Buzz at the Capitol

This morning I attended a breakfast hosted by the Georgia Tech College Republicans. The meeting was held in Room 216 of the Capitol where Georgia Tech CR Chairwoman Kristen Greig introduced me to the rest of the GATech CRs and gave me the latest issue of The Conservative Buzz (their newspaper). The crowd was about 30 and many legislators stopped by to pay the CRs a visit including room sponser Rep. Austin Scott,  State Rep. Jay Neal, State Rep. Tom Graves, State Rep. Mike Coan, State Rep. Melvin Everson, State Rep. Tom Knox, State Sen. Ralph Hudgens, State Sen. Lee Hawkins, and many more.One of the purposes of the meeting was to help the Georgia Tech College Republicans fundraise and go to CPAC this year. The Georgia Tech College Republicans are a group of energetic and passionate Republicans who will play a significant role in the upcoming General Elections. The Georgia Tech CRs are fortunate to have a leader in Chairwoman Greig, who has a drive and vision for success for the Republican Party.

One of a candidate’s greatest assets is a group of fired-up individuals who will work hard for them. Georgia’s Republican candidates should do their best to harness the fire within the younger generations in the GOP. The Georgia Association of College Republicans is the place to start and the Georgia Tech college Republicans are more than willing to help. I encourage everyone to talk with this group of CRs and visit their website, as well as other CR groups around the state in order to spread the message of the Republican Party.


  1. ArnoldVinick2006 says:

    Great Post. Its true College Republicans are the back bone of the party. Any State Senator or State Representative would be a fool not to put them in your arsenal. They always come through when you need them.

  2. polisavvy says:

    They are very hard workers if they believe strongly enough in the candidate. Also, youth attracts youth. Any campaign worth their weight in gold would be courting and trying to persuade this group of young adults to be on their team. Look what happened with President Obama — he attracted the youth, got them motivated, and won the election.

  3. Jade Morey says:

    We took more than 20 CR leaders, mostly from Georgia Tech might I add, to Virginia to work for Bob McDonnell and the VA GOP ticket for the 5 days leading up to the election. There is an immense amount of intelligent talent within the CR realm. Many move on to run campaigns and ultimately run for office which is why it is so important to groom them appropriately now. Georgia Tech has a fantastic chapter lead by some sharp folks, namely Kristen Greig their president. It’s been a pleasure serving as state chair of the Georgia Association of College Republicans over the past year. If you have a chapter close to you please consider getting involved and assisting them. A small donation goes so much further with the CRs in comparison to other groups. They are looking to work and learn as much as possible. It’s the best investment you can make toward helping the future of our party.

  4. AlanR says:

    Please don’t associate the hard work those kids put in with the disasterous decisions Whitehead made. Its on him.

  5. South Fulton Guy says:

    Jan does indeed take the torch from Burkhalter. This is clearly at the top list of what North Fulton Residents want.. NOT

    Representative Jan Jones to request hearing on Milton County

    By Rachel Kellogg
    [email protected]

    Now that the Georgia General Assembly is back in session, House Speaker Pro Tem and District 46 state Rep. Jan Jones, R-Milton, said she will request a hearing in “a week or two” on the resolution to recreate Milton County. It would include Sandy Springs.

    Last year, House Resolution 21 sat in the House Rules committee for nearly a month but did not make it to the floor.

    At the time, Ms. Jones said the bill was held back due to concerns about Senate votes and putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot during an off-year election.

    The resolution has gone back to committee where assignments are being made, and the resolution’s author, Ms. Jones, said she hopes to see it move on to Rules within a few weeks.

    “Right now I’m working with the north Fulton legislators in the House and the Senate,” she said. “We have regular conversations about legislation and our strategy.”

    Ms. Jones said she hopes the resolution, which is being considered for the fourth year, passes this time, but there is no way to predict what might happen.

    “I remain optimistic,” she said. “But you really can’t read these things ahead of time. Very few constitutional amendments pass each year.”

    The newly elected speaker pro tem said she already answered most of her colleagues’ questions about the resolution in past years.

    Ms. Jones said the resolution will be controversial, but she is counting on her fellow representatives to see it as a local issue.

    “There will be a lot of strong supporters and even more strong opposition,” she said. “I’m convinced that it’s in the best interest of all of Fulton County, including Atlanta, that we move in the direction of eliminating Fulton County as we know it.”

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