Four years, 600,000 consumers harmed….

Yet John Oxendine waits till he needs earned media for his governor’s race to order a hearing on this matter:

a Georgia Department of Insurance investigation of one of the nation’s largest title insurers suggests consumers should check out their policies. The department has accused Texas-based Stewart Title Guaranty of violating Georgia insurance laws more than 600,000 times from 2003 to 2007. In many cases, those violations led to Georgia consumers paying more than they should have, according to charges against the company….

Stewart said it has tried to work closely with Oxendine’s office on matters raised during a 2006 market conduct exam but has gotten no response from the state. It called the timing of the most recent allegations “peculiar given that the exam has been dormant for two years.”

I’m buying a house now, and I bought one 7 years ago and Title Insurance has more than doubled in that time.


    • macho says:

      With the Oscar parties coming up, there is still a chance the title insurance companies can get the investigation called off.

  1. polisavvy says:

    What a sad story! He is a pathetic Insurance Commissioner and would probably be an even more pathetic governor. People had better open their eyes to all the stories about Ox.

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