Deal Talks Small Business

Nathan Deal is talking with small business owners around Georgia and producing videos about his conversations. Here’s the latest.

Nathan Deal, a leading Republican candidate for Governor of Georgia has released the fourth installment of his online video series “Real Jobs, Real People.” This time, Deal visits an Augusta retailer of tile and stone products.

“This is a business that has felt the effects of the current economic situation, particularly as it relates to the construction business,” Deal said. The candidate said that owner Billy Jackson remains steadfast in his resolve to keep his business as strong as possible.
“As I travel around the state, I meet people like Billy who are optimistic for the future,” Deal said. “Our small businesses are the very backbone of our state and I appreciate the good work they do.”

The programs, which average two minutes in length, are a snapshot of businesses around the state.

“I am listening to small business owners, operators and employees and taking their ideas and suggestions to heart,” Deal said. “I think Georgians want a governor who listens and appreciates their thoughts.”


  1. This is why I still stand with Nathan Deal. His “birther” stance is NOT going to matter in the office of Governor. What will matter is whether or not the Governor is in touch with the business large and small across the state. And until that you can show me another candidate doing what Nathan is doing here, I’m won’t even CONSIDER supporting anyone else!

    • gasurvivor says:

      While I do think having a “birther” in office would be highly counter productive in interactions with the Executive branch, that is neither here nor there.

      However, have you not seen Eric “Jobs” Johnson refer to jobs every 5 seconds? Handel’s jobs plan? Scott’s plan to eliminate taxes to support business?

      Deal is not alone here.

      • But are they actually meeting with businesses? Because unless they are actually taking the time to go talk to these people, those other candidates are all talk. They are just playing politics. Nathan’s opponents can talk a good talk, but when it comes to actually handling the problems facing our state, Nathan has the best record.

        • Icarus says:

          Do you realize that Austin and Eric actually OWN businesses? I mean, businesses that exist without the aid of a no-bid state contract?

          Do you honestly think that Nathan Deal is the only person who has talked to a business owner or two during the course of the campaign? Really?

          I realize that your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend many Chamber of Commerce functions (an organization that Karen Handel actually turned around, btw), but I’m thinking that the candidates who are here in Georgia talk to enough business men and women that they don’t have to pretend it’s an event when they come home from Washington to do so.

          • NorthGAGOP says:

            Does Erick actually own a business? I don’t know the answer, but thought he was an architect at some engineering firm.

          • GeorgiaConservative says:

            “I realize that your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend many Chamber of Commerce functions (an organization that Karen Handel actually turned around, btw),”

            Peach Pundit is sooo in the bag for Karen that it’s getting kinda frusturating.

            Just out of curiousity, have there really even been any Handel posts, and have we “bloggers” ever been afforded thge oppurtunity to publicly pick her apart as we have the others? I may be wrong, but I’m just wondering.

        • polisavvy says:

          Kyle, do you really think that Congressman Deal is the ONLY candidate who has met with and talked with businesses, large or small? Come on, get real.

        • IndyInjun says:

          when it comes to actually handling the problems facing our state, Nathan has the best record.

          Actually, he has done FAR MORE DAMAGE to the economy and folks in this state than any other candidate.

          Deal –

          Voted for No Child Left Behind which put impetus behind smaller class size, ergo more teachers, ergo more new classrooms. This legacy makes it hard to reduce costs.

          Voted for Medicare D, a $7 trillion unfunded liability

          Voted for Commodities Modernization Act of 2000 which allowed unregulated credit derivatives of 10 times world GDP to be sold. Global Financial collapse will be the result.

          Voted for Gramm Leach Bliley a bill that destroyed the firewall between investment banking and commercial banking that allowed banks to buy toxic Wall Street Securities, lose money in the stock market, and do so with taxpayer guaranteed funds.

          I could go on and on.

          Deal has ruined Georgia’s economy by being the DC denizen that he is.

          • Pine Knot says:

            Not that it is an excuse, but politics is politics. Would Saint Karen or Ox or the rest have stood up against their leader? I doubt it.

          • John Konop says:

            Pine Knot,

            Do you agree with Congressman Deal on his below votes? And if so why? And if not, why would you vote for him?

