Bishop remembers he is a “Blue Dog” (whatever that means)

One day after the NRCC put his district on its radar, Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-GA) is suddenly concerned about deficits:

U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop said that he’s urging the Democratic leadership in both Congress and the White House to focus on reining in the country’s growing debt problems in 2010.

A member of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrats, Bishop said that spending was necessary in 2009 in the context of such historic economic trouble, but that 2010 is the time for “fiscal restraint.”

“We cannot continue to go deeper in debt,” Bishop said. “We have to work to bring fiscal restraint back to Washington. Last year was a difficult time that required difficult decisions, but now we have to focus on our future in the context of a balanced budget.”

Bishop votes with his party 97.8% of the time, so he is certainly not the independent-minded Democrat as he would have you believe. The more “liberal” Democratic members of the Georgia delegation, such as Rep. John Lewis, Rep. Hank Johnson, vote with their party just tenths of a percent more than Bishop.

It’s hard to believe Bishop is going anywhere. He has won every election since 2004 with 66% of the vote or more. But after Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts, anything can happen, especially if State Rep. Mike Keown, Bishop’s likely Republican opponent, can hammer home that message and show voters the deficits, including the longer term debt, that their representative has voted for.


  1. polisavvy says:

    Then, does that mean that he is really just 2.2% Blue Dog since he votes the remaining 97.8% with his Party? Doesn’t sound true Blue to me. 😉

  2. Back in Black says:

    Sanford Bishop is a total fake and needs to join the unemployment lines that he’s been helping cause.

    He does not believe in government efficiency nor controlling spending. He has bought off on the health care bill and every Obama initiative.

    It’s definitely time for Sanford Bishop to go.

  3. Bishop has remained in office largely because he supports agricultural pork and many of the large farmers (and the banks that have loaned them a lot of money) want him to stay in office.

    Bishop is so far out of line with what most people in that district believe that he could be from another planet.

  4. GabrielSterling says:

    This is a winnable district. Perdue and Taylor were only separated by 1 point in the district with Taylor’s hometown of Albany in the district. According to WAPO Bishop has a more liberal voting record than Barney Frank (D-MA).

    The top performing GOP candidates can get upwards of 60% in GA-2.

    Keown is doing a great job getting around the district and he’s the only GOP challenger in Georgia to have raised and have cash on hand of over $100,000.

    Mike is working hard and making inroads. His campaign is one of the best opportunities for an unanticipated pick up in the country. Its why his campaign was the only Georgia challenger race to make it “On the Radar” with the NRCC.

    And just a disclosure, my firm, Landmark, is helping Mike with his race.

  5. Donna Locke says:

    Speaking of congressmen, I want to thank Republican Rep. Phil Gingrey (of Cobb County) again for his dedication to the immigration-control issue. You have done exactly what you said you would do on this issue, Phil. That is a rarity among politicians.

    Some of Phil’s GOP colleagues are cutting out on us, not wanting to do anything on this issue in an election year.

    Want smaller government? You have to reduce immigration. Why? —

    • benevolus says:

      Yes, and speaking of farmers, if we “encourage” them to pay a living wage and provide health care to their workers then these people wouldn’t be on welfare.

    • benevolus says:

      And the more I think about it, reducing immigration wouldn’t change that welfare issue at all.
      Immigrants come here for jobs. People hire them because they will work cheap, even less than minimum wage. Even if you get rid of all the immigrants, paying Americans to work for those low wages with no health care would just mean they would be on welfare instead.
      Instead of demonizing immigrants as the source of our problem, we should be insisting that companies pay decent wages and offer health care. It costs us $2.5 billion a year in welfare benefits to cover people employed by Wal-Mart.

        • Bucky Plyler says:

          Fact: Legal immigration is not the problem. Illegal immigration is. You can’t blame the farmers for that.

          Fact: Wal-Mart is a large employer & should not be demonized. They do a much better job of prescription drugs than the Gov’t does AND their employees (who are legal) are actually paying with holding taxes!

          Facts are no match for liberal, populist emotion!

          • ByteMe says:

            Bucky, neither of those were facts as the rest of the world understands facts. Those were opinions. You get your “facts” from FOX, huh?

          • Bucky Plyler says:


            I’ve said it really are funny! By the way, my chip tracker says you’ve moved out of the swamp today. Git yourself back in there…

        • UGAalum says:

          They’re facts cause you say they’re facts? I’d like to see the proof of said facts. I won’t hold my breath.

          Why do you fools constantly demonize big business? Were you happy overpaying the local mom and pop shop for your goods and services? I say good riddance.

          Additionally, people are paid what they are worth. There should be no minimum wage (as well as only legal workers). Let the free market decide the pay scale. If folks don’t like what they are paid then perhaps they should have made better decisions in life, sacrificed their time and money to succeed, instead of reproducing, drinkin’ forties, buyin’ lottery tickets, etc.

          Just geez.

          Liberal Gaytor fag.

      • benevolus,

        Supply and demand – remove the illegal supply of labor and the new supply curve will provide a much more appealing wage rate.

