“Pants On the Ground” Visits the Capitol

If you’re a fan of American Idol, you may remember General Larry Platt. He was honored today at the Gold Dome.

With his hair freshly-cut in a box fade and sporting four stars on each shoulder, Platt waded through crowds of legislators, pages, lobbyists and well-wishers, shaking their hands.

He asked state troopers on guard to throughout the Capitol to help him persuade kids to keep their pants up.

Watching a feed of Platt speaking in the House, Gov. Sonny Perdue called him to his office.

Sen. Vincent Forte (D-Atlanta), who brought Platt to the Capitol, said he performed his song for the governor, before the two broke out in dance.

“I want a law passed to get kids to pick their pants off the ground,” Platt said. “And if they go to jail, they have to serve 50 years. I don’t care.”

Forte was non-committal on if he was going to introduce a bill. “I’m not sure,” Forte said, tugging on his pants, to make sure they were secure.

Though the mental image of Sonny break-dancing is now burnt into my mind’s eye, I can’t help but notice the most ironic quote of the AJC report:

“I want these pants to come up,” Platt told Senators from Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle’s podium. “These people have embarrassed the community and embarrassed ya’ll.”


  1. Tyler says:

    I love the irony of the situation.

    But I think Platt has a good idea with this Pants On the Ground bill. Why not amend it to make it illegal for legislators to keep their pants up?

  2. Mad Dog says:

    Irony is lost on so many people.

    If it is illegal for legislators to have their pants down, will that be a missed da wiener or a felony?

    Now that lacked irony.

  3. BuckheadConservative says:

    We have to teach Casey how to tie his own shoes before we can teach him how to fasten a belt.

      • Game Fan says:

        But seriously, you “culture war” folks who get up in arms over thugs with pants hanging down, ect… might want to study this phenomenon closely which ties in with Libertarianism and Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, ect… “How” you say?

        How about we let members of the black community handle some of the issues among the black community and tackle some fiscal conservatism and other issues?

  4. Hell, it hasn’t been two weeks since Jason Pye made a very silly post about SB 235 (involuntary microchipping of criminals or anyone else)… and almost all of the responses at the time shared the outrage over legislators wasting their time.

    Today, Tyler makes a more lighthearted post, about half the day spent on photo ops and discussions of black kids’ baggy pants, and most of the gallery likewise shares in the amusement.

    Do most PP readers just scan what the front-pager has said, check to ensure that it’s not Pete Randall, and then post their agreement? Sheesh, things have gotten more and more boring by the week since they tossed Andre.

    • polisavvy says:

      Steve, to me the first priority of the legislators should have been the economy and ethics issues. All this other crap could have waited until progress had been made on those two issues. To read in the AJC that they are going to take a sabbatical or go into “deep freeze” until March 8th while budget writers work on the budget is really irritating. As some bloggers on the AJC said, they will probably be off hunting somewhere. What would really be nice would be for them to stay in Atlanta, work around the clock (or at least past five), and get something done as soon as possible and quit delaying (or stalling). There is and has been speculation since way before the legislature conveyed that a delay would happen, that it would probably last into April, and would be done in order to aid some candidates for Governor while harming others. I guess the speculation was accurate.

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