            No Child Left Behind, Medicare D, Commodities Modernization Act of 2000, Gramm Leach Bliley a bill, Highway bill, Farm Bill……..

          • John Konop says:


            As far as your question would Karen Handel or OX have stood up against the party? In my opinion, you cannot have it both ways with Karen, the negative about her; she is tough and marches to her own beat. I have never seen anyone accuse Karen of being a push over, in fact it is the opposite that some attack her on. And in tough times, we need a tough leader.

            On the other hand, OX seems like he would do whatever is the best politics at the moment. And I would bet he would have followed the party leadership with very few questions.

            I also think Austin Scott would have also stood up against the party if he did not agree. I am not sure about the other candidates.

          • polisavvy says:

            John Konop you are correct. Representative Scott would have stood up because he has done it before. And, might I add, when he did so, he was removed from a position.

        • appachtrail70 says:

          Nathan has a record? Recently he has one of the lowest attendance records out of any Congressman. He should resign and stop taking his pay check before he disgraces the 9th district even more.

          • Pine Knot says:

            If as in recently you mean the last few months since he has been running for GOV. At least he hasn’t quit like Saint Karen.

    • ChiefofStaff65 says:


      Just to follow your logic, because Deal made a great little video and made it easy for you to watch, you now believe he is in touch with business, large and small and that he is ready to be Governor? And then you have the audacity to reference other candidates?

      Well, let’s see, I would start with Austin Scott, who, oh you know, walked a thousand plus miles around the state, doing what is that thing that Deal shows you he manages to do in the video, oh yeah talking with people…….Your lack of research onthe other candidates for someone who posts on a political blog is astounding.

      • I can’t support Austin Scott because he supports raising taxes on car tags. A tax increase is a tax increase. PERIOD. Nathan Deal doesn’t support ANY tax increases. I think that’s reason enough to support him.

        • polisavvy says:

          If it’s a buck or two and earmarked for the transportation needs of Georgia, I don’t think your average Georgian is going to freak out about that. If it’s some huge amount (which I feel sure it’s not), well I don’t think Georgians would object too much considering the needs this state is facing.

        • ricstewart says:

          “Nathan Deal doesn’t support ANY tax increases.”

          How do you vote to dig our country deeper into debt and deficit without increasing taxes at some point, whether now or in the future? As soon as you can figure that one out, let me know.

        • Jason Pye says:

          Ummmm, that’s not true. He did say, despite his spin, that he would sign a sin tax into law.

          And tax cuts without corresponding cuts in spending are effectively tax increases because of the deficits they produce. This creates a tax burden in the future. Those aren’t my words, Grover Norquist said it.

          • macho says:

            Deal has been in Congress for a very long time. He’s voted for an unbelievable amount of spending, debt on our grandchildren, and taxes while in Congress. He’s as much the problem as anybody there. If he really wanted to help small business, he wouldn’t have voted for all that spending and the corresponding debt, money printing and taxes (in the end it all amounts to the same thing.)

          • And you and Grover Norquist are correct. In effect, it’s slight of hand or a “temporal shift”.

            We get to pay for the increased spending later – plus interest. That’s why I’m amazed that people like Jim Marshall and Sanford Bishop got almost no coverage for adding more debt on all us.

        • Making Sense says:

          Um, Kyle. Are you a groundhog and only just recently came out of the tree? Nathan Deal said that he’d sign a $1 tax increase in the tobacco tax.

      • polisavvy says:

        I liked the quote, “I think Georgians want a governor who listens and appreciates their thoughts.” I think Georgians want a governor who actually has a job other than that of a person who has sat in D.C. for 18 years (since a good many people view those in D.C. as being out of touch with the rest of us), one who actually owns or runs a business, or one who actually has a job or has had a job managing people and running a business (the State is big business)(even Ox falls into this category, so to speak). Anybody can talk and listen. Anybody can make a video. People are sick of idle rhetoric — they are wanting and demanding more.

    • ricstewart says:

      His birther stance may not matter, but his demonstrated lack of fiscal responsibility, his complete disrespect for the Constitution, his support of No Child Left Behind, and his terrible ethics record will. And that’s why I’m not voting for him.

      • ChiefofStaff65 says:


        Nathan Deal was a Democrat State Senator who rose to serve as President Pro Tempore and then when it was politically smart, switched to the Republican Party…just so happened he switched after that little Republican revolution in 1994…..Coincidence?

