1. Hortence says:

    Well, the truth hurts. If Oxendine wins the nomination, Roy Barnes will have his pick of the litter to head up Repbulicans for Barnes.

  2. galiberal says:

    Personally, I hope he wins.. he is the easiest to beat :). If y’all were smart you would put up Eric Johnson. He has the least (known) baggage of them all.

  3. Technocrat says:

    I’m sensing a real discrimination against mulatoes and Lumbee Indians here at PP………………notice everyone in clip was WHITE.
    Once good ole K.R. Roy abuses the other minority candidates in Primary……….the back lash will sweep the OX into office regardless of the Racial Republicans cross over.

  4. Mae says:

    Regarding Eric Johnson “having the least (known) baggage of them all,” check out his role in the effort to sell out Jekyll Island State Park to the Reynolds family, the GOP’s cash cow in Georgia. Remember, Jamie Reynolds, who headed up the now aborted Jekyll project for the Reynolds corporation, has been a key player in raising nearly $2 million in his capacity as co-chair of Johnson’s campaign finance committee.

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      It didn’t happen in North Georgia so it don’t matter. Perdue’s land scam didn’t even happen in Georgia.



      Yes, Jekyll land scams and his failure on the ethics committee. No, the man has no baggage.

      • Mozart says:


        Johnson did not “look the other way.” Bobby Kahn submitted a complaint that had no evidence in it other than a statement of “Everyone knows at the capitol that he’s having an affair.”

        Well, last time I checked, “Everybody” is not a legal person on which to initiate an investigation of any kind.

        Unless you’re saying you’d like the law-enforcement arm of your government to operate off of rumors and conjectures…”Why Mr. Ludwig, I get the feeling you’re carrying contraband in your car. Step out while we rip it apart without asking for your permission or getting a warrant.”

        • B Balz says:

          I agree, Mozart and S. GA Cons. Trying to throw Mr. Johnson or anyone less under the ‘sex, lies, etc.’ bus for ‘common knowledge’ of these events is a specious political argument.

          Many of us can relate to a situation that may have occurred in our lives where we were left shaking our heads saying, “I would have never guessed.”

          Just because you work closely with someone doesn’t mean you believe every rumor about them, if you even hear it.

      • SouthGAConservative says:

        Among other things, such as:
        1) At the time, Glenn Richardson was still married (Would’ve been nice for Susan to throw some info then, huh?)
        2) There was a war between the House and Senate, one couldn’t just chase a rumor without some major political consequences from ‘ol Glenn. Those consequences would’ve been felt by the common Georgian because Glenn would’ve turned the war into Armageddon. So you better have some solid proof before picking that fight.
        3) As mentioned above: no proof, whatsoever.
        4) The Ethics Committee has no subpoena powers meaning if the whole committee (Johnson was not the only member) had launched an investigation, any request for testimony, proof, etc was a mere suggestion
        5) The complaint was unanimously voted down by the committee. Unanimously.

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      I tried the Mexican Coke. It tasted like Pepsi.

      Sorta like voting for Eric Johnson and getting Sonny Perdue again.

      Sorta like voting for Oxy and getting Elton John.

      Sorta like voting for Karen Handel and suddenly all the female lobbyist are ugly and you feel like you are living with your mom again.

      If you cant drink their water how can you drink their coke?

      β€œit’s ok, he might still endorse you”… was in fact, awesome!

  5. gidget1975 says:

    Personally I think that Ray McBerry is who we need for GA to lead us out of the quagmire that we have gotten ourselves into. We have allowed Federal intrusion into every part of our lives, and we must return to the Constitution. If you want to check him out, go to http://www.georgiafirst.org

    Also, for info on all of the candidates, here’s a page that links to news stories for all of the gubernatorial candidates (both parties): http://bit.ly/Candidates_Forum

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      I went to the McBerry site. Had to register with a password to view video. Screw that. Don’t preach to me about “rights” and make me press #1 for English or make me jump to hear what you have to say.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Not to mention the boon his election would be to the textile industry. Those Georgian white sheet mills would have to be running in over time to meet the expected demand.

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