nobody really pays much attention to Lt Gov or Insurance Comm for that matter. But R primary voters likely know a lot more than most people, and you’d think his numbers would be higher.

      I wonder if this doesn’t reflect an anti-incumbency attitude among republicans?

      • polisavvy says:

        Good point, AlanR. It very well could be. I think people are going to see an anti-incumbency attitude against both Republicans and Democrats, on all levels. It’s like a “throw the bums out” attitude.

      • polisavvy says:

        It’s not too late is it, Doug Deal? Can’t he jump back in and is there anything any of us can do to get him to do it. I’m game, just let me know.

        • Doug Deal says:

          Everyone has until April and as of yet there are really 0 candidates for all offices as nothing is official until you write an unbouncable check to the SOS office when you qualify.

          • AlanR says:

            Are you sure David Shafer is not just a less well known version of Casey Cagle? No baggage? None? No rumor or innuendo? Never took insurance industry money to finance a campaign while he was Oxendine’s deputy, and as deputy had control of industry rates and practices? No favors or money from the guys that made millions taking blues private, after Shafer negotiated the deal for Oxendine?


          • Doug Deal says:

            If you have things to say about Shafer then say them. Of course you don’t so you trash him with unfoudned innuendo.

            Cagle has very well known baggage that will likely sink all the GOP candidates in competetive races statewide this year. He is a big stupid self serving oaf who needs to go back to the cave he crawled out of.

  3. appachtrail70 says:

    This poll proves that the people should not vote for Insurance, Agriculture, or Labor commissioner.

      • Mad Dog says:


        I have no idea what it has to do with the Insurance, Agriculture, and Labor Commissioners.

        I think he means that voters or at least the polled voters are too damn dumb to even know who is running. Just give me a D or an R…


  4. ZazaPachulia says:

    So, remind me again what skeleton in the closet is the “health issue” that forced Mr. Cagle from the governor’s race (but apparently wasn’t serious enough to keep him in the second fiddle race).

    In a note that would be related to this post had Cagle not backed out of his governor’s bid, I just got my latest email update from the Deal. Real. campaign, complete with a catchy side bar of videos (The Deal. Reel. … get it? And yes, the email did say that. I am not making this stuff up).

    Anyways, Big Nate and the North Georgia Mountain graft and corruption train campaign team rolled through Statesboro to film the latest in the enthralling “Real Jobs” series. Can we get a Peach Pundit post about that?

    Also, I got the Scott campaign’s most recent email today, which helped calm that nauseousness I was experiencing after watching Deal. Real. on youtube.

    Scott re-emphasizes his education platform in the email. Read it. What he has to say is especially pertinent given the recent school choice debate on this site. Scott is still the clear cut best possible candidate for governor. Get behind him now. It isn’t too late.

      • polisavvy says:

        And your point is what exactly? That Austin Scott supported Glenn Richardson so much that he went against Richardson and lost his committee? Do you know everything about every person you call a friend? Do you know if they are cheating on their wives? Do you know how they are thinking (if suicide is a consideration)? I have a lot of people I call friends and some who are my best friends; however, I have no idea what they do behind closed doors. Once the scandal on Richardson broke, he was pretty quick to call for his resignation. Post what you want; however, I think you’ve got the wrong impression of him. That’s just my opinion, though.

          • polisavvy says:

            ByteMe, I’d love to read the first paragraph; however, I am not feeling well today and can’t figure out exactly what it is you are suggesting I read. Please tell me where to go (and I don’t mean that I really want you to tell me where to go :)). As far as the rumor-mongering, well I don’t really believe it’s a rumor about Mr. Cagle. The Governor even knows about the earring and the state car.

          • ByteMe says:

            He asked about what Cagle was rumored to have done. I pointed him to the rumor-mongering post that laid it out in more detail than most people wanted to know.

            Sorry you’re not well today. Tomorrow will be better.

          • Mozart says:

            If what was said about Cagle is so factual, why couch it in terms of a “rumor?” Why not have the errr, “balz” to state it in absolute terms?

          • polisavvy says:

            Gosh Mozart, it was on here a month or so ago. You know, the earring, the state car, the call to the Governor, the admonishing by the Governor. That’s already been here. As a matter of fact, I heard about this particular incident in September of ’08.

          • polisavvy says:

            It probably is when it’s not your wife’s earring and you are calling about it being lost/stolen from a state car. Think about it. Could be damning or telling, couldn’t it?

          • Mozart says:

            Oh, sorry. Really wasn’t as up to date on the rumor mill as I should be. Sounds too much like an afternoon soap opera. General Hospital, anyone?

          • polisavvy says:

            It is kind of like a soap opera. You’ve got the whole Ox stories in multiplicity. You’ve got the Cagle story. It’s kind of like “Days of Our Lives,” isn’t it? Not all things said on here tonight are rumor. Time will tell and the true story will come out. Just be patient a little longer.

          • ByteMe says:

            Mozart, did I write that it was “factual”?? I don’t recall doing that. I haven’t seen any independent confirmation of Erick’s rumor.

          • Mozart says:

            Going back and reading some of what Erick said, he appeared to write it as though it was first hand knowledge. Maybe ye old guillotine should be dragged-out for rumor mongers and their loyal repeaters of rumors.

    • polisavvy says:

      I read it Zaza and agree with you. It does make sense and it makes sense for Georgia. I particularly liked his reference to Dr. Reeves and what Reeves said about demographic characteristics not affecting academic performance. His honing in on the five characteristics of the 90-90-90 schools is particularly interesting: focus on academic achievement, clear curriculum choices, frequent assessment of progress, emphasis on nonfiction writing, and the way in which the student’s work would be scored. Dr. Reeves has a great insight into this education issue and apparently Representative Scott thinks Dr. Reeves’ ideas would help Georgia. Since money appears to be such a concern with education, these suggestions could accomplish great for a small investment. ‘Bridges Beyond’ is also a really good idea and there again you can accomplish great for a small investment. Money is not the only answer for improving education.

      As for the SPLOST issue, well it makes sense that the counties be able to use that money at it deems appropriate, particularly during the current economic situation, instead of only using it for building.

  5. Hills says:

    It was originally thought by some that giving the people the right to vote would destroy the young nation. Although it was included in our rights: methods and ways were/are made to prevent the uneducated and unwashed masses from doing so. The newest form of this, to me, is to combine everything under appointments. Government knows best. Voters are mis-informed and uninformed and cannot make intelligent decisions. They only screw things up.
    Even if they vote for the Ox; the people should be able to choose. They have the right.

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