Realtors to Score BIG!

Really? Really? It’s pretty damned impressive when everybody now gets the joke.

A bevy of Hooters waitresses invaded the state Capitol on Wednesday to serve sandwiches, tea and lemonade to lawmakers at the closed-door Leadership Cobb luncheon.

The event, underwritten by a Realtors association, took place in a state Capitol where modest dress and restrained behavior have become the order of the day in the wake of a sex scandal that toppled a House speaker.

Hooters waitresses are known for orange short shorts and plunging T-shirts. But at the Capitol they wore stylish, full-length orange sweat suits with their company’s name emblazoned across the front.

Things at the legislature have deteriorated so much, if corporations could just send the female reproductive parts and breasts without the whole body, they’d do it. The legislators are that easy.

This is pitiful. But kudos to the realtors. They just know how to get things done.


  1. Republican Lady says:

    There will never be true equality with the mentality that has been shown by the good ole boys. Wonder how they treat their wives and daughters?

  2. brian.holcombe says:

    Hooters new sweatsuit image is like the GOP image – it is still sexist underneath sweatsuits – lets face it – Handel is right – the Realtors paid for Johnny’s Senate seat and they know that there money is above any moral considerations.

  3. polisavvy says:

    Oh great, someone else with a bucket of paint and a brush. Seriously, don’t you find it wrong to judge everyone for the mistakes of some? Not all politicians are crooks and not all crooks are politicians. Not all at the Gold Dome are crooked and immoral. Some are very good and decent God-fearing men who happen to work around a bunch of scumbags.

      • polisavvy says:

        I don’t think this has as much to do with Christian values as it does trying to cast a false light on EVERY member of Georgia’s House and Senate. I think a lot of us here on PP know the motive behind this story in the first place; however, after a while, stories like this are going to lose interest with those who don’t feel everyone representing us should be painted by the same brush as the scumbags. I personally saw nothing wrong with Hooters going there in the first place. Last time I checked, there are men in real estate and women at the Gold Dome, so the whole Hooters thing doesn’t really hit the ball out of the park. They were not in their shorts (which, if they had been, who cares?), they were in sweats. Much ado about nothing.

  4. Want to solve the problem? Resolve to throw out ALL incumbents this November, regardless of political party. That means Republican state reps in the suburbs and Democratic reps in Atlanta have to go. Vote against Tom Price, John Lewis, etc. The only way to let politicians know the game is over is to take them out of the game by showing them what unemployment is like for the rest of us.

    • Provocateur says:

      Sure, “Progressive”, get rid of “all incumbents.” Like, “all incumbents” are bad.

      I guess we can take it that you are also for voting out “all incumbents” in Congress too, right? You know, ignoring the fact that Congress is controlled by “progressives” in both houses, right?

      • ByteMe says:

        All incumbents are “bad” especially when they’re not your incumbent. All fiscal stimulus is bad especially when it’s not spent for something you believe is a priority or in your location.

        Blah. A pox on all the hypocrites and voters who let “deficits don’t matter” go on for 30 years.

        • Amen and there were folks on both sides of the aisles who did so.

          The monetarists argued that it was OK because we “owned” our own debt. In retrospect that was short-sighted and that’s the reason I drifted away from some of Milton Friedman’s views, because it simply didn’t make sense.

        • Republican Lady says:

          Good post with a great deal of truth. Not enough incumbents fighting for the right things, just pork.

  5. sonofliberty says:

    …..many legislators…..both in the Senate and the House…..were eating lunch at their desks..while doing the business of the People ….

  6. griftdrift says:

    Once again, Erick is shocked, SHOCKED that there might be enticing young women trying to influence goaty old men.

    That’s never happened before, right?

    Or would it have something to do with a certain candidate’s political strategy of pointing towards the muck?

    It’s like Erick has had a “road to Jericho” moment.

  7. Phaedrus says:

    Once again, Erick makes no effort to research facts and simply regurgitates poor sensationalized reporting by the AJC. If you asked around the Capitol you would learn that the luncheon was for Leadership Cobb and the choice of catering was made by Leadership Cobb. Realtors took the heat for helping to sponsor a lunch for legislators and Cobb leaders with no input on who would be catering. This may be the nail in the coffin for true reporting on PP. This site has deteriorated to nothing more than gossip.

  8. chefdavid says:

    I say a big + for the girls in orange. I wonder if Lynne Austin was there?

    I think that this needs to be introduced. I have added my Senators name so it would be easy to file:

    Senate Resolution ****
    By Senator Mullis of the 53rd


    Commending Hooters RMC of Chattanooga for there continued employment of residents of North Georgia; and for other purposes.

    WHEREAS, Hooters RMC of Chattanooga employs many outstanding citizens of Northwest, Georgia; and

    WHEREAS, they provide the Sale of Alcohol on Sundays in their facility; and

    WHEREAS, the State of Georgia does not allow for Sunday sales; and
    Whereas even though North Georgia is missing out out on sales tax revenue, they do employ many Georgia residents and are a great place to meet and have wings; and

    WHEREAS, Hooters RMC of Chattanooga stands as a great example as an employer for many of this state to follow.

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE that the members of this body commend Hooters RMC of Chattanooga for it’s efforts and accomplishments and express to them their sincere best wishes for continued success in the future.

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of this resolution to Hooters RMC of Chattanooga.

  9. Game Fan says:

    Coincidentally enough, I’m conducting a paid telephone survey regarding lobbyists, interns, pages, sex, blackmail, “honey traps”, corporate welfare, “dirty dealings”, ect… To participate, simply dial 1-800-GAMEFAN.

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