        Increase the penalties for 1 – knowingly hiring illegal aliens; and, 2 – providing false SSNs to an employer or regulatory agencies.

        Finally, it’s really not Wal-Mart’s fault if some people working there decide to have eight kids each. They pay minimum wage and above just like other businesses.

        • benevolus says:

          I agree with most of that, except:
          – Those people will have 8 kids whether they work at WalMart or elsewhere, so that doesn’t explain why their burden to society is greater:

          As of 2008, a full time Wal-Mart Associates earns 16% less than the average retail wage. []

        • ByteMe says:

          But are you really ready to pay $5/lb for peaches and Vidalia onions? Are farmers truly prepared to lose their farms because it’ll be cheaper to grow the same products in Mexico and ship them here? Are politicians truly prepared for what happens after that?

          Probably not.

          • ByteMe says:

            Likely because your “facts and sources” didn’t recognize political and economic reality. But feel free to try again to explain how putting our farmers out of business is somehow good for America.

          • Donna Locke says:

            I grew up in the mule capital of the world and know enough not to waste much or any time on mules of your variety.

          • benevolus says:

            So Donna, you are commenting on a politically oriented blog, yet you lack the stamina to repeat an allegedly valid argument more than once?

            FWIW, the person you are responding to isn’t the only person reading. ..Unless you have a history here I am not aware of.

  6. Progressive Dem says:

    “This is a winnable district.”

    Yeah, good luck with that. In the last three elections Bishop has won 2:1 each time. He carries every county except Lee. And in 2006 he even carried that one. He rolls up 20,000 vote margins in each of the two big counties, Dougherty and Muscogee. It’s pretty hard to take a incumbent Congressman from 67% of the vote to 49%. in one election cycle. Usually the guy has to implode by soliciting with a wide stance.

    “Bishop is so far out of line with what most people in that district believe that he could be from another planet.” Considering his consistent margins of victory in nearly every county, who is out of line with his district?

    • ArnoldVinick2006 says:

      “Considering his consistent margins of victory in nearly every county, who is out of line with his district?”

      Up until 2009 he really was sort of a Blue Dog. Recently he has votd for Cap and Trade which has really made pissed off the farmers. He no longer has the large farming support that he once had. Also alot of peo ple are pretty upset that he voted for Health Care. Im not saying its deffintly winnable, but I deffintly think that it can be done , and if anyone can do it Mike Keown can do it. He has the drive and the determination needed to win the district.

    • Debra says:

      The tide has changed and Bishop will not be re-elected. The Tea Parties that were held this summer really put the word out in the 2nd District. With the TV and newspaper coverage of the protest, people no longer believe his BLUEDOG BS. Oh Happy Day!

    • PD,

      My point was that many farmers, bankers and small businessmen held their noses and voted for Bishop because he was a big ag supporter.

      Second, people are now paying attention – and some will rightly come to the conclusion that Bishop has played them for fools.

  7. richie.rashad says:

    Lee Ferrell set a record for a Republican challenger with 71,000 votes – despite some of the early hype, Lee still has the best name recognition of all the GOP challengers. There is something to be said for being persistent – sometimes it takes two times to succeed.

    • ArnoldVinick2006 says:

      I Really like Lee Ferrell, he is a nice guy, i just dont think that he will be able to beat Sanford Bishop. Having alot of family that lives in the district, I hope that Lee doesn’t get back into the race, we all need to rally behind Mike Keown.

      • richie.rashad says:

        wrong about that – that was McKown spin that attempted to get Lee out just like Mike’s spin about how he has done something in the GOP State House. The truth is he is just running the state down with Sonny.

  8. A Moree says:

    Bishop talks “out of both sides of his mouth.” Just days after voting to increase the federal debt ceiling by some $2 TRILLION, he talks about fiscal responsibility and the dangers of going deeper in debt. He’s ‘gotta go!

    And, I think some of the previous posters have it right…the farmer’s have had their fill of Bishop. I think that’s the key to this election.

  9. Bill Greene says:

    Do you really want to take out Bishop? Then get out of the party hack mentality, and beat him in the Dem primary, with a real conservative running as a Dem. The Dems there are going to elect a Dem. Period. So give them a good one to vote for, and get all of the GOP’ers to cross over in the primary and defeat Bishop. What’s so hard to understand about that, unless you’re so married to the GOP label that you don’t care if Bishop gets in again?

    This is now being done in CD-13 against David Scott. Mike Frisbee, who was going to run as an Independent in the general, has seen the free-for-all GOP primary that has developed, and has decided to take Scott out in the Dem primary instead. Frisbee is a staunch conservative Constitutionalist, and recognizes that there’s no chance for a Republican to win in the 13th. This ain’t Massachusetts, and the dynamics are all different. And while I appreciate and support GOPers willing to challenge Dems in heavily Dem districts, a plan like Frisbee’s is much smarter. I just hope Republicans are willing to cross over in that primary and finally get Scott, a fake “blue dog Democrat” who now earns a 100% for voting on the Pelosi Index, OUT of there.

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