        Sonny Perdue was a Democrat State Senator who rose to serve as President Pro Tempore and then when it was politically smart, switched to the Republican Party…just so happened he switched after trending showed Ga. becoming a red state….Coincidence?

        • ChiefofStaff65,

          As for Nathan Deal’s timing, you are correct. As for Sonny Perdue’s timing, Sonny did switch while the GOP was a minority party in the state and took a fall for doing so. I have had my differences with the governor about several things, but let’s be fair. You can talk about “trending” but Perdue’s switch affected that trend in a positive way.

  2. ricstewart says:

    Nathan Deal:
    -Voted for every one of George Bush’s bloated budgets
    -Voted for the Patriot Act
    -Has an angry temper
    -Voted for No Child Left Behind
    -Ranked one of the 15 most corrupt members of Congress

    Not voting for him.

    • Pine Knot says:

      You do realize CREW is funded by Soros and other far left loons. They have some obvious Democrats on the list, but you can see their ultimate motive.

      • ricstewart says:

        Yes, but it’s not just CREW that’s brought Nathan Deal’s corruption to light. His back-door business deals with the state of Georgia have been exposed by the House Ethics Committee, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Augusta Chronicle, and the Alpharetta Beacon.

      • Making Sense says:

        They have more Dems on the list than Republicans and Nathan ranks up there in the top 5.

        It’s illegal to use your office and official staff to benefit your private business as Nathan did. Two Congressional Committees are investigating and rumor is it’s being referred to the Justice Department for prosecution.

        • Take a look at Crews list of formerly listed Congress members: 31 Republicans, 8 Democrats. The site slants left.

          Having said that, let me add that there is a perception that Congressman Deal has some ethics violations. He has done nothing to address those and the longer he lets this drag on without substantively addressing the questions – and they appear to be legitimated concerns – the bigger problem he has.

          I don’t think this will go away of its own accord.

  3. ZazaPachulia says:

    From the above linked propaganda article from Deal’s website: “Let me be absolutely clear on raising taxes: I have a voting record that demonstrates my position in opposing tax increases.”

    Crystal, Nathan…

    “Let me be absolutely clear… I have a voting record.”

    I, for one, believe we need a great wordsmith and videographer for governor. I was going to vote for Oxendine after the cartoon came out (King Roy v. The Ox), but I switched over to Deal thanks to this video.

    However, I am leaning toward the Austin Scott camp because the “floating Austin” and especially the “floating Vivien” videos on his website are pretty cool.

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        geez… alright, alright already…

        I’m sorry for not mistaking the typical comment threads around here as a bastions of integrity.

        I won’t go “there” again.

        I’m sure all of the of the candidates’ wives (and Steve Handel) will make classy first spouses. But make no mistake about, the first spouse is a public figure as well — even on the campaign trail. That’s just the way it is.

  4. Joshua Morris says:

    Whoa… that ain’t right. Sandra Deal is one of the finest ladies I know, and she is a beautiful lady.

    That’s a low blow, and whoever you are, “Zaza,” you demonstrate a complete lack of couth.

  5. macho says:

    Deal has been a very good “small business man.” He seems to have been as quick a learner in the junk business as Hillary was in trading commodity futures.

  6. Pine Knot says:

    Well IMO we have OX who is the frontrunner, Karen, Nathan, and EJ, as the canidates for the runoff. The second choice for all is EJ. Am I wrong? OX’s road to victory looks very bleak, and IMO OX’s road to vicory shall he make the general looks even dimmer.

  7. SouthGAConservative says:

    Can someone tell me why Deal is even running for governor? I’m serious, because I have no clue. At all.

    Of course, I’m not in favor or him as governor I feel like he should stay in DC. I mean, what? Does he feel like he isn’t going to move up anymore there and therefore what’s to come home and retire with a higher office? Bizarre. I’ll stick with my more in touch candidates that understand Georgia (EJ) and what it needs, not bringing DC concepts to Atlanta.

  8. SouthGAConservative says:

    Oh, and when is he going to stop saying he was the President Pro Tempore in the Senate?!? Because, while he was that, it was as a Democrat!

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